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May 1

Members – Does the term “IT’S A RENTAL, DON’T BE GENTLE” mean anything to you? Well, it certainly will be to Hertz starting in June when they release to the renting public 500 very limited and specially equipped Velocity Yellow 2LT 2008 Coupes with an easily recognizable ZHZ fender badge on both sides.

These very special Corvettes will be rented through the Hertz Fun Club Program at various Hertz locations throughout the United States, including Hawaii. This wonderful Hertz program has been ongoing for the last several years. They received considerable attention two years ago with the re-introduction of the Carroll Shelby Black and Gold Mustang GT-H that they have been successfully renting, just like they did back in 1966.

Hertz’s soon to be collectible ZHZ Corvette Coupe will include the 2LT Ebony interior (193) package with a ZHZ embroidered logo on the console arm rest and floor mats inside of a Velocity Yellow (45U) exterior tint coat paint with a Black Stripe, from front to back, laid down the center of this C6. The transmission of choice will be the Six Speed Paddle Shift Automatic, along with the (NPP) Dual Mode Exhaust and (F55) Magnetic Select Ride Control, including the cross drilled rotors.

Genuine Corvette Accessories will play a big part in the uniqueness of this Corvette. Hertz is including the (VPL) GCA Ultimate Appearance Package which includes the screen mesh package (side coves, exhaust plate screen, grille mesh), body-color rear license plate frame, underhood blanket and lamp kit, graphics package (as mentioned above), full-width spoiler and body-color door handles. The wheels for this very unique ZHZ will be the Seven-Spoke Forged-Chrome Wheel which certainly will add a dramatic appearance to this already exciting ride.

Members, the best news of all is that Hertz will be offering a very special discount program to Registry Members. We have placed this discount code in our MEMBERS ONLY section today and it will also be listed in the upcoming Spring 2008 Official C5/C6 Registry Magazine headed to your mailbox in June.


PC # 107310 is for $30 off/weekend.

PC # 107041 is for $40 off/week.

Range: $190 - $230/day and $900 - $1,000/week.


We finalized with Hertz the list of cities that these Fun Club Corvettes will be available at. Please note the cities below and we hope you will coordinate them with your future travel plans.

Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Palm Beach, Fort Meyers, Dallas, Houston, Boston, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oahu, Maui, Nashville, Charlotte, Charleston, Philadelphia, Dulles,  Phoenix, Denver and Newark.

Indications are that this program will possibly run for a two-year period with 2009 C6s being brought into service early next year. Rumors seem to be confirming that they will add Convertibles as part of next year’s program. We know this program will be a hit with our traveling Registry members!

June 16, 2004
Z06 2004 Model Year Z16-Z18 Build-Out Numbers!
Registry Members – The Z16-Z18 Commemorative Edition era of the 5th Generation of Corvette is over!  It’s hard to believe that the last Z06 (Z16) was completed on Monday, June 14th bringing an end to a fantastic era of performance inspired Corvettes.  This Z06 legacy will now remain on the shelf until the unveiling of the new BADDER than ever 2006 Z06 Corvette


FINAL Z16-Z18 numbers are in.  Members, check out the numbers by country for the Z16 and Z18 Commemorative production of Corvettes for model year 2004.  There were a total of 2,025 Z16s and Z18 Commemorative Editions built.  The United States received 1,935 of which all are Z06-Z16s.  Canada had 86 Z06-Z16s shipped to them.  Mexico had only four Z06-Z16s pushed over the border.  Of course the last 2004 Commemorative Coupe Z15 (JOB # 38840) will come off the line on Thursday, July 1, 2004. 


But the rarest of all Commemorative Edition Z18s which are Coupes were shipped to Europe. 


These 45 Coupes are VERY RARE and in fact will end up being the RAREST of all Commemorative Edition Corvettes.  All forty-five Z18s were 6-Speeds with a very unique Z06 type suspension including the Z06s Nuremburg inspired shocks as part of its unique performance package.  This rare Z18 package included the carbon fiber hood found on the Z06-Z16s along with its very special Commemorative Edition stripes which are unique to these forty-five C5s as the roof and hatch decal is of a different length compared to the Z06-Z16.  This package also included the standard high polished wheels off of the Commemorative Coupe and Convertible packages, but the tires are of a non-run flat design created for Europe.  All Z18s came with Z06s Red Brake Calipers front and rear and had the LS1 engine installed in them.  


