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Hot News

Kerbeck Corvette

December 23, 2000 6:12 am
to the GREAT C5 factory ELVES who worked 10 hour shifts and several Saturdays throughout 2000 to produce MORE C5s THAN EXPECTED for all the "C5 CHILDREN" of the World to ENJOY!! In fact, the 2000 Year End C5 TOY Production was 1654 C5s over 1999 Year End production (1999 C5 Calendar Production was 33187and 2000 C5 Calendar Production was 34841).

-December 22, 2000 2:42 pm
"Santa's Deliveries"
Who's Been Naughty and Who's Been Nice?
Thane Hadkins Chevrolet in White Bear Lake, MN, gets the LUCKY nod for who's been NICE as they receive the last C5 to head out the plant door today which is also the LAST C5 to be SHIPPED this year! This lucky C5 is a Torch Red (70U) Coupe with Black (19I) Sport Seats (AQ9) interior. It is an Automatic Transmission (MX0) VIN 15117540 - JOB # 017498 including the very important 1SC package (The Santa Claus package)! This collectible C5 is headed to one lucky boy or girl who must have been very good during 2000!

Now the NAUGHTY . . . . The NOT-SO-LUCKY nod goes to Wilkes Chevrolet, in Bethlehem, PA, as a C5 Torch Red (70U) Convertible 6-speed (MN6) with Oak Top (67T) / Oak Sport Seats (AQ9) interior (673) VIN 15117541 - JOB # 017499) also including the very important 1SC package (The Santa Claus package) still sits (ALL WRAPPED UP!) inside the plant door, and will do so until the plant re-opens on January 2, 2001, when it will be shipped to Pennsylvania.
Santa Say's, "All the Z06’s are in Santa’s Sack!"

December 13, 2000
For those of you planning to visit the Bowling Green Assembly Plant next year, the following are the dates the plant will be closed for holidays and vacations. We hope this helps in your vacation planning. The GM Corvette Assembly Plant will be closed the following days in 2001. Additional closings may be added at a later date. For more information on plant closings contact (270) 745-8419.

  • January 1, 2001

  • January 15, 2001

  • April 13 & 16, 2001

  • May 28, 2001

  • Week of July 2, 2000

  • Week of July 9, 2000

This information is from the National Corvette Museum. Remember if you are planning a trip and wish to visit the Bowling Green Assembly Plant it would be a good idea to call the above number to check there will be tours of the plants on the days you wish to take them. They do shut down the plant to visitors from time to time.

December 12, 2000
The C5Net is moving!
On Wednesday morning, December 13, 2000 the C5Net server will be unplugged and shipped from Florida to Idaho. The C5Net will be down while the move and transition is taking place. This is a move to provide better and a more reliable service to the C5 Registry members. Keep watching this page for updates.

December 8, 2000
The National Corvette Museum and CORSA Performance [C5 Registry Corporate Member #WC006] have partnered to present a special offer. When you order a CORSA C4 or C5 Corvette exhaust system directly from CORSA Performance you will receive a FREE one-year Individual Membership to the National Corvette Museum (a $50.00 value). For additional information on this offer call CORSA at 1-800-486-0999 or visit their website www.corsaperf.com/museum.htm To be eligible for the FREE one-year Individual Membership, you must mention the offer when placing your order.

December 1, 2000
Several C5 Registry's Corporate Dealers have contacted Technical Assistance asking questions regarding the application of this campaign. The dealer is advised to check the electronic file using the C5's vehicle identification number to confirm if the vehicle is included in the Seatbelt Campaign. If it is included then the procedures detailed in the campaign (Campaign Bulletin 00034) should be performed. If an owner has a question about whether their vehicle is included they can have there Dealer find the info electronically or contact Customer Assistance at:

November 25, 2000
What does the 2001 Corvette Z06 and the Whirlpool Gold washing machine have in common? They both recently received the 2001 "Design and Engineering Award" from Popular Mechanics magazine. The awards are presented annually by the publication in honor of both the achiever and the achievements. According to the Vette Gazette, "it is one of the most prestigious forms of recognition for excellence in engineering, design and innovation".

November 23, 2000
Top Secret Test Session at Sebring, November 20 - 22, 2000 photographer
Walt Thurn got some great photos and a movie of the C5-R at speed. Want to see the Earnhardt's with the C5-R ? CLICK HERE!

November 15, 2000
2000 Corvettes with Millennium Yellow and Torch Red Interiors
Members: Breaking news!! The "RP" has announced that a tie has occurred between 2000 Millennium Yellow Coupes with Torch Red interior and 2000 Millennium Yellow Convertibles with Torch Red interior. Members, please go to the MOHN for more details on this late breaking BIG news story.

