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Hot News


Kerbeck Corvette

Want  REAL Z06 Information? Keep Watching Our ZO6 Website

June 26, 2000
The plant’s first model year of the new century comes to an end today when the final 2000 Corvette rolls off line. Just moments after saying farewell to the last 2000, employees will usher in the first of the 2001 model year. Want the full story, CLICK HERE for MOHN!

June 24, 2000
First on the NET!!
- Final Production Numbers by RPO
Code for the 2000 Model year!
Access is only available to  C5 Registry Members. If your a member, 

June 23, 2000
At 6:12 AM this morning 2000 Corvette VIN 133535 - Job Number 033607 started down the line. At 11:12 AM 2001 VIN #45- Sequence number 1 a Six Speed Hardtop (Z06) began it's trip down the line. Both these Corvettes will be finished Monday morning, marking the end of 2000 production and the first production 2001 finished in Bowling Green.

June 22, 2000
James M. Campbell, currently brand manager for Corvette and Camaro, has been appointed brand manager of the S-10 Pickup. Campbell succeeds Debra Kelly Ennis, who was recently named Oldsmobile general manager. Succeeding Campbell as Corvette - Camaro brand manager is Rick Baldick, currently assistant brand manager - product for the Silverado full-size pickup. The appointments are effective July 1. [Click Here For Press Release]

The C5 Registry congratulates James Campbell on his new promotion, and would like to thank him for his help and support! Jim it has been a great couple of years, and we know you'll be successful in your new position! Thank you.

We want to welcome Rick Baldick and wish to invite him to future C5 Registry events. Perhaps we'll se you at Carlisle!

June 22, 2000
Hot News from Australia:
Corvette is coming
. That we know, and the Federal Government, through a new low-volume importation scheme, has made it easier by allowing Holden to import up to 100 Corvettes a year. All will be convertibles.

For Holden, the Corvette has been a marketing certainty in more ways than one. Remember, under the long nose of the Corvette sits the same LS1 5.7-litre alloy V8 as in the Commodore. Ditto for the six-speed manual gearbox.

Looking forward to November next year, when Holden begins selling the Commodore Coupe, you realise why Holden and partner HSV will import 100 Corvettes, but only convertibles.

HSV managing director John Crennan says it could happen “within a year if it all comes together’’. But he refuses to be drawn on pricing, which is expected to be between $80,000 and $100,000. He also denies it is a confirmed project, saying the Corvette is “still under review but there is strong intent’’ to bring it here.

Among the 100 Corvettes, a limited number are certain to be special high-performance versions, tuned probably by Callaway, which presently builds the 300kW engine for the GTS.

The Corvettes will be converted to right-hand drive by HSV. That’s not all. What most Australians don’t know is that the Corvette’s standard brakes were developed by PBR, an Australian company that also developed the brakes on the VT Commodore.

HSV has begun testing its awesome Premium brakes on Corvette.

With a 300kW engine, expect a lot of boogie for your buck. Zero to 100km/h in around 4.6 seconds and 400 metres in less than 13 seconds. Ford is also moving quickly to import 100 230kW Mustang Cobras – coupes and convertibles.

June 19, 2000
Every cloud has a Silver Lining and that certainly was true at the Route 66 Corvette Show on Saturday afternoon - June 10th. After the rains fell, the sun came out and clouds disappeared and that’s when Gary Luterek [C5R# X1797] put his 2000 Torch Red Coupe to work. What work did he do, you ask? Our C5 Registry member took his STOCK C5 (modified only with a Donaldson Air Cleaner) and was able to BEAT ALL (Yes, we said ALL) THE VIPERS on the auto-cross course, OVER and OVER again while recording the fastest time of the day a 54.6 second run accompanied by his son in the passenger seat!!

