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September 28, 1998
CORSA Performance is pleased to announce a 10% discount to all Official C5 Registry members on CORSA's Power-Pulse exhaust systems. This takes effect with all orders placed directly with CORSA on or after September 11, 1998. This is CORSA's way of continuing their support of the Official C5 Registry and it's members. Be sure to have your membership number and password available when ordering your C5 CORSA's Power-Pulse exhaust systems directly from CORSA Performance (800.486.0999).

September 22, 1998
The EPA has required additional changes to the Fuel Flow, Exhaust System and Emission System for the 1999 Corvette (Collectively know as the EVAP System). The most notable change is the "Fuel Return Line" being moved from the Front of the Car (Next to the Fuel Input Line and Manifold under the Left Beauty Cover) to the Middle of the Car near the Fuel Pump Control Unit and Fuel Filter System). This change allows the temperature of the Fuel Returned to the Fuel Tank to be cooler by a number of degrees, thus resulting in less emissions and vapor escape from the Fuel Tanks. There is only one "Braided" Fuel Line on the 1999 LS1 Engines, indicated by a single slot in the Left Beauty Cover.

September 21, 1998
Corvette has extended tip spark plugs in order to "smooth out" the idle. Some 1997 and 1998 owners found that the LS1 Engine had a "rough" idle. These extended tips spark plugs are useable in the 1997 and 1998 LS1 engines.

September 18,1998
Congratulations to the Bowling Green Plant C5 Employees who are currently "500" VIN'S Ahead of last year (year to date) in Producing the "BEST VETTE YET" even with missing several weeks due to the STRIKE.These GREAT C5  Employees are currently producing 15 C5's an hour and building up to 155 C5's a day!! and the Quality has never been higher....From all the C5 Registry Members (over 1250) THANK YOU ....THANK YOU !

September 17,1998
Everyone who has been so patiently waiting for there C5 in Magnetic Red (RPO 86U) We have GREAT NEWS FOR YOU...the fine folks in Detroit have heard your pleads(and your Dealers too) and have doubled production of the Magnetic Red C5's from 40 a week to a est. of 90 a week!!! Several of our C5 Registry Dealers have reported in the last few days large ALLOCATIONS of Magnetic Red C5's have been Prefrenced from there SOLD orders inventory bank. Check with your dealer for an update.

September 15, 1998
The New Cadillac two seat sports car the Evoq will not be built on the Corvette C5 platform as previously expected. The Evoq will use a second generation "Northstar V8" and will be built on GM's new Sigma platform for worldwide sales of front engine rear wheel drive vehicles.

September 11, 1998
Nassau Blue Metallic has been placed on "MATERIAL HOLD" until late October or early November. A paint  problem has arisen with an outside supplier regarding poor paint matching on their pre-painted supplied parts. This will delay all Dealer orders on all Nassau Blue C5's.

September 4, 1998
Today Chevrolet announced a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $38,777 (including destination charge) for the all-new 1999 Corvette hardtop.   The MSRP $38,591 (less destination charge) for the 1999 Corvette Coupe, with the removable top, and the announced MSRP of $38,197 for the 1999 Corvette Hardtop puts them at only $394 apart.

September 4, 1998
Members ask what is the difference between FE3 and Z51? Thanks to David Sweet (C5R#V0017), We now have the answer. FE3 is the HEAVY DUTY SUSPENSION Hardware, as the factory refers to it, used in the Z51 Gymkhana Handling Package. Along with the FE3 suspension (which includes larger sway bars,large monotube shocks, stiff springs and even different bushings) the Z51 Package also includes a POWER STEERING FLUID COOLER (GM Part # 26057898), which is mounted in front of the power steering rack, in a space in front of the engine before the radiator. It is visible from the top (passenger side) of the engine compartment. The unit is a black (approx.12" long) thin finned U shaped cooling tube. This information has not been noticed in any GM, C5 Corvette literature we have seen to date, but may be in the Y-car service manuals from Helm.

August 17, 1998
If you've been waiting for the new color, good news..The 1st NAVY BLUE (28U) was produced today.It was a Convertible, 6-Spd.Black Int.& Top, Noteable OPTIONS included HUD, Telescopic Wheel & CD Changer. It is heading to Canada. AND...  They started PRODUCTION OF the C5 Hardtop today! Bowling Green is going to build 2 a day to insure QUALITY is at its HIGHEST on this NEW for 99 Model..Of course the "Hardtop" will be about 92 lbs. lighter than a 99 Removable Roof Coupe(6-Spd) and will include a 6-Spd with Z51 Performance.Suspension. Black Leather, Int. as  Standard Equipment. MSRP has not been release. Our best guess is $500 less than the Base Price of the Removable Roof Coupe (with Automatic).

