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Hot News


September 30, 2001
Show your support for the C5-R and Ron Fellows!
Speedvision and Racer Magazine are taking votes for the best race car and best driver for 2001. Mixed in with the F1 cars on the ballot is the C5-R and listed with the drivers is our own Ron Fellows!
Go to www.speedvision.com and cast your vote today!

September 28, 2001
Members! Thinking of purchasing a new CORVETTE? Don't wait until the end of the 0% APR on new GM Vehicles, the one you want may be gone! Contact your dealer for details, or CLICK HERE to view the Official GM Press Release.

September 28, 2001
SEMA is concerned about the rumors of the Las Vegas show this year being canceled.. IT IS NOT. GM is the featured car company... Who knows, might even see the 742HP CORVETTE C5 from the GM Toy Store there! Below is the OFFICIAL Release from SEMA.

SEMA SHOW STILL ON SCHEDULE; ATTENDEE PREREGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED The 2001 SEMA Show*ITE and AAPEX will be held as scheduled Tues., Oct. 30, to Fri., Nov. 2, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite rumors and false information about the shows' cancellation, including a message that ran on the bottom of the CNN-TV screen Thurs., Sept. 20, exhibit space remains sold out. To accommodate members who may have heard the erroneous information, the early registration discount has been extended through Fri., Oct. 5. After that date, the registration fee will go from $10 to $40. Online registration is available at www.semashow.com

Questions about the SEMA Show*ITE should be directed to ConvExx, 702/450-7662; Questions about AAPEX should be directed to W.T. Glasgow & Co., 708/226-1300.

September 27, 2001
Corvette’s C5R Race Team Continues its Dominance into 2002. . .
GM’s C5R Racing
will begin with a two-C5R team-assault at the grueling 12-Hours of Sebring in Sebring, Florida on March 16, 2002. We were saddened to learn that the C5R will NOT race at the 24-Hours of Daytona in February 2002. GM’s Race Team is committed to race in the "American LeMans Series" leading up to the 24-Hours of LeMans in LeMans, France. A note for all Registry members: We will NOT be having our traditional 24-Hours of Daytona get-together, since the C5R will not be racing. Our first race event for 2002 will be the 12-Hours of Sebring, March 16, 2002. Details will follow on our Events Page at www.c5registry.com/events.htm.

September 26, 2001

2001 C5 Registry (#3) Show Corvette.

Own a piece of Corvette History! This fully optioned Millennium Yellow (black interior) 6-speed coupe has been around the world and back! The Registry's C5 was present at the 24 Hours of Daytona when the C5-R's made history - it was signed by all the drivers of C5-R #2 and #3. It was shipped to France and was present when the C5-R's dominated the 24 Hours of LeMans and was signed by almost the entire racing team there! And yes... of course, it was present at Sebring! CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS
September 26, 2001
Podium Finish for C5-R Team!
Team Corvette
tightened their grip on the American LeMans Series points race with yet another one-two finish at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, beating out American Viper racing, and the press-darling Konrad Saleen S7R. Ron Fellows, who leads the GTS driver’s points race, set up Johnny O’Connell to place first in their class on Saturday, August 25. The Mid-Ohio course ran 2.4-miles with 14-turns and was a two-hour and 45 minute timed event.

The Corvette team has won five out of the six ALMS races this year, with Konrad Saleen winning the odd race at the 12 hours of Sebring. In the series points race, Corvette is well out in front with 126 points, followed by American Viperacing (98 points) and Konrad Saleen (89 points).

Le Mans Racing is essentially endurance racing, and a true test of all-around machine, engineering, driving and team talent. Corvette’s top competitor is perceived to be the Saleen which has proven to be the fastest car in the series by putting in 19 fastest qualifying laps and 20 poles in 24 races. Yet our C5-Rs have prevailed with superior mechanical reliability, driving, excellent pit repair and performance adjustments.

One more ALMS races remain for this season with the season closing at the prestigious Road Atlanta 1000 mile race in Braselton, Georgia, which can be seen on FOX Sportsnet.