(Note: the Route 66 Corvette Show invited the Vipers to attend on Saturday afternoon…as the thought was to "UP THE EXCITEMENT LEVEL"). The ten Vipers out in force on Saturday afternoon were there to continue their point shoot-out classification racing, which included auto-crossing and drag racing. Of course, as C5 fortune would have it, this led to several drag strip and auto-cross course encounters between the Vette and Viper

June 17, 2000 - 00:41AM (France)
The C5 Registry presents the FIRST PHOTO’S of a 2001 QuickSilver Corvette Convertible, ever seen in public! Included for your enjoyment is a close-up of the shiny new for 2001 Chrome Exhaust Tips. Our thanks to our C5 Registry member Chaz Cone #W0526, our group photographer at LeMans, who had the unfortunate task of following this 2001 C5 through the winding streets of downtown LeMans. Click here for photos! www.chazcone.com/corvette/lemans/. Yes, it’s a rare look at a 2001 European Export model, equipped with European required exterior lights (check out those amber lights on the fender, above the scoop)! As noted this very special 2001 C5 was part of the PARADE lap, along with 20 of our C5 Registry members who are present at the 24 Hours of LeMans, with their C5’s. According to Chaz, the highlight of this day was leading the parade lap through the town of LeMans. Please continue to visit Chaz Cones page for the latest updates on our SURVIVORS at LeMans!

June 17, 2000 - Noon
pricing for model year 2001 is as follows:
Corvette Coupe $39,830.00 increased from $39,130.00
2001 Corvette Convertible $46,355.00 increased from $45,555.00
(Price includes 1SA package with standard automatic transmission.)
2001 Corvette Z06 $ will be released July 1st, 2000
Destination Charge
$645.00 increased from $580.00
1SB Equipment Pkg. Coupe $1639.00
Equipment Pkg. Convertible $1769.00
1SC Equipment Pkg. Coupe $2544.00
Equipment Pkg. Convertible 2494.00
Regular Production Options (RPO) which are available separately in 2001 include: Z51 Performance Handling Package $350.00, F45 Selective Real Time Dampening $1695.00, G92 Performance Axle (upgrade for Auto only) $300.00, Premium Tint Coat Paint $500.00, UNO CD (in dash player) $100.00, U1S 12 Disk Changer $600.00, MN6 Manual Trans $815.00, C2L Dual Roof Panels $1100.00, CC3 Blue Transparent Roof $650.00, B84 Body Side Moldings $75.00, B34 Floor mats $25.00, V49 Front License Plate Frame $15.00, QF5 High Polished Aluminum Wheels $895.00, N73 Magnesium Wheels $2000.00, and the R6M New Jersey Surcharge (dealer invoice will reflect a $158.00 charge).

And after a years delay, the long awaited new option for
2001, the DDO Electrochromic Mirrors (available on all models) will be priced at $120.00. This option will darken the mirror on the driver’s side and center rear-view mirror when lights from other automobiles behind you shine upon them. The right side passenger mirror, however, will remain unchanged. These mirrors are not equipped with a compass.

June 16, 2000
One of the most PHOTOGRAPHED C5’s to make the magazines in recent months was the Playmate of the Year (Jody Patterson’s) Torch Red C5 Coupe. It has been brought to our attention that this issue was a sell out, due to the fact that serious C5 buyers were unable to find an available C5 on their dealer’s lot. Much less have the dealer provide them with the "much coveted" brochure. Thanks, Jeff Niemeier [C5R# X3249] for informing the Registry that Ms. Patterson’s C5 gift is being auctioned off on the Playboy web site. (Members as you may recall, on HOT NEWS, May 6,2000 this is the Corvette she received for winning Playmate of the Year). For those of you still searching the dealer lots for a 2000 model year C5, maybe one of the benefits of bidding on her C5, is that it will also be a sort of "MUSEUM delivery"… in that the winner will pick up the C5 at the large old Playboy Mansion.

