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June 24, 1998
At 7:22 A.M. June 16th 1998 the Last 1998 C5, a Coupe VIN # 1G1YY22G1W5131069 And JOB # 031064 painted Amethyst Purple (95U), with Light Oak Interior (67I), Automatic Transmission, G92 Performance Axle, started down the assembly line. According to the Corvette Plant Newsletter "The Vette Gazette" it was finished at 10:15 A.M. on June 17, 1998 and is heading for Ed Morse Chevrolet in Lake Park, FL. This 1998 C5 should be delivered in about weeks and will be for sale!

According to the Bowling Green, KY Newspaper,  the Corvette Plant Shut Down (for lack of Critical Brake & Dash Parts) at 11:00 A.M. on Tuesday June 23, 1998 due to the strike.

June 20, 1998
Hib Halverson's
   "The State of the Corvette" (part 1) Article in the August 98 edition of VETTE Magazine is a C5'rs "MUST READ". Get out of those C5 Sport Seats and go to the Drug Store and pick it up! Mr.Halverson I feel is currently one of Corvette's best writers and I'm Proud to say a friend of the C5 Registry. The story is five pages long (Pg.28-32) and is Part 1 of a series. The C5 Registry is mentioned as the "EVENT" (Pg.32, 2nd Paragraph) in which Dave Hill Spoke to over 300 members at the NCM Birthday Celebration in March 98, announcing the NEW for 99 Colors and confirming the C5 Exhaust system would continue in its present form. Hib, Thanks for letting everyone know how neat it was to have DAVE HILL speak to the C5 Registry Group. Perhaps next year (April 99) you could attend, HAVE SOME FUN, and then possibly mention our name in your articles. One of your faithful readers -- JAKE 

June 20, 1998
General Motors has discovered that 1998 Corvettes in the VIN number range from W5120633 through W5123548 may have an exhaust leak between the spark plugs, and has initiated a recall campaign to correct the cylinder heads on these LS1 engines. If your 1998 C5 falls in this VIN number range, CLICK HERE to view or print the recall campaign # C98022 Bulletin.

June 14, 1998
It appears that the Corvette plant WILL be affected by the GM strike due to Electrical components (Tachometer module and the accelerator/pedal control module) shortages which should force the plant to shut down by the end of next week. Well there goes the '99 startup!! We'll keep you posted as we learn more details.

May 30, 1998
The C5 Registry has learned the 1999 Six-Speeds will begin production in July. This is good news for those who have 1999 Six Speeds in the order banks at the various dealer. It seems that the new relocated factory is now building six speed that are being used in the Camaro and Firebird and on Tuesday of this week the did a trial run of Six Speed 1999 C5s and all went well. So those of you who have six speeds on order and thought it would take till March to get them , this is truly good news.

May 28, 1998 (Late Breaking)  We have confirmed from a couple of sources that the Fixed Roof Coupe has done a 180! "The Kick Butt Version is.....BACK" Corvette has done a 180 on the production plans regarding the Fixed Roof Coupe. It is now available with only the six speed , LS1 non speed limited, Z51 performance handling package. The automatic transmission is not available at all. It looks like the old Z19 package which was deleted earlier from the dealers order book is now standard on the FRC.  My hats off for Chevrolet for building it right the first time. Ladies and Gentleman, WE HAVE A HOT ROD!!!!  Could this be due to pressure from the Internet,dealers, and future FRC customers????  Or was it another one of those "FOCUS GROUPS" that GM is famous for????   I like to think that it is the Enthusiasts coming out in Corvette Management. I guess "They Still Like To Play With Cars!"

May 28, 1998 Coming soon! A 300 MPH (Not Horse Power) C5 Corvette. This screamer will be introduced Labor Day 1998. Check back here for upcoming press releases.

May 21, 1998 Chevrolet announces changes in brand management.

May 19, 1998
Looking for the number of the bulletin for that troublesome fuel pump fix?   It's TSB# 83-63-10 [Click Here]

May 19, 1998
The "Fix" for the C5 fuel pump whine has arrived! Based on the number of C5's sold, dealerships will soon be receiving a TSB on a NEW DESIGN fuel cell, Part Number: 12455734 "Fuel Tank Cell Assembly - Left Side". The  new tank has a series of rubber pads to reduce vibrations.

May 17, 1998
Looking for Corvette Treasure? Check out the statistics on the 1998 C5 Corvette in Aztec Gold. [Click Here]

May 16, 1998
We've got some stats on the top choices for the 1998 C5 thus far. Targa Top choices: Dual 16%, Transparent Blue 24%, Painted 70%. Convertible Top colors: Black 73%, Light Oak 19%, and White 8%. And so far, 52% were delivered with the CD Changer Option, 53% with body side moldings, 25% with Six-Speed Transmission, and 12.3% with Z51 suspension.

