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Hot News

CORSA Releases: The Ultimate C5 Exhaust" video [CLICK HERE]

Labor Day-1999 at The NCM

September 23, 1999 
"We are gearing up for our first BIG West Coast event . . . the San Diego Grand Prix in San Diego, CA, on November 5-7, 1999. The festivities will include the traditional C5 Registry dinner, seminars from GM executives, vendor displays and of course, RACING!!!

We have reserved a block of 200 tickets for a C5 Registry section in the Grand Stands at the race. You must reserve these tickets early. 
Click Here for fax in form and information.

September 20, 1999
According to the GM suspension engineers who were at the NCM Labor Day Event, you can upgrade your 97-99 Z51 suspension to the new and improved 2000 suspension system. An "over the counter" 2000 suspension package upgrade is currently being put together by GM for any interested C5 owners who want to complete this upgrade. Target date for this package to be available is December 1.

The key to a successful upgrade, according to the suspension engineers, is the replacement of the front and rear links to the new 2000 designed steel links. This includes new hold down clamps and/or brackets for the sway bars.

September 17, 1999
It was announced today that for the Third Year in a Row, the C5 Corvette has won the JD Power and Associates APEAL Award in the High Performance Car class. " Automotive Performance, Execution And Layout (APEAL)"
2nd: Porsche 911
3rd: Porsche Boxster

Pursuing the JD Power  Platinum Award for excellence, the plant is building a special one of a kind, Six Speed Targa Coupe, with custom paint and interior. The special "Platinum Edition" one of a kind will be awarded to a lucky Corvette Plant employee. 

September 9, 1999
C5 Registry
Member Chaz Cone has put put together a really comprehensive page about the Petite Le Mans at Road Atlanta CLICK HERE TO VIEW

September 6, 1999
After purchasing thirteen tickets for the 1999 Corvette Hardtop, Job Number 12042,  VIN Number 12098 C5 Registry Corporate Member VC-001  Bruce Glueck wins the NCM Drawing. [ Click Here For More ]

September 4, 1999
Dateline - Vancouver B.C.
C5 Registry member Scotty B. White takes the checkered flag at the Molson Indy Weekend Speed vision GT Race in his "Team NayKid Racing/Tom Henry Chevrolet" C5 Corvette to record his first "Professional" Road Racing Win! This is also the FIRST Professional Road Race win for the Latest Generation Corvette C5! Congratulations Scotty!!

September 2, 1999
The C5 Registry is on site and the 5th Anniversary Celebration at the National Corvette Museum
Check this special Link
for a report on the activities. 

August 25, 1999
The C5 Registry Dinner at the NCM Labor Day event will be held Sunday, September 5, 1999 at the University Plaza Hotel. A Cash Bar Ice Breaker will be held from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM - Dinner will be at 6:30. Dress is casual and DJ Music will be provided. We can only seat 150, so if you plan on attending, let us know now. You can call us at- 407.452.2743 or Click Here to EMail Us.  See you there!

August 25, 1999
All the Final 1999 RPO Production Numbers are now on the C5 Registry Web Site [CLICK HERE]

Concerning 2000 6-speed the we've also learned the manual shifter spring bias has been increased to provide a more positive sense of gear locations and selection.
Performance shifting has also been improved for the competition enthusiast.

August 20, 1999
Many C5 Registry members who saw the Z06 C5 Fixed Roof Coupe prototypes at our Birthday Bash believed the new design 2001 rear air duct (located in front of the rear wheel on both sides) was designed to allow air flow to the rear braking area.  After looking at some close up photos of the C5R Race Car, we believe that this air duct is actually NOT for the brakes, but to provide air to a manual six-speed transmission oil cooler, located in the rear of the Corvette.  We also suspect that the transmission in the upcoming "Bad Boy" Z06 will be of a heavier duty design than the current C5  

August 19, 1999
It looks like GM is experimenting with some EXOTIC materials for future C5s and possibly even the C6 Corvette such as titanium in the suspension and exhaust systems and a special clear plastic for use as a rear window (which could save up to 50 pounds). 

August 18, 1999
C5Registry Parking at The NCM Labor Day 1999
The Labor Day 1994 NCM Corvette Reunion was the first, now, five years later, Wendell and the Gang at the NCM are preparing for another. This event will be even bigger! To give you an idea of the logistics faced by the NCM staff, Click Here to get an Idea of what 1994 was like. 1994 was 4000+ Corvettes, if you've been to the NCM you can imagine what it would be like to park 4000 Corvettes near by. This year 1999 they are expecting 8000 to 10,000.