Team Cadillac can also be seen performing in the highly LMP900 class. Audi Racing has been dominant in this class all season, but recently the Cadillacs have shown some improvement in the standings.

For more on ALMS and the Corvette C5-R racing scene, visit: www.americanlemans.com or GM’s www.corvetteracing.net or the C5 Registry’s Race page www.c5rmotorsports.com

A BIG C5 THANKS to Jane Bowlin, for sharing this information from the Vette Gazette!

September 25, 2001

End Of the Camaro and Firebird -
GM Celebrates Muscle Cars' Last Year of Production, Closes Ste. Therese Facility
DETROIT - General Motors Corporation today announced that 2002 will be the last model year for the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. The Ste. Thérèse, Quebec plant where the vehicles are produced will close in the fall of 2002. Full Press Release see MOHN

September 25, 2001
Corvette Test Drives Resume . . .
GM customers say GM’s the best, but the theme for this year’s J.D. Power Campaign is for GM to get even better! To find out how . . . Members…see MOHN

September 20, 2001
No better time to buy! – 
The General wants to "Keep America Rolling"!
Announced Today… General Motors announced today that it wants to "Keep America Rolling". From today until October 31, 2001, they will offer 0.0% Financing on ALL 2001 and 2002 GM Cars and Trucks – That’s right, ALL Cars and Trucks, including our great C5! Here’s what dealers have been authorized to offer on these terrific Coupes, Convertibles and Z06’s:

  • ’01 Models 36/months 0.0%

  • 48/months 0.0%

  • 60/months 0.0%

  • ’02 Models 36/months 0.0%

  • 48/months 0.9%

  • 60/months 2.9%

Contact any of our great Corporate Member Dealers today www.c5registry.com/Dealers  for the Best Deals EVER!

Many thanks to the "Fastest Faxes in the East", Les Stanford Chevrolet and Bud’s Chevrolet for getting the word out to us so quickly!

September 5, 2001
GM LS7 ???… Thanks Hot Rod magazine!!
the future of the C6 has never been clearer. Dave Hill, have you picked up the latest Hot Rod October 2001 issue, page 96… You may find a very interesting story regarding engine selection for the upcoming C6 Z06 . . . and we quote . . .
Members . . . see
MOHN for this interesting upcoming Corvette engine!

August 29. 2001
 A Dash of Pizazz – GM spices up its boring lineup with souped up "toy" models

This article, written by Ed Garsten, appeared in the August 23, 2001, Plain Dealer

Milan, MI. - On a rain-dampened drag strip about an hour southwest of Detroit rests a menagerie of erstwhile ordinary motor vehicles that look as if a strange mutation has swept through them.

A formerly plaintive Pontiac Sunfire has been transformed into a sleek, aggressive rocket carrying the name of the fearsome razor-toothed Amazon eating machine, the Piranha.

Ventiports, or portholes, have sprouted on the side of the Buick LeSabre Ultra, a touch recalling the days when such ornaments were a Buick trademark. Under the hood is a supercharged 240-horsepower engine, and the whole package is wrapped in white-gold tri-coat paint.

Don’t go wandering around the neighborhood dealership looking for these souped-up, glammed up four-wheelers. Not yet, anyway.

General Motors Corp. calls them "toys," the plaything of designers and engineers. The automaker showed them off to reporters last week but was making them public yesterday.

Unlike "concept cars," which introduce possible new brands and technology, "toy" cars are a twist on what’s out there already. "It’s meant to enhance some of the brands to show what we can do, and some of the things we get a good reaction to maybe we should be paying attention to in production," said Mark Reuss, executive director of engineering, operations and special vehicles at GM design.

With enough positive feedback from the public, GM could begin offering some of the features as options or create special editions of the vehicles, Reuss said. Reuss, named to his position in June, said that in the past cutting-edge design and technical innovations were sometimes never acted on, mainly because the two ends of the company didn’t always work in concert. He wants to change that.