Members, for all of you who want to know what your “Build In Sequence Number” is on your Z16-Z18 you can click on to this link and find it by your last six digits of your VIN number.   

Monday, June 14, 2004
2004 Model Year Option Build-out!
Registry Members
– The 5th Generation Corvette is coming to an end. Over the next few weeks we will be saying goodbye to the C5. The final C5 will make it’s historical drive off the line a day before the downtime at the plant on July 1st. Below are the build-out dates for model year 2004:

Option                                                              Last Job #        VIN       Approx. Build-out

Corvette Export                                                  32333               128804              04/28/04

70U (Torch Red – Canceled color)                       33357               129657              05/07/04

Corvette Mexican                                               34037               130214              05/17/04

88U (Spiral Gray – Canceled color)                      34997               131006              05/24/04

10U (Arctic White)                                             35711               131613              06/03/04

79U (Millennium Yellow)                                     35964               131861              06/04/04

C2L (Dual Top)                                                   36084               131931              06/04/04

UL0 (Cassette Radio)                                         36093               131939              06/04/04

1YY67 (Convertible) (also last convertible Z15)      36099               131945              06/04/04

86U (Magnetic Red)                                           36739               132454              06/11/04

Z51                                                                   36815               132515              06/14/04

Z06 (also last Z16)                                             36818               132518              06/14/04

B84 (Body Side Moldings                                   38325                                       06/25/04

Last 2004 Corvette Coupe (also last coupe Z15)    38840                                       07/01/04

 February 24, 2004
Magnesium Wheels Are Running Low!
C5 Registry Members
– When 2004 production began, there were 1,200 sets of magnesium sport wheels (N73) left in the C5 production inventory. As of today, that number is down to less than 750 sets. This is primarily due to its option cost of $995 compared to the high polished 5-spoke (QF5) for $1,295. Back in model year ’98, magnesium wheels sold as a $3,000 option. There’s no question that in 20 years when C5s are being restored, this will be the WHEEL of preference on every restorer’s wish list. This very light magnesium wheel was first used on all Coupes and Convertibles sold primarily in Europe to meet the wheel offset requirement which did not allow for any part of the tire to stick out past the top of the fender, front or rear. The magnesium wheel has a uniquely different 5-spoke design, 17" x 8.5" (43.2 cm x 21.6 cm), front and 18" x 9.5" (45.7 cm x 24.1 cm), rear as well as a distinct color. We strongly recommend anyone considering ordering a C5 Coupe or Convertible to GET THE MAGNESIUM WHEEL OPTION! (Besides, you’ll save $300 bucks!)

February 21, 2004
Commemorative Editions Are Moving Out The Door in High Percentages!
C5 Registry Members
– As of February 1st there have been a total of 10,450 C5 Coupes produced with 1,540 (or 14.9%) as Commemorative Editions. Convertibles are down slightly in total production with 9,028 with 2,147 (or 24%) as Commemorative Editions. But the star of the show, the Z16 Commemorative Z06, has been slow in coming due to several production issues. These have been resolved and it’s full steam ahead in producing Commemorative Z06s from this point forward. There have been only 780 Z16s (or 23%) produced out of a total Z06 run of 3,463. The latest word is that there will only be 1,800 Z16s produced. The current plan is to fill every Dealer’s order for Z16s that were already in the system.

October 16, 2003
Z16’s Still on Hold!  C5 Registry Members – Email after email requests information regarding the Commemorative Edition Z16 model of the Z06 Corvette. The Hot News information given to you on September 11th has changed.   Here’s the latest.  Most of the problems delaying the production of the most sought after 2004 Corvette are due to quality improvements to the carbon fiber hoods.  Approximately 150 Z16-Z06 Corvettes have left the plant.  (Most of these have practically been hand built.)  Registry dealers are reporting quick sales of Z16s once they arrive.  The improvements that are being made to the hoods will be completed by early November with production to begin again on or about Monday, November 17th.  The original plan was to produce up to 2,500 Z16s, but this number could slide downward big time…unless some serious overtime and production shifts are made.  This Commemorative model may really end up being “THE RARE ONE”. 


