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"Santa's Deliveries":
December 23, 1997
Who's Been
Naughty and Who's Been Nice?
Jim Ulrich Motors in Crockett, TX
gets the lucky nod for who's been Nice, as the last  C5 to head out the plant door today and the last C5 to leave the plant for 1997, A Black Automatic Coupe - VIN115365 - Job No: 015280 is headed for Texas. The unlucky Naughty nod goes to Fairway Chevrolet in Las Vegas, NV as the C5 Black convertible, six-speed, VIN-115366 - Job No: 015281 (The last completed C5 for 1997) still sits inside the plant door, and will do so until the plant re-opens on January 5, 1998 when it will be shipped to Nevada. Santa say's - "They gambled and lost......"

December 23, 1997  A.M.
A BIG HO HO HO to the GREAT C5 factory
ELF'S who worked 10 hour shifts and a Saturday in December to  Produce MORE C5's THAN EXPECTED for all the "BIG CHILDREN" of the World to ENJOY!!! They exceeded there original December 1997 Year End C5 TOY Production by over 800+ C5's for us to ENJOY!!!! Completing 15366, 1998 model C5's for 1997 with a total model year production (1997 @ 9752 units & 1998 @ 15366 units) C5's of 25,118...WHAT A YEAR!

December 15, 1997
Production of front mounted ABS began today with
C5 VIN #114461 -  JOB # 014376. The front mounted system is called "JAG"...(The JAG Module is Coded RD) this change is due the first RPO-JL4, which requires a front mounted module location. The first JL4 is VIN # 114500 - JOB # 014415 which is a different ABS MODULE than the "JAG" .

December 1, 1997
On December 1, 1997 the Factory built the 13,000th 1998
C5 Corvette,and is on target to complete 14,500 by the Christmas Break Tuesday, December 23, 1997...The current mix is 45% Convertible to 55% Coupe. The 6speed transmission is at 28% of Total 1998 model year production production.

November 24, 1997
The 1998 Corvette wins MotorTrend's Car Of The Year Award Click Here For NCM Coverage Of Ceremony and Click Here For GM Press Release .The C5 photographed at the factory for the award, is a Torch Red Convertible, with Lt.Oak top and interior, and Automatic Transmission with F45 heading to a dealership in Indiana. 

The Last Fairway Green C5 Corvette, a 1998 Convertible with Lt. Oak Interior, Top, and Automatic Transmission -VIN 1G1YY32G1W5111412- (Job Number 011322) Rolled of the assembly line in Bowling Green on  November 13, 1997. It was headed for Steve Moore Chevrolet in Greenacres, FL (West Palm Beach). We have been contacted by Steve Moore Chevrolet, and advised this C5 is still for sale. If your interested in a piece of Corvette history, contact Mr. Todd Skelton at (561) 433-3791
This C5 was sold December 23, 1997 to  a lady in West Palm Beach, FL as a Christmas Present.

November 21, 1997
The latest on the
Indy Pace Car Replica is that the top 534 Corvette dealers will get 839 cars and the next 161 dealers will get 1 each. There is no published list so most dealers don't know where they stand. Production starts January 2nd with a build of 125 per week.We have to mention, the INDY PACE'S
Steering Wheel & (Auto) Shifter Knob is BLACK with YELLOW S
titching.....VERY Unique..

November 7, 1997
Last Tuesday (November 4th), the
9752nd 1998 Corvette C5 rolled of the assembly line, matching the total production for the 1997 model year.

It is rumored (strongly) that the last "Fairway Green" C5 will roll off the assembly line in  mid November. Rumor also has it the "Aztec Gold" color is not being well received, and may be discontinued as well.

Everyone has been asking for it.. Eckler's now has it!
Eckler's is now selling the B&B Exhaust System for the
C5 Corvette. The part number is #34679. List price is $1095 with the C5 Registry member discount, the price is  $985.50 a savings of $109.50.

October 16, 1997
There will be a new mid-year color offered - called 'Aztec Gold' (RPO: 58U).

The word is that Active Handling (RPO: JL4) will be available as a mid-year option beginning January '98. The magazines are using the term 'Active Suspension' - but information we have received is that it will control the C5 during turns by selectively braking individual wheels momentarily, in order to allow for more control during high-speed maneuvers. Note: the ABS module located behind the rear axle will be moved to the left front (near the headlight assembly). JL4 will be standard equipment on all '99 C5's.

Rumor has it the old LS6 designation  will be used again in '99 for a 380 bhp (6-speed only) application as the C5 returns to a dual-engine option. To preview this upcoming change, check out Chuck Mallett's 'One Lap of America' car. You do not have Jim Minneker (GM's powertrain guru) race the car all around America ..... for nothing.

Since 'Corvette Fever' (Dec '97 - Page 12) let the cat out of the bag regarding the Indy 500 Pace Car - I would like to fill you in on some of the additional details regarding the special edition C5.

They will all be '98 Convertibles with an automatic transmission and an optional six speed. The order code for these Indy C5s will be Z4Z. (Cost $2800) Included in this package will be a radar blue (RPO 21U, it looks purple) with a black top (RPO 41T). The interior will have Bright Yellow and Black Sport Seats (RPO 194) with embroidered Indy logo on the headrest, and Bright Yellow Wheels ( RPO for the wheels is: PA6 ). Other options that will be standard include: AAB-Memory Package, AG2-Power Passenger Seat, B34-Floor Mats, CJ2-Dual Zone A/C, JL4-Active Handling Package, G92-Performance Axle Ratio (3.15), T96-Fog Lamps, and UNO-Delco Bose CD. 1158 of these Indy Pace Replicas will be produced, 53 for export. The 53 export models will be equipped with N73-Magnesium wheels not the Yellow painted version. The suspension is reported to only be the FE1-Base Suspension - although I would rather see the Z51.

C5Ya! Dan Adovasio and Jake Drennon, Directors - C5 Registry

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