"I want to take what we’re doing here on an enthusiastic basis and link it into the production-vehicle plan," said Reuss. "We have not done that at GM, so it’s a new position."

The idea, says Reuss, is for GM to make all sorts of design and technical possibilities available to its customers so they can create more individualized "toys" of their own.

In the case of the monstrous 742-horsepower beast installed on the Corvette Tiger Shark, it’s a case of testing barriers. "Is that were we stop or do we do something beyond that? What do we do next?" asked Reuss.

For the Pontiac Sunfire, the Piranha permutation is an experiment in building up a lower-end vehicle’s ego by enhancing it’s power and appearance.

Another example of taking a fairly ordinary looking vehicle and infusing some pizazz inside and out is the "toy" Blazer ZZ4.4. Red flames accent the white exterior, while a special hand-fabricated intake manifold boosts the output of the modified 4.3-liter Vortec V-6 engine to 260 horsepower.

Showing what some of its product line would look like with hot paint jobs, multicolored interiors, radical trim and brutish engines is a necessary strategy for GM, according to Wes Brown of the consulting firm Nextrend. "Most of GM's cars are dead in the marketplace. They're rather boring and do not appeal to young people," said Brown. He also pointed out that these types of enhancements provide fodder for the multibillion-dollar auto aftermarket business.

Indeed, by using some of the ideas from GM's "toys," consumers may end up having more fun with their own, Reuss said. "Here's a way to spend the money and enhance a car you already have," Reuss said.

August 20, 2001
Corvette is still king of the road as reported by Bowling Green Plant Vette Gazette, August 3, 2001
Two of the most widely read automotive magazines in the world pit Corvette against the competition in their August editions, with our American made product more than holding our own. Members… see MOHN for all the details…

August 18, 2001
The Evoq Watch ~ Cadillac Roadster update Just as construction here in Bowling Green for the build of the Cadillac Roadster continues full speed ahead, so does planning for and the actual build of the sports car in Detroit. Members of the plant’s Product Launch Team report that the Beta build of about 40 vehicles is currently underway.  Members…see MOHN for this very important update and find out who the MVPs are during the build of the Evoq at the Bowling Green plant.  Side note.. The C5 Registry has learned that after much debate, the "Evoq" in production will be called the Cadillac XLR. Cadillac has already registered the domain name cadillacxlr.com.

August 18, 2001
C5-Rs For Sale !
International GT racing got a shot in the arm today with an announcement from General Motors Racing that the company is ready to sell customer versions of its very successful Chevrolet Corvette C5-R. CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY 
Although we're all partial to  Millennium Yellow, the cars are available in the color of your choice. Cost is $450,000, which includes the chassis, racing engine and telemetry equipment. Lead time is about two to three months.

August 15, 2001
Thanks Autoweek!!
JUST MAYBE…the future has never been so clear. Interestingly enough, within the August 6th Autoweek under Headliner, page 8, it heralds the appointment of Mark Reuss as the new Executive Director of the newly formed Operations, Engineering, and Specialty Vehicles division at GM. The article goes on to state…Members . . . see MOHN for this interesting tidbit!

August 7, 2001
Members! Although not an Official Event, I wanted to inform you of the chance to drive the Daytona track on some hot laps with your C5s. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS in the Members Only Area.

August 7, 2001
C5 Registry member Number
Y5058 Darren Trautwein  shows us his idea of a C6-Sting Ray! CLICK HERE

August 6, 2001
to Sonny KilgoTorch Bearer!
Sonny Kilgo was recently chosen by the UAW-GM Team Behind the Team 2002 Torchbearer Program to represent the Bowling Green Corvette Plant in the Olympic Torch Relay.

Each Corvette employee had the chance to nominate a coworker who inspired them in the areas of teamwork, dedication, dependability, achievement and leadership. The winners were chosen based on a nomination statement describing these qualities.

The Torchbearer will carry the Olympic Torch for 2/10 of a mile. The relay will take place sometime between December 4 and February 8, though the exact date and location are yet to be determined by the Salt Lake Committee.