November 12, 2000

Bragg-Smith “Drive Your Own Corvette”
May 12-13, 2001 $270.00 includes lunch Saturday & Sunday, BBQ on Saturday night 30 Driver Minimum.
We will be divided up into 2 or 3 groups
Arrival 8 AM, on track 9 AM - 4 PM, lunch break 12 - 1 PM

Ladies Only” 2 Day Class
May 10-11, 2001
Drive the Bragg-Smith C5 Corvettes
Cost of $1300.00 includes insurance
This is the regular 2 day Bragg-Smith class, but NO MEN to intimidate the ladies. We will cover ALL of the regular class material. Lots of track time. Learn how to drive the
C5 the way it was meant to be driven. (minimum of 8 ladies for this special class)

November 8, 2000
With the recent announcement of the Earnhardts joining the Corvette Race Team for the Rolex 24 at Daytona, lots of questions are being asked about the details of the Team. A BIG C5 Thank You to Jane Bowlin, editor of the Vette Gazette, for the answers!!

Earnhardts Join Corvette Team

Corvette Racing officials announced last month that the father-son team of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Sr., will join forces with the Corvette C5-R at the 2001 Rolex 24 at Daytona. For all you Earnhardt fans out there, here’s some more information about this stellar pairing. One of the more interesting details is a question involving the marketing of "customer" C5-Rs! Read on --
Who will share co-driver duties with Dale and Dale Jr.?
Andy Pilgrim will co-drive the Corvette C5-R with Dale Earnhardt and his son, Dale, Jr.

Will the Corvette carry Dale’s traditional #3 designation?
Yes, and coincidentally, the #3 designation is the same carried by Andy Pilgrim this season.

Will the Corvette carry Dale’s familiar "Intimidator" black scheme?
No. The paint scheme for next year’s Team Corvette entries has not been finalized, but it will be based on the Millennium Yellow currently used.

Will GM Goodwrench Service Plus be the primary sponsor of the Earnhardt’s C5-R Corvette Entry?

Will Budweiser (Dale Jr.’s primary NASCAR Winston Cup sponsor) also be a sponsor of the Earnhardt’s car?
Other sponsorship opportunities for the 2001 season, including the "Rolex 24 at Daytona," are currently being explored.

With Dale and Dale Jr. added to Team Corvette’s driver roster, which of your current C5-R drivers will not be competing at Daytona? (Fellows, Kneifel, Bell, Freon, Collins)
The driver lineup for the 2001 season has not bee finalized, but we are delighted that Dale and Dale Jr. have accepted this opportunity to join Team Corvette at the "Rolex 24 at Daytona."

When and where will Dale and Dale Jr. test the Corvette C5-R?
Dale Jr. will test at Sebring on November 20-22. He will also participate during the open test session at Daytona on January 4-6. Dale as a schedule conflict that prevents him from attending November’s Sebring test. He is checking his always-hectic schedule to determine his availability to test at Daytona.

How many other Corvette C5-R factory entries will be entered in the "Rolex 24 at Daytona?"
There will be two (2) Team Corvette entries for the "Rolex 24 at Daytona."

What are Chevrolet’s plans for marketing ‘customer’ C5-Rs now that they have proven themselves as winners?
Dan Says: Hmmmmmmmm . . . . very interesting!
We anticipate C5-R ‘customer cars’ will be available for purchase sometime during the 2001 race season. Dan Says: Sign me up for one!

November 6, 2000
Limited Supply of 2001 C5 Brochures Available at the National Corvette Museum
Members: Don’t Wait!! Here is your chance to get the Brochure your dealer NEVER has!! The Corvette Store has a limited number of 2001 Dealer Brochures for sale for $24.95. These collectible brochures contain photos, color selections and lots of technical and other interesting information on the new Corvette models. It also has several pages highlighting the new Z06. Get one while they last online at http://www.corvettemuseum.com click on Corvette Store.

November 4, 2000
Corvette Millennium Yellow and Magnetic Red Constraint Allocation
Members: Please go to the MOHN for more details on this BIG change to color constraint allocations. A BIG C5 thanks to Rick Baldrick (Corvette Brand Team Manager) and his Corvette Brand Team for making this much needed change!

