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C5/C6 Net PROTOCOL and Guidelines

This will be a "rule book" for using C5/C6Net.  I will try to translate the computer garbage instructions that LISTSERV puts out into simple, useful guides for us to use.  Please let me know when something is not clear.
Your Web and List master: Frank
[ e-mail: frank@c5registry.com ]

Send messages to the C5/C6Net list server by addressing them to:


You will simply enter this address as you would any other email address. (Also add it to your personal address book for future use.)

TOPICS: The C5/C6Net is now divided into seven topics.
The Topics are:

TECH – Where you would post technical information or ask technical questions of the list members. Things like enhancements, problems, fixes, and etc. would fall under this topic.

ISSUES – This area is where you would post general discussion concerning dealer issues, problems or praise with GM, your C5, insurance, The C5 Registry, things you consider an “issue” worthy of discussion.

RACING – The titles is self-evident. This area is for one of our favorite things. Corvette Racing! Outcomes and upcoming races, modifications for racing. You get the idea.

FLUFF – An area for non-Corvette stuff. Jokes, in-laws, general discussion not concerning Corvette or Corvette topics.

EVENTS - Post your event listings to this topic.

CARCARE - Tell us about your driving experiences.

Z06 - Topics related to the new Z06 Corvette

When you post to the Net, use these “TOPICS” messages without a defined topic will fall into the “FLUFF” category. So, if a member is subscribed to see only TECH posts, and you forget to label your message TECH, that member won’t see your message, and he or she may have been the member who could help you!

When You Post, the TOPIC is included in the Subject line of your e-Mail program followed by a colon
If you want to distribute it to more than one topic area separate the TOPICS with a comma no spaces, and end with a colon as: Subject:

There are a couple of different ways to set your account to receive only the mail concerning the topics you are interested in, this is called "Subscribing to Topics".

1- You can send a command to the List Server at: LISTSERV@LISTSRV.VETTELIST.COM
Put nothing in the "Subject Line" and in the body of the message type:
(Substitute ISSUES TECH for the Topics you desire example, it could be: SET C5/C6Net TOPICS EVENTS TECH FLUFF

2- You can use the new account management page to set the TOPICS and other options. This is a Web Page setup to manage your personal C5/C6Net account. The URL is: http://listsrv.vettelist.com/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=C5/C6Net  Your USERID will be your e-mail address as you submitted it to the C5/C6Net Server. If you haven't already done so, enter a password that you will remember. This will not only be your account management password but also for your access to the archives.

General - Please send almost everything to C5/C6Net instead of to my individual email address.  If you send it to me individually, I either have to respond to you and them edit your item into something for everyone to get or I have to forward it to everyone and it is confusing.  You should raise your use questions via C5/C6Net just like you will make professional comments so that everyone can benefit from the item.  I will respond via C5/C6Net and everyone can benefit from the answers.

Responses to comments - Reply to them if you want the whole list to see your response.   A reply also restates the original item so that we know what your reply comment relates to.  When replying, please make sure that your email system does NOT include the list email address  CNET@LISTSRV.VETTELIST.COM  in the body of the reply message.   This causes the LISTSERV to automatically send me a "possible error" message.  So, just delete that portion of the reply message if your email program includes that as part of a reply.  Occasionally, you may want to reply only to the person who made the comment.  In this case, you need to enter his or her email address in your address book so you will have it for future use.

Some email systems are set to immediately send back a confirming message that your message was "opened" by the recipient. Some members on C5/C6Nethave this feature. It causes you or I to receive the confirmation ever time they receive and open a message that comes over C5/C6Net . I am working to eliminate these confirmations.

Remember that information has a way of getting disseminated.  C5/C6Net is just as secure and private as anything.  Only members of The C5/C6 Registry may access it and then only after I have personally approved their subscription.  Messages only go to members subscribed on the list.

However, in this information age, people tend to quickly forward email messages to others.  So, a message that you intend only for C5/C6 Registry could end up in the hands of others due to an action of a C5/C6 Registry member subscribed to C5/C6Net.  We have always been cautious about saying certain things in print.  Follow the same rule on C5/C6Net.  Email tends to be more informal - so be careful about a catty comment that could get forwarded and misconstrued.

Some users have entered incorrect data in their email programs.  Check yours for accuracy.  If your program on your computer has an error, C5/C6Net will not recognize the address and will not accept the message from you. You will not know that it was not accepted, except that it will not come back to you as a member of the list.  

Everyone should remember that you will always receive a copy of an message you post as a member of the list.  In other words, you get a copy of your own postings just as everyone else does.  If you do not receive your own posting back, that tells you that there is an error.  The error is either that you are not subscribed properly or that particular posting did not make it through the system.   We need to know when this happens so we can run down the problem.


As a matter of courtesy, please adhere to the following:

  • The C5/C6Net is not a "moderated" list. The members and subscribers are responsible for it's content.

  • Use of profanity, spaming, personal attacks or defamation will result in your removal from the list. There will be a 30 days suspension for their first offense and a year for their second offense. Permanent Removal for a third.

  • Please do not post images or attachments to the list. These can destroy the online archives.

  • The C5/C6Net is an open forum, and rules are acceptable social behavior. Foul Language and Personal Attacks, will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate removal from the list.

  • Do NOT post anything that has a COPYRIGHT or is illegal.

Please do not send subscription changes, such as email address changes, to LISTSERV.   Please email me personally,
Frank Smith (Click My Name to Send Mail)   I will make the changes needed.  LISTSERV was only to be used initially for subscribing.

Also See: C5/C6 Net Help Page    

Visit the Official C5/C6 Registry Site now online at: www.c6registry.com  For C6 Information!

All material on the website c5registry.com is the property of the Official C5 Registry
NO USE OR REPRODUCTION WITHOUT PERMISSION. Permission my be obtained in writing, from the C5 Registry Office.
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