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MALLETT 396 JOINS 435 FOR 1999

Berea, OH—Mallett Cars, LTD. recently introduced their 1999 product line for the C5 Corvette, including a revised Mallett 435 and the all-new 1999 Mallett 396. Intended to make a complete, tuner-package Corvette C5 accessible to more people, the Mallett 396 offers all of the hand-built Mallett Cars extras at an especially affordable price. The 396 will also be used to showcase several of Mallett’s newest performance parts for the C5, including 2-piece 18 inch wheels, a new stainless steel exhaust system, and the first aftermarket intake manifold developed exclusively for the LS-1 engine.

"The 396 is for the enthusiast looking for a unique car and who appreciates the collectability of a limited-edition piece, but doesn’t necessarily need a 195 mph double-throwdown supercar," said Chuck Mallett, president of Mallett Cars, LTD. "We’ve had so many customers essentially build their own versions of the 396 using our catalog that we thought a complete package would be a popular alternative to buying separate components. For about the same money, you’re getting something special and unique, not just a Corvette with somebody’s off-the-shelf parts thrown at it."

The 396 features Mallett’s popular "Top End" kit, including ported LS-1 heads, a custom billet steel camshaft ground to Mallett’s specifications (so secret that each customer is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before leaving the Mallett facility), and an all-new intake manifold designed expressly for the LS-1 engine. Together, these parts take the 346 cubic-inch LS-1 from 345 to 396 horsepower. The 396 also features a complete Mallett suspension package including Z-51 springs, a custom Mallett-spec front sway bar, and Penske/Mallett shock absorbers developed specifically for the C5. Eighteen inch, two-piece wheels and Goodyear F1 Fiorano tires compliment the suspension modifications without causing unnecessary ride harshness. The 396 is further augmented with an all-new stainless steel exhaust system and the traditional Mallett details such as "Mallett 396" logos on the fenders and seat headrests. Every Mallett 396 is also individually serial numbered and documented by Mallett Cars, just like its big brother, the Mallett 435.

The 1999 Mallett 435 has also undergone some evolutionary changes and has added some new options to its build sheet. The biggest news for the 435 is the addition of the new intake manifold, which is expected to bring 20+ horsepower to the 435’s dyno sheets, and further improve its class-leading performance. New options for 1999 include super lightweight F1-style carbon-fiber brakes, and a no-cost option for 18-inch wheels and Goodyear F1 Fiorano tires in place of the standard-issue 17-inch Goodyear ZR-S rubber.

The 1999 Mallett 396 package price begins at $15,900.00, meaning that it’s possible to get into an authentic Mallett Corvette for well under $60,000.00. "Hopefully, this will allow more people to roll the 396 conversion cost into their new Corvette loans, and still keep the payment at a comfortable level," Chuck Mallett said. The 1999 435 package remains at its 1998 price level of $33,000.00 plus options.

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