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September-December  '99- by Dan Adovasio

As I reviewed the front page of the newsletter with all the information about the new 2000 model year C5, I began to wonder just what changes the new Millennium would bring to Corvette and the C5 Registry. So I went to my closet (the original C5 Registry office) where I retrieved my crystal ball. I dusted off my turban (given to me by the famous Kresken) and gazed into the ball. This is some of what I saw.

The FIRST image was a new Corvette, similar in style yet with a strong influence of new exotic materials. Some of these include ~

    • A polycarbonate rear hatch and window
    • The use of carbon fiber materials in various body parts
    • Titanium used for axles, exhaust systems and the like

Use of these materials should reduce the weight of the C5 some 300 pounds.

I see new options to interface with the HUD system such as:

    • A stock ticker display to follow your investments
    • A GPS in full view projected through the HUD so that the driver will never have to take his eyes off the road to find his destination

With a beefier 6-speed it will allow the supercharged LS6 engine to produce 475 HP all the while maintaining great road manners and 25 MPG performance. I see a Special Edition Hardtop or Coupe with a price tag of $8,000 over the current (Model Year 2000) MSRP that will be the closest thing to a full-blown racecar without an exorbitant price tag.

I see improved calipers and rotors on brakes. Combining with the exotic Goodyear EMTs together they will produce not a pleasure cruiser but a stiffer suspension bat-out-of-hell Hot Rod Racer! This will be an exciting 50th anniversary edition introduced in the Fall of 2002.

The SECOND image coming into view is a car company driven by customers' needs and wants. Much of this will be accomplished through increased use of the Internet. I envision increased purchases of the C5 online. Consumers will by-pass dealers with less allocation and gravitate toward those with more knowledge and experience.

I see a diagnostic tool where owners can plug their C5 into their laptop’s serial port and download the service entity from the Corvette’s diagnostic center. Problems would be diagnosed; parts ordered and service appointments set all online. As the computerized service center receives failure indicators and diagnoses them, the information would be forwarded to a central customer service center to be analyzed by engineers and specialists there.

Availability of such technology will tremendously affect customer satisfaction. Having access to an expert who would analyze problems however big or small will be revolutionary!

I see the demise of the Camaro that will open the door for the creation of the 4-door Corvette. It would be similar in design to the 928 Porsche. Corvette would evolve into a series of different models for various lifestyles. Increased production will allow the Corvette to be sold worldwide and due to the car’s value, performance, standards and styles it will be highly sought after by all segments of society.

Now this part was a bit cloudy and made deciphering the image difficult. It involves the future of the C5 Registry . . . . . .

I predict continued growth beyond our 3200+ membership. I look for more regional get-togethers and having a presence at different shows such as Bloomington Gold and the Black Hills Classic. The Birthday Bash (April 14-16, 2000) will move from lectures to more hands-on experiences. Perhaps a famous driving school owner/instructor will be there to share his knowledge and excitement with those present.

I see more useable information in a pass-worded section as we strive to give more value to our members. That time is here! We now have a Members' Only section on our Website! Although still under construction, I want you to be able to watch it grow! The Website is located at <http://www.C5registry.com/members.htm>

We will morph into an association of Corvette owners interested in exchanging information and doing it in a fun way regardless of the digit following the ‘C’. And finally from far, far, away I see . . . . . . an international event . . . . . . in Europe . . . . . . . make plans to join us for Le Mans now!

Not appearing on the C5 Registry agenda is an organization for all Corvette owners – especially older models AKA the NCRS. I feel we will always be a group of owners interested in current cutting edge technology.

I am often asked about a C6 Registry. I do not have a concrete answer but I do know that I see it incorporated into our present genre, because our members are interested in the most current model. I see it with ~

  • Instantaneous communication via the Internet/satellite member to member (remember, this is a vision)
  • Development of a Tech Section in the pass-worded member area where a paid Corvette Technician would deal with intricacies of our cars

Enough of crystal ball day dreaming . . . . . . Sometimes the vision is clear and correct while at other times the vertical hold doesn’t and things are out of focus (i.e.: don’t always believe everything you read, but it sure is fun to daydream.)

Now, back to the reality! Over 275 Registry members enjoyed the excitement of Carlisle on a hill overlooking the entire fairgrounds. We feasted on hot dogs, sodas and chips provided by Corporate Members Bud’s Chevrolet [C5R# WC005] (Tom Hendricks) and Steve Moore Chevrolet [C5R# WC002] (Todd Skelton with Sharon Dibble there in person to serve up the fare). It added to the excitement of the day. Although it was the first time we tried this concept, it was a huge success – giving members a place to rest, relax and rejuvenate!

From there it was on to Cleveland and the Corsa [C5R# WC006] and Mallett factories. At Mallett there is even a white epoxy painted floor. A great place to party! Corsa’s new exhaust tips are as beautiful as a fine piece of jewelry. They are developing a process to receive current exhaust systems, attach their tips and then return the exhaust to the owner to replace on their C5. They are also working on an exhaust for the ZR1 and the C4. Corsa’s owner Jim Browning Sr. [C5R# V0010] explained noise cancellation technology, which allows a free flowing exhaust while eliminating selective sound waves. They are in the process of building a new building and they welcome a visit for any interested C5 Registry member.

Then it was on to Bowling Green and the NCM Labor Day Celebration! We greeted over 400 members (100 joined during the three day festival) and had in excess of 200 for dinner Sunday night! Two celebrities with their families joined us - John Cafaro and Jim Danahy (Quality Engineering Manager).

There are always members who give 110% to make sure the events run smoothly. Richard [C5R# W0202] and Allen Clark [C5R# X1607] pitched in to get the road tour back on track and along with Jackie and Buzz Nielsen [C5R# W0492] volunteered to eat in the hallway when our numbers swelled beyond the capacity of the dining room. It is this ‘can do’ attitude embraced by 99.9% of our membership that makes the Registry events the huge success that they are when our plans fall short. For that I am grateful!

Please remember when you attend a Registry event – CHECK-IN. Much of what we do on the Internet prior to the event is for planning purposes only. Take time when you arrive to let us know that you are here, register for your dash plaque, (NCM was our 11th DPE [Dash Plaque Event]) check for any changes in the agenda and sign up (and if required - pay for and pick up your ticket) for any event in which you wish to participate.

Wait a minute – an image is clearing in the crystal ball. I see 100 C5s caravaning somewhere in France’s wine country in the direction of LeMans, there to cheer on the C5 Race Corvette. Plans are very preliminary but it looks like a two week stay including round-trip shipping of your C5 and your plane fare would be about $8000 per couple. I hope you will agree with me that this is an exciting proposition – certainly a once in a lifetime experience!

Speaking of C5R Racing, congratulations to Scotty B. White [C5R# X1686] for winning the World Cup Challenge in Vancouver. This is the first win in that series and it was our member who took the checkered flag! I know I speak for all 3200 of our members who are proud to say, "Scotty ‘You the Man!’"

Keep it Fun – C5Ya! Dan


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