June 15, 2000
The C5 Registry CONGRATULATES our friends at the C5 Bowling Green Assembly Plant! Once again, it has turned out to be another record breaking year for C5 production. This next week begins the final C5 production week for model year 2000. On June 1, we wondered what the color of the final model year 2000 C5 would be. We’re happy to announce the final C5 for the model year 2000, will be Pewter[11U] Coupe, VIN # 33610, JOB # 33682. The Automatic [MXO] Coupe will include a Performance Axle [G92], Black Base [AR9] Seats-with Power Passenger [AG2], Memory Pkg. [AAB], Glass Roof [CC3], Heads Up Display [UV6], Fog Lights [T96], CD [UNO], Telescoping Wheel [N37], Base Suspension [FE1], B/S Molding [B84], Carpeted Floor Mats [B34], and Active Handling [JL4]. The last C5 of 2000 is heading to Advantage Chevrolet in Hodgkins, IL. 

June 9, 2000
The Invasion continues
as we celebrate one of America’s and England’s greatest joint anniversaries.

CORVETTE, America’s Racing Legend is poised and READY TO RUMBLE….
Dan Adovasio, Director of the C5 Registry forces is leading the Registry Members’ Contingent of twenty C5’s from America across the Atlantic to stage in England to once again storm the Beaches of Normandy for a much different battle in search of a Prestigious Racing VICTORY deep into Southwestern France. The Endurance Race around the 8.4 mile Sarthe circuit of the 24 Heures Du Mans commences Saturday, 4:00PM - June 17, 2000 (Members remember to place enough padding on your C5 hood before putting the television on it and taking your seat behind the wheel -- tune in to SpeedVision, it will be LIVE for all 24 hours of this historic racing event; there’s a 6-hour time difference so be ready to start your engines at 10AM Saturday morning EDT).

According to our Registry friend John Stein of Corvette Quarterly (Summer 2000), all the C5R’s have to do to obtain VICTORY in their maiden trip around the historic Le Mans circuit which is some 2,800 race miles, is maintain an average speed of over 110 mph with a top speed of 190 mph three times per lap, in Sun, Darkness, Rain and Fog. And in addition, shift nearly 12,000 times, take on fuel 24 times, chew up and digest 18 sets of tires and one set of carbon brakes in nearly 330 trips around the course. The Seven-liter Engine’s valves must open and close, each spark plug must fire and each piston must deliver its power stroke nearly 8,000,000 times--all without hesitation, all without fail.

Members be sure to follow the C5 Registry Le Mans March by band member Chaz Cone’s [C5R# W0526] special Web Page: www.chazcone.com/corvette/lemans/ and the Le Mans Race on www.c5rmotorsports.com

June 7, 2000
Politics were far from ‘usual’ when Texas Governor George Bush chose the Corvette Plant as THE PLACE to visit Friday, May 19th. Wil Cooksey had the honor of escorting the Governor and his entourage, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, Secret Service, Staff and 6-9 Journalists, along the tour route to learn how the Best Sports Car in the World is put together. True to political style, Photography was permitted by the Journalists with Bush.

June 5, 2000
Wednesday, June 7th at 9:PM EST, 6:PM PST
, Corvette Brand Manager - Jim Campbell will be the guest on Edmunds "Live Chat". This is expected to be a big event for Corvette and Edmunds, and Edmunds is asking you pre-register your questions at  : www.edmunds.com/edweb/townhall/corvettechat.html 

This should be a good one, and we encourage all who can to participate!

About Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell has been brand manager for Corvette, America's performance icon, since June of 1998. He joined GM in 1988 at the Pontiac Motor Division as a district sales manager. While at Pontiac, Jim held many positions, including brand manager for the Pontiac GrandAm and regional manager, Kansas City. Campbell earned an M.A. at the University of Notre Dame and a B.A. at the University of Michigan.

 June 1, 2000
The Official results are now in of the Vette-Viper Shoot Out held at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach, FL last May 20th, and our own BUZZ FYHRIE, C5R #W0564, he was able to finish 1st in the Corvette Stock Class Road Course event, 2nd Overall in all classes (Stock, Modified & Unlimited) for the Road Course events and 2nd in the Corvette Stock Class drag racing. This earned him the "2ND OVERALL TROPHY". Way to go Buzz! Show those Vipers who's boss!