June 25, 2003
“The Next 50 Years Begins !”
– How quickly we forget the past and move on to the 51st Year of Corvettes! We’ve just closed the book on the last 50 years and now we begin writing about the next half century, on route to the 100th! There was no rest for the “toy makers” in the Bowling Green Assembly plant as minutes after the last 2003 came off the assembly line and high fives were shared by all, the FIRST 2004 (complete production units) followed. 

The first three 2004 C5s off the line were:

  • VIN 100039  Z16 Commemorative Edition Z06 Luxo Blue (Luxo Blue is the internal factory color name for the LeMans Blue, which is the marketing name) with Ebony (black) Interior and 6 Speed

  • VIN 100040 Z15 Commemorative Edition (Luxo Blue) LeMans Blue Convertible with Shale top and interior

  • VIN 100041 Lt. Tarnished Silver (Lt. Tarnished Silver is the internal factory color name for Machine Silver) Coupe with Pewter Interior and automatic transmission

 The colors for 2004 are as follows:

  • 10U - Arctic White (this is the same color as 1997 – 2000) – I know you’re thinking… the more things change, the more things stay the same!

  • 19U - Luxo Blue (LeMans Blue)

  • 41U - Black

  • 67U - Lt Tarnished Silver (Machine Silver)

  • 70U - Torch Red

  • 86U - Magnetic Red Tint Coat (yes, it’s the same color as model year 2002)

  • 88U - Spiral Gray Metallic

  • 79U - Millennium Yellow

The Interior colors are unchanged for 2004 and are as follows:

  • 19I - Black

  • 67I - Lt Oak

  • 15I - Shale (Z15 – Coupe and Convertible only)

  • 92I - Pewter

  • 70I - Red

  • 194 - Black. Leather Z06

  • 704 - Red/Black Z06

 June 25, 2003
50 Years of Corvettes Has Ended!
Members – At 7:15 am this morning, the last 2003 C5 Corvette came off the fabulous Bowling Green Assembly Plant line. It’s only fitting that the last ’03 production C5 is a 50th Anniversary Edition Convertible with an automatic.

The last three C5s off the line (in reverse order) were:

  • VIN 135469  Anniversary Convertible with Shale interior and top and an automatic transmission

  • VIN 135468  Torch Red Coupe with Oak Interior and an automatic transmission

  • VIN 135467  Torch Red Convertible with Oak top and Interior and an automatic transmission

For a grand total 2003 Production of 35469. 12812 of these were Coupes, 14022 were Convertibles, and 8635 were Z06s.

 The Anniversary Editions totaled 11,632 with almost two to one Convertibles over Coupes.
7547 Convertibles and 4085 Coupes.

 We know our members are out there counting fingers and toes to keep up with Corvette Total Production. So you can check your math, there have been a total of 1,335,302 Corvettes built during the first 50 years.


February 24, 2003
“Get Your Checkbooks Out!”
Members – Rumors are flying BIG TIME!! Chief Engineer and Vehicle Line Executive Dave Hill is pulling off a great final year C5 Z06. These 2004 “CZ06’s” will have a first ever Corvette production enhancement to them, which we believe will have our members lining up to purchase one of these instant collectables. We are busy checking and double-checking our information. We do know for sure that one of these special “CZ06’s” will be unveiled at the Official C5 Registry Birthday Bash on Saturday morning, April 26th. These “CZ06’s” will have a very special paint scheme, badging, special wheels, and be representative of Corvette’s recent racing successes.

Thanks, Dave! You’ve done it again!               Members, Stay tuned up!

February 21, 2003
“Silver Color Name Update!”
Members – There has been a lot of chat on many websites regarding the new C5 Silver for 2004. We have seen several names mentioned for this new color and wanted to make certain that our members had the correct name for the new color.

 The name most frequently mentioned is “Machine Silver”. According to our source at Dupont Paints, we were informed that the 2004 C5 Silver will be called “Light TARNISHED Silver”. We have to wonder why anything related to the C5, especially a light, bright, colorful name of Silver, would have the word “TARNISHED” in it. It just doesn’t send the right message!

According to Webster’s Dictionary, TARNISHED means:
TARNISH \Tar"nish\, To dull the luster of; discolor, especially by exposure to air or dirt. To detract from or spoil; taint: a tragedy that tarnished our hopes. To lose luster; become discolored. To diminish or become tainted. to darken, to conceal, hide; to diminish, dull, or destroy the luster of; to sully; as, to tarnish a metal; to tarnish gilding; to tarnish the purity of color.

