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Kerbeck Corvette

NCM Offers Reproductions Of Rare Corvette Documents

August 24, 2000
Z06 Update
As we talked about last month the Z06s that the press tested at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Track were not exactly pure production cars. The Front Brake Pads were a special pad provided by GM Performance Parts (Part Number 12480154) which lists for $135.00. Corporate Member Dealer # VC001, Bruce Glueck Chevrolet, has agreed to sell these Performance Pads to C5 Registry members for $113.40 plus shipping to you. Please contact Parts Manager Ken Bassett at 1-904-792-1111. Please tell him you are with the C5 Registry. According to the GM Parts House, there are only 50 sets of these pads in stock at this time. Don’t delay . . . order today!!!

GM Performance Parts has also come out with Front Performance Rotors (Part Numbers left rotor 12480155 and right rotor 12480156). These C5 Performance Rotors have a different metallurgy than stock C5 rotors. They are a thicker design - less prone to warping, checking or cracking. These rotors and brake pads allow the driver to handle the demands (especially heat) of racing better than stock parts.

As of this date, GM has the rotors in stock but they cannot be purchased prior to August 31. This is when they will be added to the dealer parts computer network. The front brake pads are available for purchase now!

Remember – both the pads and rotors can be used an all C5s, not just the Z06 model!

Both rotors and pads are for the front wheels only, as these wheels are responsible for most of the work during performance driving. We have been told that GM will be producing more Corvette Performance Parts in the near future. One of these parts will be the "much sought after" 6.0 liter C5R racing block. We will try to give you a complete listing as soon as we receive it from GM.
August 18, 2000
EVOQ TO Be Built In Bowling Green!
General Motors today announced its plans to produce a low volume, two-seat Cadillac luxury roadster for the 2003 model year on a dedicated assembly line at the Corporation's assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The C5 Registry congratulates the plant management and employees. It should be obvious that the outstanding achievements and excellent workmanship at the CORVETTE plant contributed to this decision! CLICK HERE for full press release.

August 14, 2000
As fortune would have it, one of our members came upon a rare sighting on a transport outside of Bowling Green. As all of our members know, Nassau Blue (RPO 23U) was discontinued late in the 2000 model year. Low and behold, an error at the plant has occurred! Wil Cooksey, Plant Manager, has anybody told you, that Some How, Some Way, Some Fluke…. Has occurred…..Members see MOHN

August 11, 2000
What a week!!!
What week do you ask?
Why the week of July 24th where 4,416 Corvette enthusiasts visited (overtook) the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. Just rough math puts nearly as many visitors a day as there are employees working! From the phone calls and the emails we have received at the C5 Registry office it appears that every Registry member went through the plant at least once to see if their Z06 was being built.

August 11, 2000
J.D. Power Survey
confirms (what Registry Members already know) that the 2000 C5 was the best vehicle produced by GM during the last model year. The gauntlet for the 2001 has been thrown down. Mark McGehan, Quality Manager says "we are going to make the best vehicle in GM even better…. we are going to close in on the items that we know were a concern on the 2000 model year". What tops the list you ask? [Members see MOHN ]

August 10, 2000
USA Today on page 12C of the Sports Section under the heading Motor Sports Extra. You will find a picture (showing Ron Fellows closing in on Jeff Gordon at last years’ race) followed by a great two-thirds page article about Jeff Gordon and his win streak on the NASCAR Road course circuit. Jeff talks about our own Ron Fellows (C5-R Corvette Pilot) saying "I definitely think he’s (Ron Fellows) got a little bit of an edge on all of us….You have to say he’s the guy to beat". All of us at the C5 Registry wish the best to Ron this weekend at Watkins Glen, New York as he takes on the NASCAR crowd. If Ron (who has raced in only four Winston Cups events) pulls off a win at the "Glen" he will be the first non-series regular to win a NASCAR race since Mark Donohue won at Riverside in 1973.

August 9, 2000
As we stated on July 12th, the Z06 you are going to take delivery of is not equipped the same as the Z06 the press took on their press tour and tested. The press Z06’s had an inexpensive performance upgrade that is a must for all Z06 owners. Members, the Z06 which the press and I tested at the Mid-Ohio Race Track had special brake pads provided by GM Performance Parts. The part number for the performance brake pads is [Members see MOHN]

August 3, 2000
We wanted to make you aware of a Product Bulletin issued to all GM Dealers on July 21, 2000. For those of you who may be building a Hot Rod and/or updating your Corvette, GM announced a Special Sale (a new lower price) on a limited number of ZR1 Corvette LT5 Engines from model years 1993, 1994, and 1995.

According to Registry dealers these engines are eligible for a 3.75% Stock Order Allowance, 6% Return Reserve, and 2% Customer Focus Incentive. Also, (the big news) is the $2,000 exchange charge has been removed from these part numbers.

Part Number Model Year Price
10168539 1993 $12,250
10219244 1994 $12,250
10234780 1995 $12,995

These are the GM dealer’s prices. We don’t know for sure what kind of a discount they will pass on to you!

These engines are "fully dressed" as they would have been provided to the Bowling Green Corvette Production Plant. Included are the A/C compressor, oil filter, spark plugs, wiring harness and ignition module. Also included are the water pump, generator, starter, distributor, power steering pump and engines sensors. NOT included are exhaust manifolds, oil level gauges, EGR manifold tube, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and various heat shields. These engines will carry the 12-months/12,000 miles General Motors Dealer Service Replacement Parts and Accessories Warranty, and are non-returnable.