 June 1, 2000
The Lean Mean Well Oiled Machine – the Assembly Line at Bowling Green – will exceed last year’s production (for the fourth consecutive year) of our favorite TOYS. Projected Production for this year’s 2000 C5 is 33682. That is an increase of several hundred more playthings for all of us to enjoy! As you may recall the very first 2000 was a Dark Bowling Green C5 Convertible [VIN 00001] purchased by Bob McDorman to add to his enormous collection. Will the Plant honor itself the week of June 26, by closing out the 2000 Model Year Production, with a final Dark Bowling Green??

May 31, 2000
Mum’s the word on our future products… as stated in the Bowling Green Plant Vette Gazette, April 20, 2000 employee newsletter, Plant Manager, Wil Cooksey, Jr. wrote an article which says….In summer months ahead we will have a large amount of visitors to our plant. During the same time period our plant will be building numerous future Corvette product models.

Corvette has had many information leaks in the past few months. In order to protect the integrity of the car, General Motor’s confidentiality policy and your job security please remember the following when speaking to customers.

  1. Do not comment on any features, changes or improvements made to any of our future products.
  2. Do not comment on when future products will be introduced to the market.
  3. Do not take customers off the given tour route to give them an up close and personal look at future products. This includes taking them OUTSIDE and into the Workplace Development Center (WDC).
  4. If the customer you are speaking to has any questions or concerns regarding future products that you feel should be answered, please refer them to Management.

May 29, 2000
Motor Trend just released July 2000 issue has an interesting article under the heading of "Inside Scoop!" This article covers the 385-HP Corvette Z06. While the Registry can not comment on specifics of the Z06 (because of Dan’s signature on a GM embargo agreement - 2001 Long Lead Press Tour Participant). Let’s just say…members we didn’t want you to miss it!

BUT THE REAL BREAKING NEWS is the C5 Registry’s first "honorable mention" in Motor Trend Magazine. You ask, where are we mentioned?? Why it’s on page 29 under CYBERTRENDS by Jeff Bartlett – 8th and 9th line down from the top right. I know it’s small, and everyone focuses their attention on that L VIPER PHOTO L , but members we are still proud J since we are only 2 ½ years old to be on that page!

May 27, 2000
Members with all the talk recently focused on the Z06 we hope you don’t lose sight on the vast improvements you will find in a 2001 C5 Coupe and Convertible. *Increased Performance, better handling with a Standard New Generation II Active Handling System. There has even been some improvements to the exterior so you can tell a 2001 whenever you see it – stay tuned for complete details at 12:01:01 AM July 1, 2000. http://www.c5registry.com/zo6/

*Reference 2001 GM Product Preview Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Guide.

May 26, 2000
Could perception become REALITY? Members as you may recall the C5 Registry Hot News on March 27, 1999 http://www.c5registry.com/racing/supervette.htm  spoke about a $200,000 SUPER CORVETTE. Well, it looks like the idea is still hanging around, maybe without the $200,000 price tag. The upcoming July 2000 issue of Motor Trend Magazine features a picture of a Super Vette. Motor Trend states "During the past few months, wild rumors have flown about a megadollar, megahorsepower Super Vette." As more and more people talk about this rumor and the major magazines allow it print space, this could be an instance where perception becomes reality and GM gives the green light for a 200 mile per hour Super Vette. Can you say C5-R…in your garage!

May 24, 2000
The C5 Registry wishes the very best to Bowling Green Corvette Quality Engineering Manager, James A Danahy in his new position as Manager of Seats and Interiors of the North American Car Group in Warren , Michigan. As many of you know, Jim was personally involved with our last two C5 Registry Birthday Celebrations, and spent many hours away from his lovely family assisting our members and answering questions concerning any and all aspects of the C5. Best of luck in your new assignment, Jim!