Now we ask you… does this sound like the right name for a light, bright, Silver C5 color to you???  We don’t think so! We have to wonder if the folks in Corvette Marketing have heard about this? We know when they do they will certainly find a better color name for our beloved new Silver C5 than to “TARNISH” it!

January 25, 2003
"A C5 Fuel System Change!"
Members – Those of you who own a C5 produced after VIN number ending in 35114929, built on November 22, 2002 are driving the Corvette of the Future! Those smart engineers at GM were able to improve on the C5’s (future C6) fuel system with newly designed tanks, quieter fuel pump, and GREATLY improved fuel gauge measuring system. There were so many items replaced with this new C6 design that a SPECIAL RPO code FFS was assigned to the new system. Every C5 from the above VIN forward will have this new enhanced system. (As an additional note, for those of our members who have been following the Cadillac XLR, this new fuel system is also being incorporated into this design.)

This leads to another discussion of why the most recent C5 2003 service manuals have not been made available yet. We have learned that they have gone to press this week and should be available for purchase between February 10 and February 21, 2003. Obviously the reason for this delay was due to the fact that this new RPO FFS fuel system had to be included in the 2003 service manual.

January 23, 2003
“Corvette’s True Colors!
RUMORS!  RUMORS!  RUMORS . . . have been flying about the introductory colors for the C6 (2005 model year) and the 2004 final year C5.  First, the C5s . . .   as announced on November 28, 2002, quicksilver, speedway white and electron blue will be phased out at the end of the 2003 model year.  The interesting discovery is that Corvette is reaching into it’s past . . . but not too far back . . . and re-introducing Arctic White (from the 2000 model year) and Magnetic Red II (from the 2002 model year) as color options.  They are also introducing a new shade of silver and a special blue for the final year collector’s edition (this blue will be available on all three models).

 Regarding the C6 colors . . . now, the rest of the story . . . . for those of you who were at the 2001 Birthday Bash, there was a set of exterior paint colors displayed during a seminar hosted by GM.  Rumors have long circled that the colors displayed from GM’s Detroit Paint Center were, in fact, C6 prototype colors being considered by Corvette.   We now know this rumor to be true!  As the story goes, the wrong set of color displays arrived in Bowling Green.  When the GM representative discovered the error, a decision was made, by a high-ranking GM executive attending the Bash, to remove the color code tags from the back of the paint displays and show them anyway!  The thought being that “they won’t know what they are looking at.”

 So, what where those colors?  Those of you who were there know.  Those of you who weren’t there need to get on the horn and call one of the 1000+ members where were there!  If we listed the colors again, Dave Hill would be at the cardiologist by the end of the day!

 December 11, 2002

Members, as you know, we've been told the CORVETTE C6 and the Cadillac XLR will share the same frame, suspension, etc... pretty much everything but the body and engine. If that's true, here's a guide to the chassis of the C6:

FOR RELEASE: Dec. 11, 3:00 p.m. EST


DETROIT - Beneath the surface, the 2004 Cadillac XLR has a technology foundation that matches its striking exterior style. Never before has a GM production vehicle cast such a sophisticated shadow as the XLR, which begins appearing at Cadillac dealers in summer 2003. The car's remarkable body structure and chassis enable the XLR to be a luxury roadster with performance car roots.

The story starts with the XLR's backbone, upon which the car's dynamic capabilities depend. Based on the next generation of GM's performance car architecture, this unique and patented structure consists of steel hydroformed perimeter frame rails, enclosed structural "tunnel," aluminum cockpit structure and balsa-cored composite floors. Providing rigidity without bulk, and with exceptional resistance to torsional and bending forces, this architecture is the basis for the XLR's outstanding ride and handling characteristics.

"The patented performance car architecture is designed specifically for an open car, and creates the ideal foundation for the blend of luxury and performance attributes of the XLR," said David Hill, vehicle line executive for GM's Performance Cars.

XLR - lightweight and balanced
Engineers carefully selected advanced materials for the XLR's precise mission as a luxury roadster. Extensive use of aluminum in suspension control arms and cross members, magnesium components in the body and folding top structures, plus advanced composite body materials make the XLR's overall weight the lowest in its class. Compared to the Mercedes-Benz SL500, Jaguar XK8 and Lexus SC430, the XLR is not only the lightest vehicle at approximately 3,650 lbs., but it also boasts the longest wheelbase, widest track, lowest height and most horsepower.