November 3, 2000
Bob McDorman - Top Bidder Of National Corvette Museum's Z06 Auction
A Big C5 Congratulations goes to our friend, Bob McDorman, owner of McDorman Chevrolet in Winchester, Ohio. Bob had the top bid of $76,000 for VIN #1, a Z06, in the NCM auction on Tuesday, October 31. Bob is an NCM Lifetime member and strong supporter of the Museum. The VIN #1 Z06 Corvette will be on display at the Museum until arrangements are made to move this very special Corvette to McDorman Chevrolet. Bob has a collection of over 200 GM/Chevrolet cars, with almost 100 of these being Corvettes! Again, congratulations, Bob! You are a great friend and supporter of the C5 Registry! 

October 25, 2000
A BIG C5 THANKS to James Healey, of USA TODAY, October 13, 2000 for picking up the "TORCH" where the C5 Registry left off in defending the Z06 against the Mustang Cobra R onslaught http://www.usatoday.com/money/columns/healey/0032.htm

As you will recall we defended with honor (see HOT NEWS, February 29, 2000) http://www.c5registry.com/Members/PastHN/1q00hn.htm an "unbridled Mustang enthusiasm" from John Coletti whose over confident bellowing in Motor Trend (April 2000) led to an overwhelming amount of emails, letters and calls to Motor Trend in defense of what every Registry member knows to be an untruth! James stated "But if you appreciate the extraordinary muscle that once let Detroit rule the auto world, and like yours with all the trimmings, Z06 is nonpareil. An outstanding achievement." If you would like to congratulate James R. Healey, as we have on an outstanding article you can email him at testdrive@usatoday.com

October 20, 2000
Seems like
C5 Registry Director Jake Drennon is always out after the publicity photos. His motto is.."What ever it Takes". In the most recent issue of "Cars&Parts Corvette" on page 50, we find our man Jake masquerading as the Corvette Brand Manager, Rick Baldick. Click for Photo of Jake in action!

October 17, 2000
One of the premier families in American motorsports - the Earnhardts - have joined forces with America's performance icon - the Chevrolet Corvette - to compete in next year's 'Rolex 24 at Daytona' sports-car race at Daytona International Speedway on Feb. 3-4, 2001 Click Here for Full Press Release.

October 15, 2000
After qualifying 1st and second at Laguna Seca, Corvette ended up with a second place finish in an real fender bender of a race. Check it out at http://www.c5rmotorsports.com . With the first place finish at Texas and Atlanta, the C5-R team qualifies for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2001. Chevrolet says they will be there!
October 11, 2000

When the Corvette C5-R made its debut at the Rolex 24 at Daytona last year, a new chapter in Corvette history was written. We are proud to announce a special meet and greet with the C5-R race team on Thursday, November 2nd from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. CT at the National Corvette Museum. The entire C5-R race team that includes, Ron Fellows, Chris Kneifel, Justin Bell, Andy Pilgrim, Kelly Collins, and Frank Freon will be here, along with (shop managers) Doug Fehan and Gary Claudio. One of the C5-R race cars will be on display along with the C5-R Pratt/Miller transporter.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet the drivers first hand in a relaxed atmosphere. NCM members will be admitted to the meet & greet free of charge. Non-members can be part of the evening for the regular Museum admission fee of $8.00. A cash bar will be available throughout the evening affair. For more information on C5-R Race Night, contact the events department at: 800-53-VETTE. Bobbie Jo Lee  http://www.corvettemuseum.com

October 6, 2000
Mid America Designs has launched a very special program in commemoration of Corvette's 50th anniversary, June 30, 2003. Not only have we unveiled a symbolic, Countdown to 50 billboard, which will reflect each day closer to the coveted Golden Anniversary, but we also have an informative new Web site to accompany the program. Over the course of the next few years, Web watchers can look forward to finding the following Corvette facts and information at Mid America's original countdown link, www.countdownto50.com

  • Announcements of all Corvette-related birthday parties and gatherings taking place around the nation and the world.
  • Corvette history
  • The evolution of concept cars, engineering, testing and design.
  • Profiles of the people who have made America's sports car into a world class car.
  • Timeline of major news events, wrapped around significant Corvette moments in time.
  • Tech data information for each year.

Plus many more developments to come as the date approaches. www.countdownto50.com

October 5, 2000
For 4th Year in a row Customers vote Corvette most appealing
For the fourth year running, Corvette was named as a J.D. Power APEAL award winner. The award signifies that customers like the styling and workmanship on our product. "This is good news for the entire Corvette team," said plant manager Wil Cooksey. "The APEAL award really recognizes everyone from those of us who manufacture the car in Bowling Green to the people who design it in Detroit." The study, which is actually called the Automotive Performance Execution and Layout Study is in its fifth year. It is based on responses from 101,768 new vehicle owners and measures what excites and delights them with their vehicle’s features and design.

