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WOW! We are on overdrive here at the Registry!! Our membership is over 350 and pushing 400. Currently we are adding 50 new members a week! This is primarily the result of the hard work of our members such as Bob Hardt [C5R# V0022], Terry Fong [C5R# W0110], David Waters [C5R#W0198], Chris Christiansen [C5R#V0044] and many other spreading the C5 word. It is said that the quality of an organization is directly linked to the quality of the participants. I know its true of our Registry Members. You guys take the checkered flag!!  indyflag.gif (3037 bytes)

I had the privilege of meeting about 25 of our members throughout the weekend at Cypress Gardens, FL at the NCRS show. It was a great joy to finally meet members I have communicated with since the inception of the C5 Registry. It was a wet miserable weekend but the warm congenial spirit of our C5 members came out like a rainbow through the mist! Our special thanks to Eckler's for sharing their tent - which kept us and our first-ever C5 T-shirt "I Still Play With Cars" dry. For ordering information.

I would like to thank Ron and Tiffany Bilyeu [C5R# V0049] from Pro Auto Tech for talking up the C5 Registry to visitors at their special C5 Mongoose display. Thanks you two for your continued support of our Registry. A real attraction at the C5 booth was Cindy, the baby spider monkey, whose companions are Doug Estes [C5R# V0038] and his lovely fiancée Linda Taylor - Cindy is a real heartthrob - and she really knows how to draw a crowd! Please check out the pictures taken at Cypress Gardens on our web page. A C5 'Hi' and thanks to Matt Hart [C5R# V0060] and to Kim West for taking the pictures and posting them to our web site with his neat new digital camera. Man I got to get one of those! Matt has kindly offered to write about C5 non-performance accessories for our newsletter.

Bob Hardt has stepped forward to be our National Corvette Museum Ambassador. Norm Meaders and Linda Mangan [C5R# V0023] have volunteered to organize and lead a caravan from Florida to Bowling Green. If you wish to be part of this caravan, contact them at (813) 848-NORM [6676] or e-mail them. And for our northern friends and members, Mike Coppola [
C5R# V0055] from New York is organizing a NY caravan, e-mail Mike if you'd like to join up.  These kinds of members are the foundation of our Registry. I know there are others of you out there doing more of the same. Don't be shy! Let me know so that I can properly thank you!!!

The Reallllly ... Big ... Show ...Ladies and Gentlemen - we all know the date,  March 27, 28, 29, 1998 and the plans are at full throttle for the March Birthday Celebration at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. I know I will see all of you there! The original idea of a small get together for our members has shifted into a MAJOR Corvette event. (I just saw the artwork for the first anniversary T-shirt .... you are going to love it!). The National Corvette Museum is behind us 110%. It seems that GM was at the NCM for the Motor Trend Car of the Year Ceremony and asked about our event. To make a long story short they have become the co-sponsors of our C5 Birthday Celebration! This is great news ... The folks at GM are presenting the NCM with a special one of a kind Corvette (an experimental active suspension car) never before seen by the public. They are also providing ten new JL4s (active handling 1998 C5s) in which we may take test-drives at the 'Beach Bend Raceway'. Following dinner there will be drag racing for Corvettes (Also at the Beach Bend Raceway). I know the Registry will make a good showing.

Plans include having dinner inside the NCM Saturday evening where our keynote speaker will be Jim Minneker, (chief drive-train engineer) for Corvette and co-driver on the One Lap of America Car. His co-driver, and the One Lap owner, Chuck Mallett, will also be there and together they will give us the real One Lap story.

Dave Hill (Corvette's chief engineer) and John Cafaro (chief designer of the C5) will head up the cadre of Corvette engineers present to answer all those questions you ever wanted to ask - but couldn't get answered on the 800 number. BUT - Please.......... go easy on them, we want them back next year!

After Friday's 4:00 pm John Cafaro Seminar... Dinner Show @  6:45pm C5 REGISTRY MEMBERS Dinner  With JOHN CAFARO at the University Plaza Hotel,  This will be a COMPLETE Dinner, DJ MUSIC (50's 60's early 70's Type) Cash BAR....ALL for $22.00 per person. "THE C5 REGISTRY Will SHOW, JOHN....HOW WE PARTY!"  (seating limited E-mail if you will attend) THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY DINNER EVENT!

As the saying goes, "When you're hot, you're hot .... As luck would have it, Daytona 500's newest winner, Dale Earnhardt, had agreed to come to the NCM to sign autographs. The only day he had available, was Thursday, March 26 - the day before our Celebration. So call the Museum at 800-53-VETTE to reserve your spot for $25. Who knows, maybe when Dale learns of our event, he will stay over and party with us.

There will be Corvette after-market suppliers there (such as BBS Wheels, Pro Auto Tech, Corsa, Mallett Motorsports and many others). So come join us, make history and be a part of the largest C5 gathering, ever!!! For those of you who can't make it.. We'll be doing live broadcasts to the Web for entire three days. "Keeeep" - checking for updates.

I have been thinking for some time that the Registry must pick up the banner and take up the cause - the cause that has plagued Corvette owners since that first C1 rolled off the assembly in '53. This affliction has caused many Corvette owners to dismantle their cars down to their smallest elements searching for relief! What affliction you ask? It is the quest for the original build sheet!!!! Other GM product lines, such as the Camaro and Firebird put an original in the glove box; and I even found one on the dash of a GMC Work Truck! "Why can't Corvette do this?" An original build sheet should be included as standard issue with every Corvette delivered. No longer will future generations be forced to rip apart their beloved car to find it glued to the top of the gas tank.

I PLEDGE .... here and now to our members, the C5 Registry will do everything in its power to make this a reality!

See you in Bowling Green!!!
         C5Ya! Dan

TO ALL our 200 Charter Members, the "C5 PROMO Cover" winning name will be Drawn at the March 28,1998 NCM Dinner...you do not need to be present to WIN but I HOPE EVERYONE OF YOU WILL BE THERE...Dan

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