At the same time that Jim is taking on new responsibilities we are very pleased to announce to our members the appointment of Grant Nelson as New Quality Engineering Manager. Grant says the difference between Bowling Green and other locations is readily apparent. "Everyone is friendly and you can just tell that people here are focused on a common goal of building a great product," he said. "I’m just thrilled to join this winning team."

Nelson began his GM career in 1986 with Delco in Dayton, Ohio as a design analyst for various product lines. During his career he has also worked as an analyst of active suspension systems, a twist axle analysis engineer and a Delphi chassis resident engineer at the Mid-Lux Flint Center. His most recent assignment was as the chassis vehicle system engineer for the GM luxury Vehicle Group.

Nelson said he is impressed with Corvette’s recent J.D. Power scores. "Corvette has made great strides in quality. I hope to help get us to the next level."

May 19, 2000
The Official C5 Registry is in the NEWS!!
"Americans can be a passionate bunch if they believe in something, and at times they go to great lengths to prove it.  Automobile brand loyalty can really get the blood boiling and ranks up there with politics and religion for many.  For example, taking  into account the Chevrolet Corvette’s long history of being touted as “America’s Performance Icon,” it’s only fitting that a group of passionate Corvette owners from the United States will be traveling with their cars to Europe in support of the Corvette C5-R racing effort at the 68th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, June 17-18, 2000. " CLICK HERE for Full Story!!!

May 12, 2000
Owner Notification Date: May 11, 2000
Number of Units Potentially Affected: 71,569
NHTSA Campaign Number: 00V111000
Description of Recall Campaign:
Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles. The lap belt webbing can twist allowing the webbing to become jammed in the retractor. When the belt webbing becomes jammed in the retractor, the belt may be unusable.

Dealers will install inserts to the belt web guide of each lap belt retractor.Owner notification is expected to begin during May 2000. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Chevrolet at 1-800-222-1020. Also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).

May 12, 2000
"The second in the series: "Corvette: The American Dream" was on SpeedVision Thursday night. I hope that many of you got a chance to see it. It will be on SpeedVision every Thursday night at 6:30 PM EDT.

The C5 Registry provided advice and assistance to the producers. I hope you heard our name mentioned on the air as presenting the "MY CORVETTE" section. We will be working with the producers to guide them through the Corvette hobby.

I NEED YOUR HELP! I want to try to move the show from 6:30 EDT to a more prime time slot. To do this I am asking our members to call SpeedVision at 1-203-406-2500 and tell them you like the show and want more of it. This will create enough excitement at the network to move it to prime time. Please send me any ideas you have for the show so that we can pass them on to the producers for consideration.... Thanks for help in this. Please Call now 1-203-406-2500
Dan Adovasio.....

 May 10, 2000
If your dealer received a Z06 allocation on Tuesday May 9, 2000 then they are
one of the Top 195 CORVETTE Dealers in the US....How do we know? See the wording in the Administrative Message:

Administrative Message Dated 05-09-00
As you may already have noticed, initial order generation of the newly
enhanced 2001 Corvette Hardtop took place on May 8, 2000. these orders were distributed to only the top 195 Corvette dealerships in the country. There will be no PROSPEC information on this model until the early July timeframe. Please be aware, however, that there is only one PEG available for this model and only a few freeflow options.

If you are one of the top 195 dealers that received a Corvette Hardtop, you will need to make any desired changes to the vehicle in the Vehicle Order Management System. VOMS has all of the necessary information you will need to place these initial orders. You can change the order by highlighting it in VOMS, then clicking the change button. The next Corvette Hardtop order generation will be in July, after the ordering information has been fully released and updated in PROSPEC. If you should need any clarification this issue, please contact your Area Sales Manager or Market Area Manager.  

May 10, 2000
Attention to all European Corvette Clubs! Kirk Weeks of Corvette Racing has asked that all European Corvette Clubs that are interested in LeMans this year get in touch with him as soon as possible E-Mail:  krkweeks@cs.com

Please email him your email address and pass this news on to any other Corvette Clubs you know of in Europe. Have them contact Kirk because we would like to get a parking corral for all Corvettes attending the race.

