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Blue Diamonds..

Photo By Chaz Cone NCM Labor Day 1998

During the 1998 production run, Chevrolet painted 14 C5 Corvettes The new 1999 model year color, "Navy Blue" [RPO 28U] . These special 14 C5's were part of the "New Product Testing" to guarantee everything was in order for the start of 1999 full production. . Before the "official" introduction of the new color, several of the 1998 model "Navy Blue" C5's were seen in testing. The fourteen C5's listed below are the only 1998 C5 Corvettes painted "Navy Blue" at the  plant.

All the 1998 "Navy Blue"  C5's were started down the line  on Thursday May 28, 1998 and completed on Friday May 29, 1998. As with the Collector's Gold C5's these will also be a "Blue Diamond"  For the Collectors of limited production Corvettes!

[We only have the information on the 1st 6. We will post the others as we recieve a "BLUE DIAMOND" update.]

Build Date Job Number VIN Model Interior Transmission Axle
01 05/29/98 029320 1G1YY22G2W5129329 Coupe Lt. Pewter Auto GU2
02 05/29/98 029321 1G1YY22G9W5129330 Coupe Black Auto GU2
03 05/29/98 029322 1G1YY22G0W5129331 Coupe Lt. Pewter Auto GU2
04 05/29/98 029323 1G1YY22G2W5129332 Coupe Lt. Pewter Auto G92*
05 05/29/98 029324 1G1YY22G4W5129333 Coupe Lt. Pewter Auto GU2
06 05/29/98 029325 1G1YY22G6W5129334 Coupe Lt. Pewter Auto GU2
07 5/29/98 029326 1G1YY22G8W5129335 Coupe Lt. Pewter Auto GU2

*Only Performance Axle Equiped Blue Diamond Located as to 10/98

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