August 17, 1998
We receive a lot of e-mails asking about when will the C5 be available in "Competition Yellow". We'll, one of our members, Terri Lynn Hanson [W0950] of Sandy, Oregon, couldn't wait for the year 2000. She painted her 1998 C5 Convertible "Sunshine Yellow".

August 14, 1998
Hot News On the New C5 Colors! On August 12th, the first 10 Red Tint (86U) Magnetic Red C5's rolled down the assembly line together. Seven were Six-Speeds, and five were Convertibles. Word from our friends in Detroit is they will produce about 40 per week in this color. The New Navy Blue color is also ready to paint, but dealers have not yet sent in enough orders to begin production. And speaking of new colors, check out the August 17th issue of Autoweek Magazine (Page 2) for a photo of the Competition Yellow color slated for production in the 2000 model year.

August 5, 1998
Jack Smith
, president of General Motors defines a new GM. Click Here for a transcript of his speech.

August 4, 1998
New Mongoose 400 from Pro Auto Tech dyno'd at 339.9 HP and 343 Ft Lbs of torque!  On a 1998 C5  6speed. That equates to 400HP at the flywheel !  That's 400 HP for under $2000.00 and  installs in a few hours! 

August 1, 1999
We promised Chevrolet we would hold off posting the photos of the new 1999 C5 Corvette Hardtop we took at the Route 66 Corvette show until August. Well, we kept our promise, and it's the 1st of August [ Click here ] to view.

July 25, 1999
Been waiting for a build date on your new 1999 Corvette? This story from Reuters News Service   may interest you.

July 24,1999
Mallett Cars, LTD
. recently introduced their 1999 product line for the C5 Corvette, including a revised Mallett 435 and the all-new 1999 Mallett 396. Itís now possible to get into an authentic Mallett Corvette for well under $60,000.00. [ Click Here ] for Mallett's press release.

July 23, 1998
Many of our C5 Registry members may recall in the February/March "Danís Say", I stated that one of the goals for 1998 was to have Chevrolet to put a BUILD SHEET (Manifest) in every new Corvette built. I am happy to announce that our goal has been achieved. We have received word that a Build Sheet is being put into the front frame rail of every new C5 built! This is reminiscent of the old Corvette practice of taping Build Sheets to the top of gas tanks in the mid year Vettes. [ Click Here ] For a Special Edition of "Dan's Say" & Details.

July 21, 1998
The production for 1998 is over, and the C5 Registry has learned there was another player in the game for "Rare" 1998 C5 Corvettes. Navy Blue has defeated Aztec Gold as the rarest of the 1998 colors. Fourteen Navy Blue 1998 Corvettes were built compared with Fifteen Aztec Gold C5's. Enough for Chevrolet to consider Navy Blue a carryover color in the 1999 dealer option guide.

July 20, 1998
Corvette Dealers received their 1999 price guides from Chevrolet. It is confirmed that option prices will remain the same as 1998, except for: RPO N37- Steering Column; Power Telescope, Manual Tilt $350 - RPO UV6-Heads Up Display $375 and RPO T82- Twilight Sentinel $60. These options were not available for 1998. The new RPO 86U Metallic Red with Tint color will be a $500 option. Prices for the new C5 Hardtop and options have not yet been released by Chevrolet. Click Here for complete listing.

July 6, 1998
Per the C5 Net and confirmed with local dealers, GM has released the base price on the 1999 C5 Corvette. The Coupe (removable roof) is based price at $38,591.00 and the Convertible is based priced at $44,999.00. Delivery charge has increased to $580.00....All of last year's options will remain at 1998 prices......The prices for 1999 Hardtop and the new options for 1999 such as Heads Up Display (UV6) have not been released.

July 6, 1998
The August edition of "Motor Trend" has several  "possible production" cars from the Jon Moss "Toybox", including one called the "Corvette H.O." (High Output). They used such mod's as larger Fikse 5-spoke wheels, Goodyear F1 Fiorano tires, a dual cone filter intake, a Corsa "Indy" exhaust, milled heads, "pocket porting" of intake and exhaust ports, Callies crankshaft, Diamond aluminum pistons, and more. Result is claimed to be 443 hp and 419 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm. A "conservative" quarter mile was 12.8 sec/112.4 mph with 0-60 in 4.4 secs. G.M. will take public reaction from July 1 to September 30 at (800) 243-8911 (6 PM to 8 AM EDT M-F; anytime weekends) or by response on the Net to There is also an article on the possible Vette-based Cadillac; MT calls it the "Eldoroadster."

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