Chevrolet would like to have a list of all Corvette Clubs in Europe so that they may contact them for future events.
Dan Adovasio, Director C5 Registry

May 9, 2000
ZO6  Allocation available TODAY!  Phones have been ringing off the hook today at the C5 Registry office as the Corporate Member Dealers call in with the Z06 allocations they received today. Allocations range from 18 to 3 pre selected units. Some of the dealers reporting in are: Les Stanford , Steve Moore, Kerbeck, Bud's Chevrolet, and Bruce Glueck. The dealers tell us the target production date is June 5th. Keep checking for Updates!

May 6, 2000
C5 Registry Member Dealer -Corvette Mike - recently made two "High Profile" celebrity deliveries. Click Here for The photos and stories about "The Playmate of the Year", and Jay Leno's Corvette deliveries.

May 4, 2000
The  new Corvette show that airs tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET on Speedvision. The show is titled "The American Dream" and will run weekly for the next 13 weeks. Show format is parts installation, racing, celebrities, and new products. The C5 Registry is presenting part of this show and we have acted as a consultant to this show directing the producers as to what the Corvette Enthusiast are interested in.

May 1, 2000
Pro Spec information regarding the 2001 C5 that was sent to Corvette Dealers during April, has been modified. Dealers will receive UPDATED ordering information before the May 9th order Acceptance date. Want the full story, CLICK HERE for MOHN!

April 28, 2000
The C5 Registry is proud to announce that "Corvette: The American Dream" will be premiering on Speedvision on May 4th at 6:30PM EDT (one week from today). Those of you who were present at the 24hrs of Daytona dinner on February 4th saw the promo video for the show. The C5 Registry is presenting part of this show and we have acted as a consultant to this show directing the producers as to what the Corvette Enthusiast are interested in. The C5 Registry will be featured in the "This is my Vette Segment" Look for your logo, which will be proudly displayed…. Check it out…. This will be a weekly series on Speedvision. Let us know what you think of the Show. We will have input as to the contents of the show…C5Ya!…..Dan & Jake

 April 26, 2000
As many Registry Members already know, Corvette has gone to packaging for the 2001 model year. ‘01’s availability will be two basic packages above the already standard 1SA package. The 1SB option package which is the standard equipment package and adds to it, the memory system (power seats, sports bucket seats, dual zone air), fog lamps and the rear luggage shade. The 1SC package includes all the above plus electrochromic mirrors (new for 01), HUD, twilight sentinel and power telescoping steering column.

The Convertible packaging is slightly different in that the 1SB package includes the electrochromic mirrors.

Members call your dealer now!!!!  Dealers can only order Coupes or Convertibles at this time for submission in the first round of ordering, which begins on Tuesday, May 9th.As of this date there is no information on ordering Fixed Roof Coupes (Hardtops) in the dealers computer system. Which leads us to believe the Hardtop (RUMORED ONE) will be something VERY SPECIAL in 2001.

April 24, 2000
On Friday, April 14th, Gary Cowger, Vice President of General Motors in charge of Labor Relations, visited the Bowling Green Corvette factory. His scheduled permitted a tour of the NCM during our C5 Birthday Bash Event. To our surprise he stopped by the C5 Registry table to thank Dan Adovasio and ALL the C5 Registry Members for the "THANK YOU PARTY" we threw for the plant employees during our 2nd Annual Birthday Bash in April 1999. His comments were very gracious towards us as he went on to say "your thank you of plant employees was unprecedented throughout General Motors". We told him it was just an expression of our admiration for those employees who build the "BEST VETTE YET"!!

April 21, 2000
Readers of the Society of Automotive Engineers' (SAE International) Automotive Engineering International Magazine voted the 1999 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible as the "Best Engineered Car of the 1990's and Best Engineered Car of the 20th Century". Winners were chosen for each decade with the exception of the "1990's" and the "Century" overall, in which the 1999 Chevrolet Corvette shared the award with the 1999 Mercedes-Benz S500. Winners were announced in Detroit at the SAE 2000 World Congress.