Another advantage of Cadillac's roadster not shared by the competition is its rear-mounted transmission. This helps give the XLR a virtually 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution for superior balance, as well as providing occupants unusually roomy footwell space.

Outstanding agility
Taken together, these factors establish the foundation for excellent dynamic stability and responsiveness, said Dave Leone, XLR chief engineer. "The combination of a stiff body structure with low weight and excellent balance sets the stage perfectly for outstanding agility."

Compared to most convertibles, the XLR will feel more rigid and solid, regardless of whether the top is up or down.
Building on XLR's solid structural foundation, Cadillac engineers added several technologically advanced chassis features, including StabiliTrak active handling, Magnetic Ride Control and Magnasteer.

"A high-speed data network in the car allows these electronic systems to share information and work together as an integrated system," said Leone. "The effect on the driver is a car that is smooth and well-controlled, yet maintains excellent 'feel' and responsiveness."

A luxury roadster with performance car roots
The objective of the suspension system is to make the XLR a true luxury roadster with the handling qualities of a performance car. To this end, the design utilizes double wishbones at each corner, combined with transverse-mounted, composite leaf springs front and rear. The system is designed to maintain firm control over wheel motion, while delivering a composed and compliant ride quality. During normal driving, the chassis exhibits comfortable and confident handling characteristics; when pushed harder, the car remains stable and secure with outstanding road holding. The XLR achieves a maximum lateral G-force of over 0.9.

The XLR employs one of the most sophisticated and integrated electronic chassis control systems in the industry. However, unlike some rival systems, which can interfere aggressively with control of the car, the XLR's chassis control system is developed to be as unobtrusive and transparent as possible to the driver.

Four-channel StabiliTrak system
At the core of the XLR's active handling is StabiliTrak, a highly integrated four-channel system that can control all four corners of the vehicle. The system acts instantaneously to reduce the likelihood of loss of control by enhancing vehicle stability and directional control when the car approaches its limits. StabiliTrak analyzes input from a series of sensors and then applies braking force at the relevant wheel or wheels in order to turn the car in the direction intended by the driver.

StabiliTrak also integrates the XLR's anti-lock brake system, traction control system, powertrain and Magnetic Ride Control system in order to manage the car's handling.

World's fastest-reacting suspension
The XLR is one of the world's first vehicles equipped with Magnetic Ride Control - electronically-controlled, magnetic-fluid based real-time damping. The system uses four wheel-to-body displacement sensors to measure wheel motion over the road surface and responds by adjusting the shock damping at speeds approaching one millisecond. That's five times faster than previous "real time" damping systems.

The secret behind Magnetic Ride Control is the magneto-rheological fluid contained in its dampers, replacing traditional mechanical valves. Suspended in this fluid are tiny iron particles that respond to an electromagnetic charge.

In the presence of a charge, the iron particles align themselves into fibrous structures that almost instantaneously create precise and wide-ranging damping characteristics. With sensors reading the road surface at a rate of 1 inch at 60 mph, the system responds by commanding constant changes in damping force at all four corners. The goal is to maintain tire contact with the road surface and to keep the body on an even plane, with smooth, well-controlled body motions even during aggressive maneuvers or on uneven road surfaces.

The Magnetic Ride controller will activate if needed to help respond to weight transfer, or roll gradient, of the vehicle - for example during braking, by stiffening the damping rate in one or more corners to maintain smooth body motions.

A key enabler for the effectiveness of the XLR's various electronic control systems is a local area network (LAN) high-speed communication bus. This links StabiliTrak, Magnetic Ride Control, ABS, traction control and powertrain control and allows the instantaneous interaction necessary for successful operation.

To ensure the XLR exhibits precise, responsive steering, Cadillac has adopted Magnasteer, a speed-variable power-assisted system, combining conventional hydraulics with patented electro-magnetic control technology. Steering effort is applied via magnetized "doughnuts" mounted around the output shaft, which stiffen the rate as vehicle speed increases. The system is tuned to begin subtly increasing effort after about 40 miles per hour. This allows for effortless low-speed maneuverability for parking and increased control at high speeds.

