Collector's Gold !

Aztec Gold No. 14 Buds Chevrolet

After building only 15 Aztec Gold [RPO 58U] 1998 C5 Corvettes, the Color was discontinued. Problems with the paint made it impossible to continue production. It Appears they built 5 in a row, then took a break, then they built 5 more, then another break...and then the last 5 were completed.....

Speculation is they were "ADJUSTING" the PAINT FORMULA....It is said:
"No Two Aztec Gold C5's LOOK ALIKE" ....In other words the Various Body Panels OF THESE C5's DO NOT MATCH VERY WELL!!! BUT, COLLECTORS LOVE THAT!!!
Especially, Sequence # 12,the ONE Convertible. Six-Speed !


Build Date Job Number VIN Model Transmission Axle
01 10/22/97 008946 1G1YY22G8W5109036 Coupe Auto GU2
02 10/22/97 008947 1G1YY22GXW5109037 Coupe Auto GU2
03 10/22/97 008948 1G1YY22G1W5109038 Coupe Auto GU2
04 10/22/97 008949 1G1YY22G3W5109039 Coupe Auto GU2
05 10/22/97 008950 1G1YY22GXW5109040 Coupe Auto GU2
06 11/06/97 010548 1G1YY22G8W5110638 Coupe Auto G92*
07 11/06/97 010549 1G1YY32G2W5110639 Convertible Auto GU2
08 11/06/97 010550 1G1YY22G6W5110640 Coupe Auto G92*
09 11/06/97 010551 1G1YY22G8W5110641 Coupe Auto G92*
10 11/06/97 010552 1G1YY22GXW5110642 Coupe Auto GU2
11 11/10/97 010898 1G1YY22G2W5110988 Coupe Auto G92*
12 11/10/97 010899 1G1YY32G7W5110989 Convertible Six-Speed GU6**
13* 11/10/97 010900 1G1YY22G0W5110990 Coupe Auto G92
14* 11/10/97 010901 1G1YY32G5W5110991 Convertible Auto GU2
15 11/10/97 010902 1G1YY22G4W5110992 Coupe Auto G92

*Performance Axle 315 Ratio
** (This The Only Aztec Gold Equiped with the Z51 Option)

* BUD'S Chevrolet in St.Marys, OHIO  HAS Sequence  # 13 Automatic
Coupe, For SALE for $44,900. It Has 8,000 miles on it.
Contact Tom Hendrix @ 800-688-2837,if you want to own a C5 Instant Collectable!!!

Aztec Gold C5 Number 14

BUD'S also has   SEQ# 14 Automatic Convertible with 5,000 miles on it,
BUT it is NOT currently for sale.


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