August 6, 2001
Dale Earnhardt, Inc.
Race Team Autograph Session

The National Corvette Museum will sponsor a special private autograph session with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. race team drivers, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Michael Waltrip, Steve Park and Corvette Racing’s Andy Pilgrim, on Tuesday, August 28th from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. in the Museum’s Skydome. The drivers are scheduled to greet fans and sign autographs for ticket holders during the 2-hour session. Only 500 tickets will be sold at $50 each, and will be made available to Museum members prior to releasing to the general public. For more information, see the Museum’s website www.corvettemuseum.com or call them at 800-53-VETTE.

C5 Registry Members – for those of you planning to attend the Labor Day Celebration, you may want to head towards Bowling Green a few days early and catch this very special event.

August 05, 2001
Dale Earnhardt Jr, Michael Waltrip, Steve Park and Corvette Racing’s Andy Pilgrim Scheduled for Autograph Session At Museum August 28th
Bowling Green, KY – The National Corvette Museum will sponsor a special private autograph session with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. race team drivers, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Michael Waltrip, Steve Park and Corvette Racing’s Andy Pilgrim, on Tuesday, August 28th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Museum’s Skydome. For more information visit the Museum’s website at www.corvettemuseum.com  or call (270) 781-7973 or (800) 53-VETTE.

August 4, 2001
Calling all Corvette Plant Tour Guides!
Members, see MOHN.

August 2, 2001
Sometimes know as the "Father of the Viper"
General Motors announced today it has hired former Chrysler Corp. executive Robert Lutz as vice chairman in charge of product development. See MOHN for all the details.

July 30, 2001
The C5-R's will be racing at Portland.
There will be a PARADE LAP at noon on Saturday August 4, 2001. There will be a CORVETTE CORRAL. There will be an autograph session - time & date to be announced.

July 29, 2001
For those of you who have to have the LATEST production number breakdown on the 2001 Millennium Yellow (79U) C5 Convertibles and their interiors, members, see MOHN for all the details.

July 27, 2001
Members, I’ve just received word that two Pratt & Miller Corvette C5-Rs are on order for Atomic Kitten Motorsport in the United Kingdom. They expect to take deliver in September. This is the first time that I know of that the C5-R (same Corvette that races LeMans and Daytona) has been sold to a private team. AK Motorsport plans on racing them in the European LeMans Series, the American LeMans Series, and the UK GT Championship. They are hoping next year to compete at Daytona, Sebring, and LeMans. This looks like a new direction for Corvette Racing, from a factory owned/operated team to privateers.

According to Atomic Kitten Motorsport, they have the only homologated GT3 Corvette, which appears to means that they are the only Corvette team to have been approved to run in the GT3 class for LeMans. Because of this, they indicate that they have received the rights from General Motors to produce 50 road-going GT Corvettes, which will be available as Convertibles or Hardtops. It seems likely that this project will be very similar to the Porsche GT3s that were mentioned in all the car magazines back in ‘99. It would be a racecar rebuilt to be a streetcar, and not the usual streetcar rebuilt to be a racecar. If you would like to check them out, their website is www.akmotorsport.com… We’ll keep you posted when we know more as to the approximate price and performance of these 50 GT3 C5 Beasts!!

July 24, 2001
Millennium Yellow Canadian and Domestic Totals:
Special note: For all our loyal Z06 member/owners North of the border…there were 80 Millennium Yellow Z06s shipped to (Z49) Canadian dealers with 74 having Black Interiors (19I) and only SIX with (704) Modified Red Interior.

Domestic totals:

  • Z06: 634 with 539 (19I) Black Interior and 95 with (704) Modified Red Int.

  • 6-Spd. Coupe: 794 with 734 (19I) Black Interior, 44 Light Oak (67I), 8 Red (70I), and 8 Pewter (92I).

  • Automatic Coupe: 1028 with 940 (19I) Black Interior, 68 Light Oak (67I), 12 Red (70I), and 8 Pewter (92I).

