October 1997

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This is the title of the page of our web site that I will be using to pass along what is happening at the C5 Registry. If you are reading this, you are already looking at our new home page. I hope you all will enjoy it. Also I would like to hear from members with their comments regarding our new home page.

Interest in the C5 Registry has been great! We have only been in existence about a month and have members in most states east of the Mississippi. We doubled our size in just two weeks following our first event at the National Corvette Museum. We also had a great response at the Eckler’s Reunion here in Florida. Things are going great and I want to thank everyone for joining and especially those who continue to sign up new members.... couldn’t do it with out you!

Plans are under way for our Birthday Celebration at Bowling Green for the weekend of March 27 - 29, 1998. Chevrolet will set up the same route through the beautiful Kentucky bluegrass countryside as they did for the press during the introduction of the 1997 C5. It should be a great road trip. We are also planning a C5 corral at Cypress Gardens for their Corvette show January 23 - 25, 1998. Those of us in the southeast will be able to get together with you from up north who surely want a chance to escape the snow and start dreaming of your C5 summer. If there is interest from anyone, I will be glad to reserve a block of motel rooms around Cypress Gardens for the C5 Registry members. We welcome any nonmembers who have 97 and 98 C5s to join us. If interested, e-mail me!

I just read the October ’97 issue of Car and Driver about the "98" convertible. Several members have expressed concerns regarding the article on page 60. I talked to some people at the factory and here’s what I learned. The glass clips mentioned were installed on ALL the 97s. We have to understand that these magazine articles are written many months prior to publication and they were testing the convertibles in May of ‘97. The big item mentioned in the article was the fuel pump noise which Car and Driver states is fixed for 98. Actually, the new fuel pump is still undergoing tests and should appear in the 98s after October ‘97. I have been told that a replacement campaign for the 97s and early 98s will begin around November. The good people at the Corvette factory have looked into the spot problem on the leaf screen (the black plastic piece between the bottom of the windshield and the engine compartment) and found, that it was caused by a fluid used in the manufacturing of the windshield washer hose. They have a team of chemists trying to trace the source of the chemical. The re-calibration in the active suspension (F45) for ‘98 will probably not be done for the 97s. Chevy says this is a minor correction and not apparent to most drivers. Finally to those of you who have mentioned the 6-speed gear shifter vibration; there is a dealer bulletin out on it - contact yours. The cause is a rubbing of the linkage on the 6-speed therefore the vibration. The remedy is to simply add an o-ring to the linkage.

The C5 Registry has a good relationship with many of the Corvette employees and we will bring you updates on a timely basis. As we get larger, our clout will only become greater. It is a simple fact; the more members we have, the more influence we command. The Registry is here to be a positive voice in establishing the C5 as the "best corvette yet" and one of the best sports car value in the world. As it says on every driver’s door "The Legend Lives."

C5Ya! Dan Adovasio, Director - C5 Registry

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