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Winter - 2003 by Dan Adovasio

Save the Wave

Oh, wintertime in Florida! The weather is getting cooler (below 80š) and that means Registry members up north are putting their C5s away for the winter. And itıs also time to start dreaming about next yearıs Corvette season. Fortunately, for those of us below the Mason-Dixon line, itıs a great time for a top-down road trip! Members up north had their season, and now . . . for us Southerners, itıs OUR season!

While driving my C5 in sunny Florida, I have noticed a lack of Corvette waving! The Corvette Wave has always been something that sets us apart from Porsche and Viper owners. This part of the Corvette lifestyle seems to be fading lately. A group of Corvette enthusiasts have started an internet petition to "Save the Wave" by requesting that GM include some text on the "wave" in the ownerıs manual for every new Corvette.

If you are interested in signing the petition, visit www.petitiononline.com/wave50/ petition.html and add your name to the list! Part of my 2003 New Yearıs resolution is to wave more! I, myself, have become lax in waving . . .but I am now reformed! Jake assures me he is still an adamant waver since his first Corvette in 1978! Letıs all make a concerted effort to keep Corvetterıs Waving!

I am hanging out the "Help Wanted" sign here at the C5 Registry office, but it needs to be seen out West! Janet Curran [C5R# W0477], along with her husband, Mike, is relinquishing her duties as our West Coast Coordinator. After five years of unselfish service to the C5 Registry, Janet needs to get back and concentrate on home, family and business! We will always be so grateful to Janet for all she has done to establish C5 Registry West Coast events! If any of you are interested in helping continue the fine tradition that Janet has started, please let me know! I am sure that Janet will be glad to fill you in and help you get started. She will still be attending events and helping out where she can. Note: Words cannot express how much we appreciate what Janet and Mike have done for the C5 Registry! One of the joys of being involved in the Registry is all the great people you get to meet. Janet and Mike are one class act! I consider myself a better person since getting to know them.

"We will miss you!" Tribute to Janet and Mike Curran [C5R# W0477] 6th and 4th from the left, along with some great Registry friends: Dave Roberts, Dieter Schoenhof, Dave Petrie, Rudy Fragoso, Jeff Samas, Rupert Bragg-Smith and Steve Belmont.

A big C5 thanks to Janet and Mike!

I hope all of you had a great holiday season! And as you can tell by our Events Schedule, 2003 has lots of Corvette FUN in store for the C5 Registry! It should be a great year!


C5 Registry, P.O. Box 541023
Merritt Island, FL 32954-1023

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