Corvette sets the APEAL standard in the sports car segment, placing first for the fourth year in a row. Behind Corvette, are second and third place finishers, the Porsche 911 and the Audi TT.

While Corvette was the only GM product to capture first in a segment, other GM models were named in the study. They included: Pontiac Grand Am and Oldsmobile – entry midsize; Chevrolet S-10 pickup – compact pickup segment; GMC Sierra – full size pickup; Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana – full-size van; and the GMC Yukon XL – full size SUV.

Toyota models ranked highest in three of the 15 vehicle segments with the Avalon, Land Cruiser and Tundra. The Tundra is the industry’s first non-domestic full-size pickup truck to top its segment. For the second consecutive year, three Volkswagen models also captured top segment rankings – the popular Beetle, Jet and GTI.

The 2000 APEAL study comprises eight specific areas of vehicle performance and design, including more than 100 attributes that uncover about what consumers like and dislike about their new vehicle. These areas include vehicle styling engine and transmission, comfort and convenience; ride, handling and braking, seats; heating, ventilation and cooling, cockpit and instrument panel; and sound system.

October 4, 2000
Members please read about one C5 Registry member’s experience (BUZZ’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE by Buzz Fyhrie C5R# W0564) working as part of the crew for the C5R Race Corvette # 4 which WON the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta, September 30, 2000. He was drafted onto the team at the last minute and made the C5 Registry proud.

October 1, 2000
Corvette captured a 1st and 3rd place finish in a good old fashioned racing battle that folks will be talking about for years to come... Check out the story on C5RMotorsports CLICK HERE!

September 28, 2000
Subscriber to "Corvette Quarterly" ? When your new issue arrives, check out the fantastic 13 Page center section on the 2000 LeMans and the C5 Registry. We'll be looking for you next year!

September 27, 2000
We just got off the phone with Kirk Weeks, PR Representative for the C5R Race team. He states "The drivers are stoked for this race". After a long awaited win in Texas the premier event of the American LeMans Series, the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta will be held on Saturday, September 30th (as an added bonus - the winner of this race receives an invitation to the 24 Hours of LeMans).

To those members attending – remember we will have a corral in the in field of Road Atlanta with a tent for your use. On Friday night a dinner will be held with the C5R drivers including an autograph session. www.c5registry.com/events.htm  It is our understanding that a win at Road Atlanta will put Corvette into a close contention for the manufacturer’s championship of the GTS Division of the American LeMans Series.
Move out of the way Vipers – because we’re knocking on the door and the BIG BAD CORVETTE WOLF is going to blow it down!

Jake and I look forward to seeing "YA’LL" at this Southern tradition of the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta this weekend – IT WILL BE GREAT!!! Dan

September 25, 2000
DVT "Road Test"Under a Roof....
Many members who have attended the Corvette (Bowling Green, Kentucky) plant tour have seen the two booths at the end of the production line. Members always talk about how impressive it is to watch a newly produced C5 being placed on top large drum rollers and then strapped down. We all watch with excitement as the C5 revs up to 75 miles per hour for several minutes. They enjoy the display that takes place on the screen – but what’s the scoop on what is really happening? The Dynamic Vehicle Test, or roll test, is not only one of our tourists’ favorite stops, it’s also (and most importantly) a major test of our end of the line product quality. Members click here for MOHN for all the details.

September 22, 2000
"We have started receiving part numbers for the various 2001 Z06 parts. Members click here for the information.

September 18, 2000
A Protective Cover for the C5 Corvette
The C5’s for 2001 are going through a new protection process to prevent damage during shipping. The Corvettes are being "dressed" in a protective plastic covering before being shipped to dealers. The new Mutilation Protective Wrap, as it is formally called, is applied on all Corvettes shipped within the domestic United States. Export cars will not receive the protective covering. This trial process will continue until December in an effort to improve our J.D. Power standing and increase customer satisfaction. Employees apply the plastic by hand. There are no adhesives involved in the bonding process to the vehicle. Moisture is used to attach the plastic. The car then goes through an oven, heating its surface to 130 degrees to help the plastic adhere. Once the Corvette arrives at its final destination, the dealers simply need a high-powered water hose to remove the plastic. There are no harmful side effects to the car’s paint job.
A BIG C5 Thank You, to Jane Bowlin, Editor of the VETTE Gazette for informing the Registry of this latest factory procedure

September 16, 2000
Apparently it doesn’t take Chevrolet long into a new model year to figure out when they believe they have under priced the HOTTEST Corvettes of the new Millennium. Which Corvette or Corvettes are we referring to? The new for 2001 Z06 sped up a $1,000 (MSRP), C5 Coupe is up $250 (MSRP) and the beloved Roadster popped it’s top up $250 (MSRP). But the one that blows us away is the 34% increase in high polished wheels raising the price of option QF5 from $895 to $1200. To our Corporate Members who specialize in chrome wheels, we hope you have a large inventory on hand to meet the demand. It seems with this large percentage of increase more C5 buyers will opt for the standard wheel (no additional cost) and have them chromed. NOTE: If your C5 was ordered through Prospec (prior to September 15th ) at your dealership you are price protected from this increase. Of course, your dealer must file with Chevrolet for the old pricing once your C5 arrives. CLICK HERE for pricing details.