XLR with extended mobility tires
The XLR runs on Michelin ZP tires with advanced "run flat" technology that eliminates the need for a spare and provides outstanding overall tire performance. The ZP design has self-supporting sidewalls that allow the tires to maintain safe function during and after a loss of pressure for up to 125 miles of continuous driving. The ZP technology has been specifically tuned for the XLR, and features overall performance superior to many competing run-flat systems, which are designed strictly for high performance use and exhibit harsh ride qualities.

The wheels include a pressure-monitoring system that transmits pressure within 1 pound per square inch from each tire to the driver information center, alerting the driver if there has been a loss of pressure.

Key structural features
Hydroformed perimeter frame rails: Created from steel tubes, the XLR's 170-inch rails are the longest hydraulically-formed sections in passenger-car use. With no seams, joints, welds or overlaps, the rails are extremely rigid yet have low mass. In a conventional convertible, necessary structural reinforcements add considerable weight and bulk.

Center tunnel: Acting as structural backbone, the center tunnel is a tall, enclosed rectangular passage through which the driveshaft passes. The tunnel runs from the front to rear axle and resists longitudinal twisting motion in the car's body.
Cored composite floors: This unique design employs balsa wood material sandwiched between strong composite floor panels. These lightweight floors not only support the cockpit area, but they also underpin the trunk area, providing an added measure of insulation from unwanted sound and vibration.

Aluminum and magnesium components: The XLR has numerous aluminum and magnesium components, including strong, lightweight one-piece cast aluminum chassis cross members machined to precise dimensional tolerances for accurate suspension geometry, all-aluminum double wishbone suspension and lightweight tubular stabilizer bar, die cast magnesium folding roof structure, steering column support, ABS controller and cast spun aluminum high-performance wheels.

Key chassis features
StabiliTrak: State-of-the-art active handling system with the highest level of integration between the braking, traction control, steering and suspension systems. StabiliTrak can help the XLR driver control the car, without "over-governing."
Magnetic Ride Control: Suspension system that uses magneto-rheological real-time damping to provide exceptional responsiveness and increased wheel contact with the road surface. The system reads the road, and acts on each suspension corner to keep the body level with smooth, well-controlled body motions.

Magnasteer: Variable-effort steering affords drivers unparalleled control on the highway and effortless low-speed maneuverability for parking in an exceptionally smooth power steering system.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS): Four-channel system includes dynamic electronic brake distribution across the rear axle for optimum braking and control under the most demanding conditions.

Four-wheel disc brakes: The large rotors (325mm front, 305mm rear) and aluminum sliding calipers provide world-class reliability, durability and performance. Premium non-metallic brake-pad material delivers superior consistent, quiet performance under all conditions.

XLR Specification Sheet - CLICK HERE

Tuesday, November 26, 2002
No, it’s not a movie title! But spending a few days there was just as suspenseful!

The "Big Guns" were showing off their latest! Ford was touting their GT40 in a "shrine-like" display and Dodge had their ’03 Viper surrounded by the latest in "go-fast" Trucks – the RT Truck with it’s 500+ Viper motor, and breaking news of the "Holy Grail" of engines, the "HEMI" being added to the 1500 Ram Truck series.

But over at the "General’s" booth, information oozed as to a special edition Corvette to come in 2004. While there was no hint of more horsepower, it was very exciting to realize that Marketing has been listening to Registry members’ pleas and ideas and doing a little groundwork of their own! While we couldn’t squeeze out the whole plan, we did manage to get a glimpse of their idea that something special needed to be produced in 2004 to carryover the Corvette until the arrival of the new "BAD BOY" of Corvetting . . the C6 in 2005!

We also learned that Powertrain has figured out that it is important for everyone to know what kind of engine is under the hood! We noticed that all engines displayed in 2004 model year vehicles (both Trucks and Cars) had their engine designations on them! Of course, there were no 2004 C5s on display. But it wouldn’t surprise us to see this trend carry over to the LS1 and the LS6 engines. So when you finished dusting those Fords, Chryslers and hot Hondas, when you pop the hood, everyone will know what GM motor beat ‘em!

Wednesday, October 30
Members, radar detectors are always a big topic of discussion for C5 Corvette drivers! We have just learned of ESCORT’s new CORDLESS Solo S2 Radar Detection System, being introduced as a "sneak peek" to selected previous purchasers. We were able to secure the code which allows access to the "secret" website page announcing all the details of the Solo S2. Just go to, put in your email address and the following preview code: S2M1002. This should take you directly to the page.

