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The Friendship 7 C5's

Quote of the Day - John Glenn told his driver "If you really want to make some NEWS today ..... Let's go drag these babies down A1A" John was in the driver seat heading to the parade staging area at the time and the driver was in the passenger seat....

More Parade Photos and Corvette C5 Stats

Final Inspection of Freedom 7 C5's

The Friendship 7 C5s ready for their final inspection with their drivers at the dealership (Bob Steele Chevrolet in Cocoa, Fl ) before the Parade starts.......

The Freedom 7 C5's In Final Staging Area

The Friendship 7 C5s grouped at the staging area with a copy of the STS 95 patch.

John Glenn  Tests Parade Seat

John Glenn testing out his flight seat on his C5 for the Cocoa Beach Space Coast Parade.

John Shows off C5 cockpit

John Glenn showing fellow astronaut Scott Parazynski the details of the C5 cockpit including the Head Up Display.
(Are you believing this Steve Stringfellow?)

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Mecury 6 The First Freedom 7 Mission

Want to learn more about the Mission that made John Glenn the first American to witness the sunset from above 100 miles. Click On the Mercury 6 Logo.


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