May 15, 1998
Wondering how the C5 exterior color sales are going for 1998? We hear the breakdown is as follows: White 11%, Pewter 8.5%, Silver 15.3%, Radar Blue (Purple?) 5%, Nassau Blue 3.9%, Black 20.6%, Carmine Red 5.3%, Aztec Gold 15 Cars, Torch Red 27.8%,
Fairway Green 1.5% and Metallic Purple 1.1%.

May 8, 1998 
This is for all you "NAVY BLUE" FANS the RPO ORDERING CODE is "28U". As Dave Hill told the C5 Registry Birthday Celebration Gathering in March, "NAVY BLUE METALLIC"[RPO:28U] will be the second NEW Color for the 99 C5 Corvette.  He mentioned it was the same color as currently used on the 98 Camaro & Firebird brands.....It turns out the RPO Code is also the same....Your Dealer will be receiving a new "UPDATED" Ordering Guide VERY Soon from GM,So knows the time to tell him the COLOR you want before his Ordering Guide Comes in....It always amazes Dealers when YOU know Everything about the C5...BEFORE THEY DO!!!   

One last point it is not clear as of this date if All Colors will be available at the start of 99 Production...But usually after several weeks into production all COLORS are then available.

NOTE: "NASSAU BLUE" WILL NOT BE DELETED FOR 99...So there will be TWO BLUES in   99.[For ALL you Nassau Blue Folks there has been LESS than a 1000 Produced so far in 1998.] On the other HAND, Pearl Purple RPO:95U is History less than 300 made so far this year.

May 6, 1998
The C5 Registry has just been notified that the Fixed Roof coupe Option  RPO-Z19kick butt version’ Performance Package has been kicked out of the lineup for 1999 and will NOT be available. This will be a shocker for all of us waiting for a light-weight performance Corvette.

April 25, 1998
Our reorder of "I still play with cars" T-shirts have come in and we are now filling all orders. Today we shipped out over 55 T-shirt orders to all of you who have been patiently waiting. Thanks for your support.

April 22, 1998
1999 C5's will have BLACK PLASTIC SILL PROTECTORS embossed with the word CORVETTE.. We believe this going to be  STANDARD on every C5 for 1999.

April 20, 1998
You've got to read
this C5 Registry members report on the Bowling Green Corvette Plant, tornadoes, and the 1999 C5 Corvette. [ Click Here! ]

April 16, 1998
Attention: 6-speed C5ers! Eckler’s has available a big shipment of ‘CAGS’ by-pass Switches – For those of you who have been bothered by the 1st to 4th shift – this easily installed switch, placed in the wiring harness by the transmission, eliminates the C5 ‘having a mind of its own’. The Eckler’s Part Number for this ‘CAGS’ by-pass Switch is #33993.   Remember C5 Registry Members to use your Discount Code when ordering from Eckler’s. The suggested retail price of this item is ….. $24.95.(prior to discount). Eckler’s Toll-Free Number is 800-327-4868.

April 16, 1998
The Fixed Roof Coupe in it's Economy Model Form will have a Speed Limited LS1. The top end of this model will max out at 126 MPH. For those C5 Registry Members who DON’T LIKE LIMITS (!) We recommend the Z19kick butt version’ Performance Package. The Gymkhana/Autocross Enthusiast Performance Package includes:
Stiffer Springs and Stabilizer Bars, Non-Speed Limited LS1 Engine, Manual 6-Spd (MN6) Transmission, Variable Power Steering, Aluminum Wheels, Performance Handling Package, P245/45R17 BW Front Tires and P275/40R18 BW Rear Tires.

Dan Says couple this with an LS1 Power Pac from Pro Autotech and a good free-flow exhaust system and you’ll be bustin’ 13s in the quarter on Saturday nite!

April 7, 1998
In 1999 a POWER Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel option . It appears this option will be available at the start of 1999 production. It is an electric  Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel that works with the memory feature (RPO AAB) To control it manually there will be a button switch on the lower right side of the steering column. We are not sure of the price yet but our best guess is $250.00. Memory package (RPO AAB) and dual zone A/C (RPO CJ2) will be required.

April 7, 1998
In 1999 Head Up Display (HUD). It appears this option will be available at the start of 1999 production. It will show Tach (in linear form...starting from the bottom left side and curving up to the right), Speedometer (in digital form) with a three digit display going up to 299Km.   On the right side will be three bars; TOP BAR-oil, MIDDLE BAR-temp, BOTTOM BAR-fuel. You activate the BARS by pushing a button located on the left side of the instrument cluster (above the knob to dim the instrument panel, that panel piece has been modified) You can push the button to activate one of the BAR GAUGES. Not sure of the price yet but best guess is $375.00.

April 6, 1998
The ZR1 people have the "ZR1Net", and we all have the "VetteNet"- But there's a new Net! The C5Net is now up and running, waiting for it's first subscribers! One Catch! This is a private mailing list for C5 Registry Members Only. Check it out with the link from the Members Page, or click here.

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