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April  2002 - by Dan Adovasio

Spring is here and that can only mean the Birthday Bash is right around the corner!  We will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Birthday Bash on April 18-21 (Thursday through Saturday) . . . it is going to be a blast!  We have people coming from all of the U.S. , Canada and possibly even Europe .  Corporate Members and other vendors will also be joining us for the weekend.  Tuners will be there for the big Corvette Tuner Shoot-out along with a host of GM engineers and dignitaries.  If you haven’t already made plans to attend, do so now!

At the Birthday Bash, we will debut the 4th Maroone Chevrolet sponsored C5 Registry Show Corvette!  As I mentioned in the last Dan’s Say, this 2002 Millennium Yellow Z06 is being “Mallettized” by Chuck Mallett and his crew with a new package designed for Z06s (‘01 & ‘02 Z06s).  Walt Thurn recently visited Mallett’s shop and penned the first of several articles on the Registry’s Show Corvette and the Mallett modifications.  We do not have any final hp numbers yet but we are sure this C5 will scream!  Follow Walt’s articles in future newsletter issues for more information on this fabulous Corvette!

I have been waiting for this all my life!  And I am thrilled that the C5 Registry and I hope all of its members will be there to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Corvette ~ America ’s favorite Sports Car!  The PARTY kicks off June 27, 2002 , for the anticipated arrival of the historic Motorama at the National Corvette Museum ’s kickoff event in Bowling Green , KY on June 30th.

The year-long celebration will have lots of “hot spots” along the way (we’ll keep you posted!) and will culminate on June 26-28, 2003 , where all roads lead to Nashville for the grand finale of the year-long 50th Anniversary event! Corvette enthusiasts from round the world will gather in Tennessee and Kentucky for a look back at Corvette's first 50 years and a look ahead to the next 50. The Nashville celebration promises something for everyone. The night of June 26, 2003 will feature a gathering for those already in town. The event officially begins June 27 and lasts until June 28, 2003 . These two days will be filled with activities, displays, concerts, parades, club functions, special guests, clinics, talks, National Corvette Museum tours and much, much, more.  For more information and details on every aspect of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, check out www.corvette50th.com or www.corvettemuseum.com  Members ~ The C5 is at the “head of the table” as the 50th anniversary model!  I know we are all proud of this distinction! This only happens once in a lifetime and there is only one 50th anniversary model! Mark your calendar!

The C5-R Race Team started their season off at Sebring.  They have decided to race almost the full American LeMans Schedule (ALMS).  The Corvette Corrals this year will be administered by the National Corvette Museum (led by Dick Yanko [C5R# K6372]) along with General Motors and will be on a first come-first serve basis.  As of this writing, we have not yet finalized all the details for these corral events so keep checking the Events Page on a regular basis for updates. 

  In this Spring 2002 issue of the C5 Registry newsletter, there is an article about Maine2001, a regional event organized and hosted by Russ Caron [C5R# X2678].  He is putting together another trip this year and it looks to be equally exciting.  Everyone who attended last year had only “thumbs up” remarks for the great trip Russ put together.  Contact Russ if you are interested in attending Maine2002.

  The C5 Net http://www.c5registry.com/Members/C5Net/C5Net.htm , along with the BBS http://www.chazcone.com/bbs/ moderated by Chaz Cone [C5R# W0526], are two of the C5 Registry mainstays.  When posting to either site, sometimes our emotions take over and replace our good common sense and civility.  I am once again asking all the members to talk to each other as friends and think twice before hitting the “send” key.  We all think we have the best looking or fastest C5 around but that is no reason to forget we are all friends and treat each other with respect.  I am also asking our Corporate Members to use the C5 Net for what is designed ~ an exchange of information ~ and not a podium to tout your wares.  There is fine line between information and advertising.  I ask that you ere on the conservative side.  Nothing is wrong with a new product announcement but we only need one announcement. 

One observation I have made concerning the C5 Net is the quality of input many of our members have.  The amazing part is that it keeps getting better!  This is a pretty special “craze” we have . . . and it is all because you ~ the members ~ have nurtured it over the last five years.  I can’t thank each one of you individually but a BIG C5 THANK YOU to ALL for your input and your “help each other” attitude.  There is information on our C5 Net that is not available anywhere else.  So don’t forget we have a great search feature as part of the C5 Net. 

  We get emails on a regular basis with questions that could be easily answered with a post to the C5Net or the BBS.  Over 4000+ members participate in one or both and have a wealth of information and experience they are ALL very willing to share!  If you are a new member and haven’t yet experienced the C5Net or the BBS ~ you are missing out on a GREAT source of information!   You can search any subject or thread and pull up anything that has been written on that subject.  You can even request a specific time frame! 

  One of the biggest changes in our events this year is the C5 Registry’s commitment to attend Bloomington Gold, June 14-16, in St. Charles , IL , in STYLE.  The recent change of venue from Bloomington to the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles is GREAT news and allows us to have a traditional C5 Registry event.  We plan to be there in full force!  We are arranging a host hotel with a block of rooms, a C5 Registry dinner, a Registry Corral and other Registry events!    Be sure and check the Events Page http://www.c5registry.com/events.htm  for the latest on this event.

Bloomington Gold, along with Monterrey del Oro (August 9-14) and Corvettes @ Carlisle (August 23-25) will round out another fabulous C5 Registry summer!  Mark your calendar and make plans to join us at one or all of these events! 

  It is going to be one HOT Corvette Summer! 



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