  • 6-Spd. Convertible: 639 with 600 (19I) Black Interior, 32 Light Oak (67I), 5 Red (70I), and 2 Pewter (92I).

  • Automatic Convertible: 792 with 726 (19I) Black Interior, 53 Light Oak (67I), 7 Red (70I), and 6 Pewter (92I).

Everybody’s been talkin’ about the RARE Torch Red Interiors in Millennium Yellow…well in 2001 there were 32 of ‘em… But while everybody’s been looking to Torch Red in Millennium Yellow Corvettes for rarity, the folks with the Light Pewter at 24 total Interiors snuck in and took the rarity crown!!

July 20, 2001 – UPDATE: 4:00 pm EDT
Production numbers
for 2001 C5 CORVETTES by RPO including all exports as of 2:42 PM CST June 21, 2001 are as follows: Members Only!, see the Members ONLY C5 Production Page  for all the details.

July 20, 2001
The numbers are in (well…at least some of ‘em)… What numbers are we talking about? Why Z06 production numbers and their interiors!
Total number of Z06s produced for the model year 2001 is Members, see MOHN for all the details.
You want to talk rare?!
How abo
ut Navy Blue Metallic (28U) with Torch Red Interior (70I) and a White (16T) Convertible top? Members, see MOHN for all the details

July 19, 2001
The "QUEEN of Z06" has… abdicated her throne!!!
We at the Registry were saddened to learn that Cheryl Pilcher, assistant brand manager for Corvette, has been reassigned to the Chevrolet Trailblazer’s marketing team, effective July 1. Cheryl will be sorely missed, as she was a great advocate of the Z06. Her engineering background was inspiring as she worked to make the Z06 the very safest, finest, as well as the quickest Corvette it could be! She was an engineer who worked from a basis of customer service…She was truly an engineer who listened to the voice of the customer. Members, they don’t get any better than that. While we wish Cheryl the best in her new assignment, we pray that Rick Baldick (Brand manager for Corvette) will be able to fill this void on his team with as dedicated a talent as Cheryl.
Editor’s note: Believe you me when I tell you…I’m sure this was a tough decision for her…giving up a 2002 Z06 demo for a Trailblazer?!?!
July 12, 2001
At least that’s what GM Service Operation DCS771 says…what is this important message? It is the repair DIRECTIVE to all Chevrolet dealers regarding the column lock problem, which has been experienced and reported by many of our members for the better part of the last two and a half years. Members, see MOHN for all the details.

July 11, 2001
This must be C5 Registry member front-cover magazine month!
First, Registry member Donna Littlejohn C5R# X2631 appears on the cover of the September 2001 issue of Vette Magazine and now Buzz Nielson C5R# W0492 appears on the cover of September 2001 issue of Corvette Fever (well….at least his Millennium Yellow Z06 does and it does appear to be his silhouette peering over the wheel.) These two fabulous articles are a must-read for all C5 C5 Registry members. Members, see MOHN for all the details.

July 11, 2001
Looking for a "Removable Hardtop" for your C5 CORVETTE Convertible??  There finally is one available, or soon to be... See MOHN for more information and photos!

July 1, 2001
Final Production Number for Friday
, June 29th, 2:42 CST
It’s going to be a sad time for those waiting for their early 2002 C5s. The Bowling Green Plant has just shut down for its two-week break. Members, see MOHN for all the details.

June 30, 2001
Going to the GM sponsored SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV October 30 through November 1, 2001? Now is the time to get your hotel room! The official attendee hotel web site is: www.roomsexpress.com/aaiw/  To register for the event, the SEMA registration site is: www.expocard.com/shows/aaiw01/  

June 30, 2001
To celebrate Corvette’s 50th Anniversary, the National Corvette Museum will present an Historic Motorama of Corvettes. One Corvette from each production year will be represented as the cars travel from the Corvette’s birthplace in Flint, Michigan to its current home in Bowling Green on June 28, 2002. It will be joined by the 50th Anniversary Corvette for the last mile of the Motorama Journey and arrive at the Corvette Museum for a three-day Corvette celebration. For details on how to be a part of the Historic Motorama, visit www.corvettemuseum.com/motorama/
June 29, 2001

The 2002 Z06 price was released today. The new base price, before destination and options is $49,505, an increase of $1,450 over the 2001 Z06 base price. We're sure part of this increase is due to the fact that HUD and floor mats are now standard. Also the memory package and electro chromatic mirror package has been grouped together for a total option price of $270. Of course, a destination charge of $645 must be added to the above prices.

