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1998 Indy Pace Car

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Official GM Photo Indy Pace Car

Official GM Photo Of Indy Pace Car Replica

*RPO Z4Z-Indy Pace Car Replica Includes:
RPO's: 21U Radar Blue Exterior, 194 Yellow & Black Sport Seats, 41T Black Top,
PA6-Yellow Wheels, AAB-Memory Package, AG2-Power Seat, B34-Floor Mats,
CJ2-Dual Zone AC, JL4-Active Handling Package, G92 Performance Axle 3:15,
T96-Fog Lamps, UNO-Delco Bose CD
Available with MN6 Six Speed Transmission As An Option

Unique Feature: Black Leather Steering Wheel and Shift Knob with Neon Yellow Stitching.
The Sport seats and the leather "Boot" which covers the transmission
shift linkage are also stitched in Neon Yellow.


1998 Indy Pace Car Trivia: For Official GM Detail 14" Photo Of
VIN 1G1YY32G9W5105101 Indy Pace Car.
Windows Wallpaper Image! [Click Here]

The VIN Number of the C5 Indy Pace that was used in all the photos at the Indy track is 1G1YY32G9W5105101, Job No. 5011. This is the Indy C5  introduced to the WORLD at the SEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas - November of 1997.

Built September of 1997,  This Indy
C5 has a GM (Chevrolet) control number on the windshield # X18Y064 which is used for initial FIRST Production Vehicles, and/or prototypes under development. This car carries the number 01 on the lower corner of the windshield.

This vehicle is the First Indy Pace Car Produced.. An it is the C5 in "ALL" Chev. PHOTOS of the C5 Indy Pace!

The Indy Corvettes

The 1998 is VIN:1G1YY32G9W5105101
Job No. 5011
The Corvette Indy Pace Cars
At The "Brick Yard"


Total Production for the 1998 Indy Pace Car replica is confirmed at 1163 including 5 Pilot C5's for factory
use only. There are 616 MX0 Automatics and 547 MN6 Six Speeds. The brake down is 1111 domestics, 37 Exports, and 15 to Canada. Click Here to view statistics on Indy sequence Numbers 1 to 300


There are a total of FIVE

1998 Pilot Indy Pace Cars:

VIN Number Job Number Date Produced Transmission
105101 05011 9/11/97 Automatic-MXO
105352 05262 9/15/97 Automatic-MXO
105741 05651 9/18/97 Automatic-MXO
105975 05885 9/22/97 Automatic-MXO
106101 06011 9/23/97 Automatic-MXO

                            Click Here To View The 1998 C5 Indy Pace Car Production Statistics.
Numbers 1 through 300


                           Indy Notes:

The first Indy Pace Car, pilot -(#1) to the last Indy Pace Car pilot -(#5) is
Exactly 1000 VIN's and JOB numbers  apart !

Of Special Interest:
The first Indy Pace Car for sale VIN# 114924 Built 12/18/97 With Automatic-MXO which is Indy Pace Car #6

The last
Indy Pace Car is to be Built in February 1998 and will be VIN# 120776.
This car will be built on Friday, February 27th.... They made the deadline!

March 13, 1998 4:PM CST
It's Friday the 13th and a full moon... But GM was notified by the decal supplier for the C5 Indy Pace Car that the decals were applied to the last Pace Car today. Ready for shipment back to the plant. Umm.. if you get one of the last Indy's, you'll have to let us know if the decals are in the proper place, and right side up!


To Register Your Indy 1998 Indy Pace Car, follow
Road to the 98 Corvette Indy Pace Car Registry. Brought to you by
Official C5 Registry Member William Wolfe of Downers Grove, IL [C5R #W0309].
The Indy Pace Car specialist.

Read how the 98 Indy Pace Car Registry Started - Bill Wolfe

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