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December 23,1998 2:42 PM
Who's Been Naught and Who's Been Nice?
An Indiana Dealer
gets the LUCKY nod for who's been NICE, as the last C5 to head out the plant door today, and the last C5 to leave the plant for 1998, A Torch Red (JL4, HUD, F45, G92, Black Int.) Automatic Coupe - VIN 116316 - JOB No 016265 is headed for a VERY GOOD Boy or Girl in INDIANA. The unlucky NAUGHTY nod goes to Rocket Chevrolet in Shelby, Ohio as the C5 Torch Red (JL4, HUD, Dual Tops, Magnesium Wheels, Z51, Oak Int.) Automatic Coupe -VIN 116317 -
JOB No 016266  (The last completed C5 for 1998) still sits (ALL WRAPPED UP) inside the plant door, and will do so until the plant re-opens on January 4,1999 when it will be shipped to Ohio. SANTA SAY'S - " RUDOLPH DID NOT GET HOOKED UP TO THAT ONE !!"

December 23,1998 6:12 AM
A BIG HO HO HO to the GREAT C5 factory ELF'S who worked 10 hour shifts and several Saturday's in October and November to Produce MORE
C5's THAN EXPECTED for all the "BIG CHILDREN" of the World to ENJOY!!! In FACT they exceeded there December 1998 Year End C5 TOY Production (16317) by over 951+ C5's over last years (1997 Christmas Year end Production of 98 C5's was 15366) and DID THIS MIRACLE even with being shut down for six weeks (July & August) due to the STRIKE of 98. THIS BRINGS THE TOTAL 98 & 99 C5's Produced (January 5, 1998 to December 23,1998) to 31,874 C5's for all of US to ENJOY !!! A BIG HO HO HO THANK YOU FROM EVERY (1520) MEMBERS OF THE C5 REGISTRY. WE WISH EVERY EMPLOYEE AT BOWLING GREEN A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! .....WHAT A YEAR !!!

December 11, 1998 - 1:55 P.M.
Quote of the Day
- John Glenn told his driver "If you really want to make some NEWS today ..... Let's go drag these babies down A1A" John was in the driver seat heading to the parade staging area at the time and the driver was in the passenger seat.... [ Click Here For The PhotosUpdated

December 5, 1998
Because we've had so many requests for this, if you're looking for clothing with the new "Corvette Racing" Logo, you can find everything your wallet and budget can handle through, HA-LO Creative Concepts in Marketing. Phone:1-800-735-0432 or 1-800-638-0462 or, E-MAIL  or FAX 1-248-816-5745.  Jake

November 21, 1998
If you have an early production C5, you may have a Special RPO (Regular Production Options) Codes on your Production Decal (under the left rear hatch cover (for 1997and 1998) or on the Glove Box Door on 1999 C5's). That signifies that you are the owner of a Pilot Vehicle C5 or Possible a PROTOTYPE Vehicle C5. [ Click Here ]

November 5, 1998 Click For Larger View
The C5 Fixed Roof Coupe will be the PACE CAR for the 24 hours of Daytona. There is a strong possibility that Chevy will build a very limited number of Replica Daytona Pace Cars for sale to the public. Click for Official Press Release And Photos   - plus - Photos Of C5R Corvette's Return to Factory sponsored Racing C5. And Jake and Dan get some EXCELLENT Photos of the 24 hours of Daytona Pace Car.

November 4, 1998
Inside view of Goodyear's EMT Tire, and the C5 Air pressure sensor. [ Click Here ]

October 28, 1998
We've located the 7th of the 14 C5  Blue Diamonds, click to view the specifications.

October 20, 1998
From Registry Member Dan Garris C5R#V0075 - A copy of the September 1998 "Pro-News" Dealer Newsletter On Finding and fixing wind noise problems and adjusting window gap! Be Patient this is an 8 1/2 x 11" image!

October 8, 1998
Myron E. "Scottie" Scott, the former Dayton Daily News photographer and artist who founded the All-American Soap Box Derby and gave the Chevrolet Corvette sports car its name, died Sunday, October 4th, in Kettering, OH, He was 91.

October 7, 1998
AUTO WEEK magazine for October 5, 1998, has an article ( on Page 50 ) about GM running a factory Corvette GT2 Race Car next year. Code named R99 with 600 HP, LS1 Stroked to 6.0 Liters. The R99 is based on the production C5,but has a body made of composites. It is planned to RUN at 24 Hours of Daytona, as well as SEBRING 12-Hrs as the C5's first 2 RACES. Sources say GM's ultimate GOAL is to produce factory-built, RACE READY customer C5's.

October 5, 1998
Effective October 5,1998 The NCM Delivery Option, R8C has INCREASED in cost to $490.00 and it appears NCM Delivery will now be listed on the WINDOW STICKER of the NEW C5s.

October 3, 1998
The Bowling Green assembly plant created some real "C5 Collector's Gems" during the 1998 production run. Chevrolet painted 14 C5 Corvettes The new 1999 model year color, "Navy Blue" [RPO 28U] [ Click Here ] for "The rest of the story" on the C5 "Blue Diamonds" .

October 2, 1998
All 1999 Corvettes will have the Same Standard 5-Spoke Wheels. A change in the wheel production offset measurement has enabled the standard wheel to be used for both domestic and export Corvettes. This in turn means that the Magnesium Wheel Option (RPO N73) is an option for everyone.
Click for [ More Information ].

October 1, 1998
The 1997 and 1998 Computer System used two (2) circuit boards, the 1999 uses a single circuit board and therefore, has completely new algorithms. Additionally, the system has been re-calibrated to take advantage of the new EVAP System requirements.

September 28, 1998
CORSA Performance is pleased to announce a 10% discount to all Official C5 Registry members on CORSA's Power-Pulse exhaust systems. This takes effect with all orders placed directly with CORSA on or after September 11, 1998. This is CORSA's way of continuing their support of the Official C5 Registry and it's members. Be sure to have your membership number and password available when ordering your C5 CORSA's Power-Pulse exhaust systems directly from CORSA Performance (800.486.0999).

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