Coupe and Convertible base prices released earlier this week are as follows:
Coupe - $40,805 (an increase of $525 over 2001) and Convertible - $47,330 ( an increase of $525 over 2001). As mentioned above, these prices do not include the destination charge of $645. This information leads us to believe that the options and option packages prices did not increase.

June 29, 2001
The Plant’s GEARED UP for model change timeThe 2002 model Corvette is ready to go. In fact, you’ll see the first of the new parts for the 2002 Corvette online in some areas of the plant. System fill for the ’02 is began in Body Systems Friday, June 22 as parts for the new model go into the production system in Body and Paint. Members, see MOHN for all the details.

June 28, 2001
The Trans Am race from Cleveland will be on CBS at 3.30 ET this coming Sunday. Watch for the Orange #40 Driven by Justin Bell!

June 27, 2001
Donna Littlejohn C5R# X2631
is gracing the cover of the September issue of Vette Magazine. Her Chromalusion "True Blasberry Prism" paint design of her ’98 C5 Coupe is certainly the feature story on pages 44-46 of this issue. In the opportunity we’ve had to visit with Donna -- most recently at the 4th Annual C5 Registry Birthday Bash in Bowling Green, KY -- we noticed very quickly that she enjoys personalizing her Corvette. Her personalizations have been well received as shown by the fact that Wil Cooksey, Corvette’s Plant Manager, made it his celebrity pick at last year’s Corvettes at Carlisle.

June 16, 2001
In a grueling and rain soaked 69th running of the 24 Hours of LeMans, CORVETTE took 1st and 2nd in the GTS Class! Results were as follows:
1- Ron Fellows/Johnny O’Connell/Scott Pruett, No. 63 GTS Corvette Racing Chevrolet Corvette C5-R, -30 laps
2- Andy Pilgrim/Kelly Collins/Franck Freon, No. 64 GTS Corvette Racing Chevrolet Corvette C5-R, -39 laps
3- Terry Borcheller/Franz Konrad/Oliver Gavin, No. 60 GTS Saleen Allen Speedlab Saleen S7R, -50 laps
4- Christophe Bouchut/Jean-Philippe Belloc/Tiago Monteiro, No. 58 GTS Larbre Competition Chrysler Viper GTS-R, -86 laps

The C5 Registry congratulates everyone on TEAM CORVETTE for a Job WELL DONE!

June 14, 2001
For those of you who do not know, We have just confirmed that the
PLATINUM POWER PURPLE 2000 C5 CORVETTE will be going up on the auction block. This one of a kind C5 is the one many of you have seen at the Corvette Museum or on the Registry website. See the 4th quarter of 1999 of past Hot News for more information: http://www.c5registry.com/Members/PastHN/4q99hn.htm. It was won and is still owned by Billy & Reva Phelps of Bowling Green, KY. When it was won, a certified automobile appraiser valued it at approximately $115,000 and unofficially by others at over $200k. To date, offers have been coming in for over $200k.