We've been getting a lot of inquiries about the C5Registry Corral and parking area at the Labor Day Celebration. We have not been able to answer them because the NCM is still trying to put this together as the Caravan numbers increase, but here is an update of where we stand:

We have been in contact with the NCM for over a month and just yesterday received information that there will be NO CORRAL on Cafaro's Hill. On Friday, September 3, everyone coming from Nashville in the caravan will be parked on the NCM side (after you exit the Interstate) in the order they arrive. If you come from Louisville, you will be parked over on the Corvette Plant side in arrival order. They have informed us that all tents will be in a lined row together around the front side of the NCM ( we have reserved a 20 x 20 tent red & white tent for the C5Registry members). At this time, there really will be no opportunity for Corvettes to be parked near these tents as the main front paved NCM parking lot has been reserved for lifetime members only.

From April until one month ago, we had been led to believe by the NCM that we would have the area on Cafaro's Hill but we have been bumped by the "Evolution of Corvettes" display that will be located on the front of Cafaro's Hill. We tried to work out an alternative parking area behind the display on the backside of Cafaro's Hill, but we found out yesterday that was a "no go" as well. We are also trying to find out and have not been able to get an answer yet, if we can have a Corral anywhere on the NCM grounds on Saturday, Sunday or Monday - but we know for sure they will not allow any group parking at the NCM on Friday - the logistics and planning would be just too much with all those Corvettes arriving at once!

We are working on a plan for Saturday, so that the 200-300 C5Registry members attending the event can rally at our "Headquarters Hotel" the Drury Inn early Saturday morning and drive to the NCM as a group. We'll keep you posted both here and on the Events Page .

These are some of the problems we have been dealing with while getting ready for Carlisle and the NCM. It is indeed frustrating for all, but the event will indeed be worth it! To the Corvette enthusiast, this is The Event of a Lifetime.
Dan Adovasio, Director

August 16, 1999 (Evening)
We have had to change our C5 Registry Dinner on Friday August 27, 1999 from the Navy Base to the Clarion Hotel in Carlisle. The good new is that the dress is now Casual...So if you would like to attend please let us know as soon as possible....I will follow with a post tomorrow night with direction and additional information. We have room for about 150 members but we need to know how many to reserve for, with in the next couple of days......Many of the member who have held off because they did not want to wear a coat and a tie now is your chance to join us for dinner...It will be a buffet dinner.....sorry for the inconvenience..
Dan Adovasio e-mail c5dan@c5registry.com 
: 407.452.2743

 August 16, 1999
On September 4, 1999, the constraint will officially be lifted from the QF5 High Polish Wheel.  Many members have asked us what the story was on the wheels - how did this problem come to be?  After some time, we have been able to piece together what we think is the complete story . . .

In the beginning . . .the original new 2000 QD4 5-spoke Wheel was the only change in the wheel area for 2000. The QF5 High Polish Wheel was originally scheduled for the 2001 model year. We believe GM representatives made the decision to bring the QF5 High Polish Wheel out a year early after seeing lots of C5s at shows (most of our 600+ members at the Birthday Bash had made wheel enhancements to their C5s!), listening to the frequent discussions about wheels and noticing the large number of aftermarket chroming and replacement of factory wheels.  Of course, part of the plan was to price the wheel in line with the aftermarket cost of chroming.

The original QF5 Wheel was to be high polished on the spokes and face only.  After reviewing the C5 prototypes, they decided the look they wanted would include polishing of the entire wheel.  The original agreement with the supplier was to polish spokes and face only.  This change caused a setback in the ability of the supplier to make the change in time for the late June production start-up. (Members who saw the early prototype are glad GM made the change to high polishing the entire wheel facade  ~ even if it meant a wait!)

The latest word we have received is that there will be a few 2000s with the QF5 option produced beginning next week prior to the actual constraint lift.

Of course, this is not an official GM version of the events that transpired, but the story as we believe it to be!