It's always exciting when our favorite Corvette
C5 wins ANOTHER award. Looks like the SAE has just confirmed what every C5 Registry Member already knows!!

April 18, 2000
Again the C5 Registry brings you the first available information on the new 2001 Corvette... CLICK HERE!

April 10, 2000
As stated in the 2001 GM Product Preview Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Guide (
HOT NEWS February 28, 2000) there will be a 5 HP gain for the LS1 base C5 Corvette engine for 2001. Further review of the LS6 GM Power Train press release indicates that one of the increases in HP will come by the elimination of an external EGR Valve. For More Info Read Members Only Hot News. CLICK HERE FOR MOHN

April 7, 2000
Based on the emails we have received, we believe a CLARIFICATION is in order. For model year 2001 there will be a new WHITE color. This new WHITE (name will be released at the Birthday Bash) is NOT a TINT COAT color. The current tint coat production line does not have the capability of increased production of any additional colors at this time. Millennium Yellow and Magnetic Red II have taken up all the current capacity, and will continue this trend in 2001. The "RUMORS" across the Internet speculating on a PEARL WHITE (Diamond White – Cadillac Color) will NOT be made available on the 2001 C5 Corvette. (As a HINT to the new WHITE (RPO 40U) color name you would have to figure out another name for RACETRACK.) Let the guessing begin…..

April 3, 2000
Corvettes are in tight supply and from the information below getting tighter as we approach the prime SPRING buying season. The Corvette field stock as of February 29 was:

  • Gross: 3557 units 37 Days vs. 57 Days in January
  • Net: 1494 units 16 Days vs. 25 Days in January

What does Net and Gross Field Supply mean? (that means they more C5s on trucks than at all their dealers) The net field supply reflects the number of days (at the current selling rate) it would take to sell all of the vehicles on dealer lots. Gross field supply means all unsold vehicles that have been shipped from the plant and are either at the carriers, in transit, or at the dealers.

April 2, 2000
Congratulations to the C5 Racers at Charlotte this weekend! Results for the top 15 were:
1. Bill Cooper, No. 01 Chevrolet Corvette C5, 29 laps
2. Reese Cox, No. 98 Chevrolet Corvette C5, 29

3. Peter Kitchak, No. 3 Porsche GT3 Cup, 29
4. Justin Jackson, No. 79 Porsche 993 RSR, 29
5. Peter Cunningham, No. 42 BMW M3, 29
6. Dale White, No. 38 Porsche GT3 Cup, 29
7. Paul Brown, No. 96 Saleen Mustang, 29
8. Jeff McMillin, No. 25 BMW M3, 29
9. Derek Bell, No. 8 Audi S4 Competition, 29
10. Elliott Forbes-Robinson, No. 55 Lotus Esprit Turbo, 29
11. Scott Bove, No. 22 Porsche GT3 Cup, 29
12. David Farmer, No. 35 Chevrolet Corvette C5, 29
13. Danny Kellermeyer, No. 37 Chevrolet Corvette C5, 29 (DNF)
14. David Schardt, No. 94 Porsche GT3 Cup, 28 (DNF)
15. Daniel Eastman, No. 18 Porsche 993R, 28
The Vipers came in:
30. Bobby Archer, No. 32 Dodge Viper GTS, 18 (DNF)
36. Jimmy Adams, No. 77 Dodge Viper GTS, 1 (DNF
More info can be found at: www.c5rmotorsports.com

April 1, 2000
Our thanks to Spy photographer, Ryan Wilhelm, who captured the 50th Anniversary Corvette leaving the GM design center in Warren, MI.  This is the one ALL of you across the nation have put the "Big Deposit" down on!  Congratulations, future 2003 Corvette owners, it looks like you have chosen a real winner! 
CLICK HERE ! - Thank You Dave!


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