September 12, 2000
DRIVERS NEEDED - see below!
*Please let us know ASAP if you are interested, you may email us at: c5dan@c5registry.com and we will forward any questions to Justin Bell GT Driving School for answers. Members we look forward to having a great time together!*
Thank you for your assistance.
Dan & Jake, Directors C5 Registry

Justin Bell GT Driving School
Details of this event are as follows:

Date: Monday, October 2nd
Location: Moroso Motorsports Park
West Palm Beach, Florida

Report Time: 5:00pm for debrief, with event times from 6:30pm-10:30pm. We will supply FOOD and FUEL to each, we are looking for the first 20 that are able and willing.

Event: Corporate event for Justin Bell GT Driving School. Drivers will be required to drive members 3 to 4 laps on road course for the duration of the event. Event Length: approx. 4 hrs. Need driving info ( brief driving resume, whether club events or track days ) for each driver, brief description of vehicle would be nice to help promote event.
Eric Burch
Justin Bell GT Driving School

September 7, 2000
C5 Registry Members, we have just received the following from "a friend in high places".....

To: Dan Adovasio
Subject: Oil Consumption

"We aware of the fact that there are customers that are unsatisfied with the amount of oil that their Corvettes are using. We are working to understand the specifics of this situation and develop a strategy that will address this concern. Please understand that this situation is complicated and will not be easily resolved. Information regarding this situation will be provided when it becomes available. The information that the C5 Registry has provided regarding this matter is appreciated and will help move this process forward."
September 4, 2000
NayKid In Texas!
Corvette fans and owners, including the "Team Texas" C5 Registry members, took a break from the 108 degree heat at the Speedvision World Challenge event Sept. 1-3 at Texas Motor Speedway. Naykid Racing provided a "Corvette Fan Appreciation Station," a special shaded area with seating and complimentary ice-cold lemonade for the devoted fans.

September 3, 2000
Finals of the NCM Labor Day Drag Race came down two, that's " 2" C5 Registry Members, Bob Adams with his 1999 Magnetic Red Convertible and the Official C5 Registry Car!

Today around Noon CST, the C5 Registry show car proved it had "GO" and not just all Show!  At the NCM Labor Day 2000Click Photo For More Info and Photos celebration, In the seventh round of eliminations "Bracket Racing" at Beach Bend Raceway, the C5 Registry show car driven by David Yates came out on top, winning the event!

The C5 Registry would like to thank the Corporate sponsors who have provided the Official Show car, and congratulate David Yates on a great job well done! Ben Anderson, and crew keep this car in top shape... for both SHOW  and GO!
Click Here for More Photos and Info

September 2, 2000
Congratulations C5-R Team!!

The battle of the GTS class came down to the strength of wills, and the works Corvette team won its first-ever American Le Mans Series race, courtesy of Ron Fellows and Andy Pilgrim. "The snake has been bitten in Texas!" yelled Fellows after the race.

It was the Canadian who emerged from the cockpit of the Corvette at the end of the first stint and required medical treatment due to the extreme heat conditions. Pilgrim took over the driving for a stint and a half and Justin Bell, who completed two laps in qualifying, was on hand to take over the car for the final run if needed. Fellows, however, the man who chose the Corvette program over the GM's Cadillac prototype team, was not to be denied and took the wheel again to run to the finish.

August 24, 2000
Z06 Update
As we talked about last month the Z06s that the press tested at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Track were not exactly pure production cars. The Front Brake Pads were a special pad provided by GM Performance Parts (Part Number 12480154) which lists for $135.00. Corporate Member Dealer # VC001, Bruce Glueck Chevrolet, has agreed to sell these Performance Pads to C5 Registry members for $113.40 plus shipping to you. Please contact Parts Manager Ken Bassett at 1-904-792-1111. Please tell him you are with the C5 Registry. According to the GM Parts House, there are only 50 sets of these pads in stock at this time. Don’t delay . . . order today!!!

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