July 25, 2000
The model change over from 2000 to 2001 at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant was rather unique; it was a "rolling model change". That means as each area of the plant builds out, the new 2001 model will be right behind the old 2000 one. See the MOHN for more details!!

July 25, 2000
Seven new 2001 Corvette C5's arrived at Bud's Chevrolet in St. Mary's, Ohio today. They are on the MOVE! CLICK HERE for photos!

July 24, 2000
6:30 AM - Our members are everywhere! Several of our members are in Bowling Green to visit the plant and watch C5's being built. As a great start to their day, they were lucky enough to share breakfast at the local Hardy's this morning with two of Corvette's finest haul drivers. The drivers were glad to get back to work, as they had been laid off while the delays in shipping the new 2001 Corvette's were being worked out. Delays that they mentioned were an EPA Federal certification compliance statement, and a temporary concern on the new Corvette battery. Both issues have been resolved. With great big smiles, (and a politely refused offer to ride along), our members stood outside Hardy's waving goodbye, feeling like they were saying goodbye to Santa Claus as he pulled away with a sled filled with C5 toys. (The way they spoke, there might have even been a tear in their eyes!)

July 22, 2000
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
We at the C5 Registry want to thank the Corvette Brand Team led by new Brand Manager, Rick Baldick, for taking the "bull by the horns" and telling it like it is! The NUMBER ONE email we receive from members and non-members alike are emails explaining their disappointment when their dealer has promised them either a Magnetic Red or Millennium Yellow Corvette and they were seldom able to deliver!

We are glad to see an Administrative Message that "pleads" with dealers to "exercise due care when accepting and entering sold Corvette orders for vehicles with either of these colors" and to "be sure to set your customer’s expectations appropriately."

We are very proud of our C5 Registry dealers www.c5registry.com/Dealers who have been doing this correctly from day one! Now every dealer in the country understands that there is only going to be "85 Millennium Yellow Corvettes per week, and 75 Magnetic Red Corvettes per week." Get the facts from a Registry dealer and don’t be misled!!

July 21, 2000
has announced a new tire for the C5. The Firestone Firehawk SZ50 EP RFT with UNI-T AQ™ is designed especially for the C5. It features run flat technology and UNI-T AQ technology, a combination of elements providing more consistent performance throughout a tire's life. The new tire is an improved version of the original Firestone Firehawk SZ50 introduced in 1996. For more info click here.

July 21, 2000
B&B Fabrication, the original C5 performance exhaust manufacturer, sets the pace again with PRT (Purge Resonance Technology) exhaust systems for 1997-2000 Chevrolet Corvettes.

This radically innovative technology flawlessly tunes the exhaust sound and allows maximum performance. The unique "purge chamber" cancels out 100% of all unwanted low-rpm interior resonance, while having the performance benefits of a straight through design. The exterior sound is commanding, emitting a throaty idle and stout wide-open-throttle attitude while purging all resonant frequencies for a perfectly quiet interior. CLICK HERE for MORE.

July 20, 2000
Rumors are flying around of a big ANNOUNCEMENT meeting for all employees at 6:12 AM on Friday, July 21st being held at the Bowling Green Assembly plant.

Of course, no one knows what will be announced, but the speculation and/or hope for the town of Bowling Green, KY, is the word that the Cadillac Evoq will be built in Bowling Green along side of the C5 Corvette. If this dream becomes a reality, the word is Evoq's should begin showing up on the streets for model year 2003.
July 18, 2000

Getting a new Corvette for 2001? Maybe a
Z06? If your a C5 Registry Member, you may want to check out Chuck Mallet's recommendations for engine and drive train break in. Click Here

July 12, 2000
The Z06 you took delivery of is not equipped the same as the Z06 the press took on their press tour and tested. The press Z06’s had an inexpensive performance upgrade that is a must for all Z06 owners. Members get the details, [Click here] for MOHN:

July 10, 2000
It has come to the attention of the C5 Registry that if the 2001 C5 Coupe, Convertibles and Z06 are not properly broke-in you may experience a whining rear end noise. Members get this very important information, CLICK HERE for MOHN!

July 4, 2000
Final Number for Friday, June 30th, prior to the Bowling Green Plant two week break was: VIN 100617 Job # 000573. When the plant resumes production on July 17th, the start number will be VIN 100742, Job # 000698.

It will be one
HOT July as 594 lucky owners of 2001 C5s begin to receive their factory creation! One of these lucky owners will be smiling in Westmont, IL as his or her Speedway White with Black Interior (VIN 100594 Job 000550) was the last C5 out the door on its way to Team Chevrolet. One "not-so-lucky" owner barely missed the cut (VIN 100595 Job 000551), also Speedway White with Black Interior Coupe – waits two weeks before going to DeLillo Chevrolet in Huntington Beach, CA.

The identical "twins"
C5 Coupes (Speedway White with Black Interior) have one BIG difference – one made it out the door before the shut down and one didn’t!!

June 26, 2000
The plant’s first model year of the new century comes to an end today when the final 2000 Corvette rolls off line. Just moments after saying farewell to the last 2000, employees will usher in the first of the 2001 model year. Want the full story, CLICK HERE for MOHN!


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