August 14, 1999
Comments are coming in about the October '99 Vette magazine and the article entitled, "Top Secrets! Spy Shots" on pages 42-43, giving the inside scoop on Corvettes of the future.  The article, written by "Deep Throat, Jr."  includes photos of the High Performance LS6 engine.  For C5 Registry members who attended our Birthday Bash in April, this is NOT new news!  The photos used in the article are of a Corvette that was on display during the Birthday Bash!  For those of you there, if you remember, the C5 T1 prototype (white with blue striping) was located in the long hallway between the gift shop and the atrium at the NCM.  It was in line with the Fixed Roof Coupe display (past & present). 

We are glad that "Deep Throat, Jr." came to the Birthday Bash!  Otherwise, this Vette magazine story might never have made it to press!

July 28, 1999
Just a reminder folks, Call 1-717-243-7855 to order your tickets to Carlisle before August 1, 1999 for the "Fun Field" and they are $35.00 and on or after August 1st, the price goes up to $45.00.....Remember you must have a "Fun Field" Pass to join the C5 Registry Corral on the top of the hill. ALSO MAKE SURE YOU MENTION THAT YOU ARE A C5 REGISTRY MEMBER....so that you will get the correct ticket.....See you all there!......Dan Adovasio

July 24, 1999
Another C5 Registry First! The MSRP Price List for the new 2000 C5 Corvette is now on line, [Click Here] . You'll notice the price of the optional RPO N73 Magnesium Wheels has dropped $1000 - to $2000 while the RPO QF5 New High Polish Wheel comes in real close to our estimate at $895.  Other notable 2000 C5 Corvette Model increases are AQ9 Sport Seats increased $75.00 to $700.00. and the Coupes DUAL Roof Option C2L increased $150.00 to $1,100.

July 23, 1999
For those of you waiting for your new 2000 Corvette, and the Dealers waiting to show them, some REALLY HOT NEWS from Bowling Green Today! At 9:AM CST, the 2000 Corvettes will begin shipping. The plant plans to work all weekend to ship 500 Corvettes by Sunday evening! To give you an idea of the enormity of this task, the "short haul" carrier trucks hold only Ten (10) C5's on their way to the rail head. The "long haul" transports hold Eleven (11) C5's!

The last of the 1999
C5's were shipped from the plant July 14, 1999.

July 14, 1999
Sears  Point Update
Sears  Point Update -Sears  Point Update -Continuing their support of the C5-R are sponsorship partners UAW-GM, General Motors Acceptance Corporation ( GMAC ), Mobil Oil and its Mobil 1 brand, Action Performance Companies, Mid America Designs, and Cutter & Buck. The Sears Point Grand Prix of Sonoma can be seen live on NBC starting at 400 p.m. EDT on Sunday, July 25, as well as heard live on the Radio Le Mans Web at www.americanlemans.com . [[Click Here]

July 10, 1999
Word coming out of Detroit is that effective Monday, August 2, the plant goes back into overtime to build as many C5s as they can due to the tremendous number of orders waiting to be filled - hopefully your wait will be short!!!

July 4, 1999
"According to the July 2nd Vette Gazette and quick work by Harvey Gluck (C5R # W0222), we have preliminary 1999 FINAL production numbers [ CLICK Here ]. We realize that there is more information still to come and we will get it posted as soon as we receive it. We wanted you to have it as soon as we got it!! Have a great July 4th from all of us here at the C5 Registry!"

July 3, 1999
"303 lucky 2000 C5s were completed this past week (the first week of 2000 production) and are patiently waiting at the plant to be shipped to their new owners following the plant shut down (July 5-16). Word is that they will be shipped after July 21. They should start to arrive at the dealerships sometime around the first of August. The last one out the door is headed to Tom Jumper Chevrolet in Sandy Springs, "Atlanta" GA. It's VIN #100303 - JOB #000285, A Pewter Convertible with Oak Top and Interior, Six-Speed Transmission, and R8C NCM Delivery Option.  Barely missing the exit out, VIN # 100304 - JOB #000286 ( Pewter Coupe, Black Interior, Automatic )  is sitting just inside the door, waiting to be moved to the parking area on its way to Sport Chevrolet in Silver Springs, MD.

July 2, 1999
"You may have to wait for yours, but the GM execs will be celebrating the 4th with a BANG in their new 2000 "LEAD UNIT" C5s. The reason for this is not all play, but work! This gives GM the chance to see how the early 2000s have come out of production and to check out performance on real road conditions.  Among notable GM celebrities picking up their new "firecrackers" include Jim Campbell, Dave Hill, Lisa Stanick and Cheryl Pilcher along with several top engineers and other execs from the Detroit area."


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