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The C5 Registry is now two and half months old and we have hit 100, its time to shift into fifth gear! I am "EXCITED" about this, especially since we have only attended a few Corvette events. We are accelerating and the pedal’s to the metal! The key has been our members who have talked us up and signed ‘em up at local Corvette clubs and events. In October at Kissimmee, Florida, there was "OctoberVettes." Members Norm & Linda Meaders [C5R#23-97 Silver Targa] spread the word, handed out membership applications and gave a speech at breakfast about the Registry. (Norm I have been told you did a great job representing the Registry at this event ... Many thanks to you both!)

The real reason for having a club is not the information you get, the decal for your car, or even the newsletter - but the real reason is the camaraderie and friendship. Its that feeling you get when you go to a Corvette event knowing your friends will be there. I learned that at the NCM Labor Day Celebration where I met some really fine folks - who I now think of as my friends. I get excited about the idea of seeing them again in March (27th - 29th, 1998) at the Birthday Celebration and in January (23rd - 25th, 1998) NCRS at Cypress Gardens. I look forward to the day that other C5 Registry members get together at various Corvette events around the country renewing the friendships they made in the C5 Registry. While the C5 Corvette may be the reason for us getting together, I know that the friendships forged ... is the icing on the cake! The point was further driven home recently when Dan Douglas [C5R#03-97 Silver Targa] flew into Orlando on business and gave me a call. We got together and had a great time at the Daytona Historic Races, even signing up a new member!

I recently joined the "Vette Net" which is a bulletin board of some 1000 Corvette enthusiasts on which you can post questions and answers. There were some people on it asking questions about the C5 Registry and immediately "Crazy Dave" [David Sweet, C5R #17-98 Silver Targa] rallied to our cause and told the rest of the "Vette Net" about us. It feels good to join a group where I thought I knew no one, only to find a Registry member already spreading the word. (Thanks Dave!) In time, I am sure there will be more stories about our members meeting at various Corvette functions .... I would like to hear about them.

I received a great e-mail from Bruce Cerveny [C5R #21-97 Black Targa] the other day. He had received his plenum panel screen ( the plastic piece between the windshield and hood) which was replaced under warranty. It was during the NCM Labor Day Celebration that the stains were brought to GM’s attention. They look like white water spots (see Dan’s Say - October). It looks like they are replacing them on a complaint basis. If you want yours replaced, see your dealer soon.... Thanks Bruce for keeping us informed

We have a wealth of information here at the Registry’s International Headquarters (my back bedroom closet) I hear from members from all over the country with tidbits about their C5 vettes. For example, I heard from one of our members that Borg Warner sold their transmission business to Tremic and beginning next year the six speed (MN6) will be made in Mexico. Thanks, Tom Frederick [C5R #47-98 Lt. Pewter Met.] for that. We have lots of information in our files and will be sharing it with you through our newsletter and web page.

Our web page is ‘dyno’mite! I’m talkin’ high-octane!! We have two new sections coming on line. They are both in the membership area of the web site. One is Members’ C5s in which members can post pictures of their C5s and a little bit about themselves. This is a great way for us to get to know each other. This area is specifically for our members and we sincerely hope you will take advantage of it. For those of you with web pages, we can post them in this section. The other new page being added is a bulletin board where members can post messages and replies. Startup is projected for December 1. The man responsible for our quality page is Frank Smith, our Web Master. Some of you know him as the author of the Idaho Corvette Page. If you have a chance, drop him an e-mail. I know he would appreciate hearing from you.

The C5 Indy Pace Car has just been announced by Chevrolet. We have some good pics on our web page. I think the name ‘Hot Wheels’ for the Pace Car will stick. I like it a lot and I really thought it was going to be ugly. Man, was I wrong! We had most of the Pace Car info about a month before it was formally introduced by Chevrolet. I hope all of you saw it under ‘Hot News’ on our web page. Keep checking the site for up to the minute info on America’s favorite sports car, the C5 Corvette.

We are beginning to get some press in the vette magazines. Check out the January 1998 issue of Corvette Fever on page 50 under national clubs. Take a look at Vette Vues Magazine, December 97 issue, and you will see pictures of us at the NCM Labor Day Celebration on pages 96-108. They also refer to us on page 104. Things are really accelerating for the Registry!


                             Happy Holidays to ALL our C5 Family!

. C5Ya! Dan Adovasio, Director - C5 Registry

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