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Dan The Man

Knowledge is power and our power is 760 members strong…

The wealth of knowledge among our C5 Registry members at time amazes me. If you have not had a chance to read some of the members article on our Technical Page http://www.c5registry.com/Technical/tech.htm I suggest you visit it soon. Members have written about various C5 topics including lowering your C5, disabling the Daytime Running Lights, and increasing HP. There is also a wealth of info on the Members C5 Page http://www.c5registry.com/Members/memc5.htm that is the page on which members can post pictures of themselves and their C5. Many members talk about the different modifications they have done to the C5s on that page. The C5 Net is another great source of info on your new C5. We now have over 250 members on the C5 Net http://www.c5registry.com/Members/c5Net/c5Net.htm and you can always find members there for lively discussions or to just answer a technical question you may have. When we started the C5 Registry back on Labor Day 1997, "The Vision"…. I had for it was a forum for members to exchange information and make friends with those who share the same hobby or should I say affliction, for the "Best Vette Yet". It’s great to see that vision forming and taking place on my computer screen.

Many of our members do not have a computer and that is a challenge we face, to get the same great Web Site information out to them. Our Spring Newsletter is an attempt to bring those non-internet members up to date. So in our Spring 98 Newsletter I have printed many of those member articles that are available on the net. We will also have new never before seen articles for those of you who have Internet access.

What will the future hold for the C5 Registry? I am glad you asked. I have two projects in mind. The first is a SWAP PAGE where members and non-members can buy and sell part, memorabilia, and even C5s. The second is a Service Technician Recognition program. This will be a section of our page where members can post E-mails about their favorite service technician and dealership. With your help, we will build a data bank on service techs so that as members have problems with their C5 they can take to a technician who has received a recommendation from a fellow member. If any of our members have had a good experience with a dealership and the service techs drop me a line so we can beginning to compile a data bank on them. I would like only positive comments at this time, I don’t have enough $ to fight a dealer lawsuit. Please remember we want to highlight the Technician, these are the guys doing the work but never get the recognition.

Membership is moving along nicely, we are adding about 25 members a week and as of this writing we are over 760 members nationwide with members in Australia, South America, Germany and Japan. It blows my mind that our C5 Registry in less then a year is worldwide. I would like to thank Kevin Lindsay [C5R#V0083] and Richard Bartlow for entertaining Richard Grouse from Australia when he was in this country for a visit. Kevin handled the West Coast hospitality while Richard Bartlow [C5R#W0546], (of Pace Car Fame) handled the East Coast. I know you will agree with me that your Registry is about making new friends who are half way around the world who share the same excitement for the C5 Corvette. I would say that neither Richard Bartlow nor Kevin Lindsay would have any problem if they visited "Down Under" any time soon.

We have some "Really Big Plans"… coming up. Jake and I will be at Carlisle August 28-30,1998. The Registry will have a special C5 Registry parking area, a Registry dinner, and possibly a Road Trip to the Gettysburg. For all you in the Northeast please come and join us there. This will also be a dash plaque EVENT so all members attending will receive a Special Carlisle—C5 Registry Dash plaque.

The weekend following Carlisle Jake and I will see many of you at the National Corvette Museum’s giant Labor Day Party. This should keep us hopping throughout the summer, but we want to provide a chance for our members to get together as much as possible. Don’t forget that if you are going to the NCM Labor Day Show we have reserved two floors of the Drury Inn in Bowling Green for our members. Rooms are going fast so please call 1-502-842-7100 and make your reservations.

I am writing this as Jake and I return from the Route 66 Corvette Show in Joliet IL. It was a Blast! The weekend was full of driving events for our members to take part in. We had a number of members Blistering the asphalt on the World class Stadium drag strip and I understand from many, that their C5s did extremely well with members posting times down to the low 13s. I might add they did very well in the autocross events, too. It was not only a day for the guys, many of their wives and girlfriends got behind the wheel and scored some pretty impressive times. As one member said "I THINK MY WIFE IS STARTING TO BOND WITH MY C5". I would like to thank Bill Wolfe [C5R#W0309] for setting everything up for us there. His hospitality was great and he made sure we all had a ball. A big thank you to Chaz Cone [C5R#W0526] who sat at the membership table for hours on end talking up the Registry and signing up new members. Dan Douglas [C5R#V0003] also deserves a Hi 5 C5 thank you for staying up late at night with us to help post the days events on the web. Dan you will have to get back to work so you can rest! Most of all I would like to thank the members, who came out for the Route 66 Show, stopped by to say HI and parked in the C5 Corral. If our members had half the fun I had, it was a fantastic success. The highlight of the show was the appearance Friday of a 1999 Hardtop (Fix Roof Coupe) at our Registry parking Corral, it stayed with us all day. We really got a chance to look the Hardtop six speed over. It appears now it was there by mistake and was not to be seen by the public at this time. Once Chevy found out, it was quickly pulled from the show. They have asked us to with hold any pictures of it until August 2. Out of respect for Dave Hill and all he has done for us especially at the Bowling Green Birthday Bash, I am complying with this request. I am also asking members with pictures of the Hardtop to go along with me on this one. If we work with Chevrolet instead of against them I believe the benefits far outweigh a few minutes in the spotlight. A spirit of cooperation goes a long way.


Till next month "Miles of Smiles" to all and stop reading this and get out and enjoy you C5 it is meant be driven and after going through the autocross event during the Route 66 Show, it is meant to be driven HARD!!!!

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