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The 1999 Corvette "Hardtop" at the Route 66 Corvette Show

The BIG SURPRISE!!! I turned my back for a minute and when I turned around it was here, a 1999 "Hardtop". All the driver said was " Are you the C5 Registry? I was told to park it here." and in a flash he was gone and the 1999 Hardtop was left in our care..
....There is a Santa ....even if he comes in June!
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Shown with '98 Targa.. Now Called Coupe


The 1999 C5 Hardtop shown with a 1998 Coupe for comparison.






The "Fixed Roof Coupe" is now called the "Hardtop". It is just as we have heard six speed and Z51 Performance Package are standard and I am told the base pricing is $500 less than the Coupe's base price, but the Hardtop includes the Six Speed and Z51 in its base and the coupe does not.






The "Trunk Area"



New cargo compartments with no lids....Will that be all the 1999 C5s or just the Hardtop?







The Interior


View Of The 1999  Interior






The VIN Number 45


The Licence Plates Matched The VIN Number...

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