May 28, 2001
One lucky C5 owner is waiting in Menlo Park, CA, as he or she will receive the LAST C5 produced in the 2001 Model Year! For more details . . . Members, see. MOHN
May 26, 2001
It’s OFFICIAL!! The Registry has learned . . . Drum roll please. . . . the Corvette will end Model Year 2001 with Job # . . . Members, see MOHN

May 25, 2001
You can tell the 2001 Model Year is wrapping up as production numbers are coming in fast and furious . . . what a FABULOUS year Corvette has had!! The 2001 C5 is certainly, as Dave Hill says, "the Best Vette Yet!" For final production numbers on Bowling Green Metallic (91U) and Navy Blue Metallic (28U) . . . and we do mean FINAL – as these two colors have been discontinued and will not be built in the 2002 Model Year . . . Members, see MOHN

May 24, 2001
Gentlemen, grab your phones! It’s May Madness2002 ordering allocations begin today! Feeling frantic trying to get in line to get your 2002 Z06, 2002 coupe, or convertible in the early production cycle before it’s too late? Getting mixed messages from your dealer about when you can put in an order and any constraints that may or may not be placed on your order? Sit back, relax, and let the C5 Registry put you "in the know." To find out the latest on ordering your 2002’s.Members, see MOHN
May 23, 2001
2001 Z06 Production Update: Word has reached the Registry office today regarding the number of Z06ss produced year-to-date. We wanted our members to have this information as quickly as it became available. Members, see MOHN for more details.
May 19, 2001
As the 2002 C5 introduction draws near…more exciting 2002 production news becomes available. E-mails continue to flood the Registry office regarding dealers who are misinforming our members that there are some color/interior RESTRICTIONS on the Z06 in 02. Once again the Registry searches for the OFFICIAL word for our members. Members, see MOHN . .for more details.
May 17, 2001
GENERAL MOTORS STATEMENT REGARDING PERFORMANCE OF THE CORVETTE IN THE 2001 JD POWERS INITIAL QUALITY SURVEY. The statements can be attributed to Wil Cooksey, plant manager of GM’s Bowling Green vehicle assembly center.

Corvette has had an outstanding year winning top industry awards such as Automobile of the Year from Automobile Magazine and "America’s Best" from AutoWeek. Today’s announcement from J.D. Power and Associates that Corvette is the segment leader in the premium sports category reinforces Corvette’s position as America’s favorite sports car. Corvette’s continued success is due to our plant’s dedicated and talented workforce. It takes everyone working together as a team to continuously satisfy our customers. We are very proud of our plant’s accomplishments and how Corvette performs in today’s marketplace. FULL GM PRESS RELEASE

May 16, 2001
We have received numerous emails from many of you "itching" to get the scoop on 2002 production! We are happy to announce that we have received OFFICIAL word from our "friends in high places" concerning the Start Up of the 2002 Model Year production schedule as it pertains to the first few weeks. Members, see MOHN

May 15, 2001
s all of you know, the Registry is viewed worldwide. One of our European friends forwarded us this very interesting summary of an article in the May 2, 2001 issue of the German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport. It mentions that GM is in the process of redesigning their engine line up -- primarily designed for trucks -- to include the ability to de-activate some cylinders in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. The magazine claims that, GM will as part of the "scaleable engine block" program (modify engines ranging from 4.7 liters to 6.0 liters). This new design will be used in various GM models. It goes on to mention that the Corvette will be offered with a new 6.0 liter engine featuring three valves per cylinder pumping out 450 hp as early as fall 2001.

We at the Registry doubt that Fall 2001 is the correct timeline, but the rest of the story matches up with previous rumors of a 6.0-liter engine, perhaps for the C6.

May 8, 2001
Members who attended the Birthday Bash . . . it looks like we are the "extras" in an upcoming SpeedVision special on Corvettes and racing! The video crew was in the plant on Friday, April 20, during the C5 Registry Birthday Bash activities.
C5ers . . . Keep an eye out for this SpeedVision program for your "15 minutes of fame!" Let us know when it is set to air.

May 7, 2001
wins American Exotics Comparison Test . . .
Edmunds.com, a leading consumer resource for automotive information, recently proclaimed the Corvette Z06 the winner of the "American Exotics Comparison Test."

The test was part of an extensive online video and text report that also featured the Dodge Viper GTS ACR and the Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R. Each vehicle was tested under normal road conditions and at a racetrack, and evaluated according to such criteria as performance, features, price, functionality and subjective observations by the road test editors.
Members . . . . Edmunds just found out what every Z06 owner already knew!



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