Some of the features mentioned include 400% better radar range, longer batter life, 9 programming options, and new high-resolution graphic display.

Tuesday, October 29
Members, 50th Anniversary C5 Coupe and Convertible model sales remain strong. So strong, that rumors are flying that pressure is being placed on Wil Cooksey and the Bowling Green Assembly Plant to put out another couple of thousand. Sales of the 50th Anniversary models up to early October are running a solid 2 to 1 50th Anniversary Convertibles over 50th Anniversary Coupes. The best information we have indicates 1,500 Convertibles to 600 Coupes. But lets not forget about our beloved Z06 (the TRUE king of performance at some $33,000 less than the new Viper according to ALL the magazines!). Wil Cooksey’s group has put out 2,250 of them as of early October. The plant is on time to produce 25% of total production as Z06’s. Just a little math seems to point out, with possibly 12,000 50th Anniversary coupe and convertibles and 8,000 Z06’s, the 15,000 remaining "LIMITED PRODUCTION" C5’s will turn out to the "RARE" ones of the production year. Although it’s still too early to tell, the math indicates that 2003 may be on track for a record number of Corvette Convertibles, exceeding the 14,173, which was 40% of production in 2001.

August 30, 2002 (Info For Members Only!! Protect Our Sources!)
For a couple of years now, there has been a lot of rumor and speculation about the next generation Corvette. Our sources tell us some these rumors and speculation border on ridiculous! Even some of the "Artist Concepts" in magazines lately are way off base. Our sources tell us the following:

Look for muscular design body lines, Taking some styling que's from the C5-R.  Look for some "bumps" over the front wheels, similar to the C3 but not quite as exaggerated. There will be shorter overhangs front and rear that contribute to an overall shorter length, while the wheel base grows approximately 3-4 inches to accommodate a new 5-speed automatic. Look for an exposed headlight, although the headlight surround will resemble a 1953-1955 with either HID or Xeon lamps, for much greater visibility than ever before.

One big change will be an all aluminum frame to reduce weight and improve structural strength. The C6 will weigh 200 to 500 lbs. less than the standard C5. You could even see a new 40 Plus volt electrical system to accommodate some power hungry devices like the Magnetic Ride Control. Look too for 400 plus horsepower in the standard version with the really high performance version to follow a year later. There will be some interior changes too... That's at the top of the list! One complaint has always been the "cheap looking" More expensive looking components will be used.

Prior to production, as was the C5. C6's are being tested right now, Disguised as C5's . We'll keep you posted on C6 developments as they come in!

 March 6, 2002
Order Dates for the 50th Anniversary Corvette are out!
Members . . .  we were just informed that ordering information on the 50th Anniversary Corvette will be released Friday, April 12th with dealer distribution plans announced earlier on Tuesday, April 2nd.  If you want a 50th, get ready to call your dealer!  We will let you know as soon as more details are available!

March 5, 2002
We have the best member dealers in the world! One of our Eagle Eye dealers has spotted a 2002 Electron Blue coupe with Magnesium wheels in route to a Detroit testing facility. Could this be an indication of a mid-year wheel change? From what the registry has learned about the General, they don't do things as a one shot deal. If we had to bet, we think GM could be bringing back the RPO N73 Magnesium soon for the 2002 model year! Based on marketing history, last time the magnesium wheel was offered it was a $2000 up-charge and not many C5 owners took them up on the deal. If the price was around $1000 or the same as RPO QF5 the High Polished Wheel option, they may see a few leave the dealer show rooms.

March 4, 2002
Magnetic Red II is Retiring!  If you want one, HURRY AND ORDER NOW!
The Registry has learned that Magnetic Red II (RPO 86U) is heading to the “Color Retirement Home” effective May.  If you really have your heart set on this color, contact your dealer, get your checkbook out fast and make your order NOW.

Of course, the big news for 2003 will be the introduction of the anniversary color of the 50th anniversary C5.  But rumors are flying that Pewter Metallic (RPO 11U) is joining Magnetic Red II in retirement.  Talk of a new heavy-metallic Black and a new metallic Grey are being stirred up in Corvette circles!


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