Car Guys

by: David Farmer

I have not written to the C-5 Registry lately, but I am back. I sold my 98' Coupe this summer, but now have a 2000 model Hardtop to enjoy. Ken Smith of Car Guys asked me, as an instructor, to write a brief description about Car Guys, and what it means to you, the C-5 owner and driver. First of all, Car Guys is an on-track high-performance driving school. It is not a racing school, although racing tactics are often taught to more experience students. I first attended Car Guys in 1993 as a student, and quickly learned the driving skills I needed to move on into racing. Most students are not interested in racing though. Most people simply want to feel their car at the limit. Imagine your new Corvette in a 4-wheel drift at 90mph corner after corner, or flying into the oval at Lowes (Charlotte) Motor Speedway at 150mph! This is Car Guys, and not only is it educational, it can be addictive!

My most recent C-5 student had never been on a race track before, and was more interested in getting his suspension and HUD just right than he was in driving. I quickly explained that he had a lot to learn about his car, his driving, and the track (Roebling Rd in Savannah GA) before those type details would matter. By the end of the weekend, he had learned to drive his car at high speed safely and in control, and had a great time! I think he has attended every Car Guys event since.

Don't be afraid to use your shiny new car on track. While mud-flaps and a bra would be nice for repeated track use, there is no reason you should have any more damage to your car than a little tire and brake pad wear after an event. The C-5 is an amazing car on track, and you will feel like a professional driver in a short period of time with Car Guys. Although safety is our first concern, haveing fun is what Car Guys is really about!

Car Guys events consist of in-car instruction from an experienced track driver (such as myself), as well as classroom, skidpad, and low-speed car control instruction, depending on the facilities. Your instructor will give you important instruction as to how to handle the particular race-track, and how to handle your car. However, as long as you are safe, courteous to others, and in control, your instructor will not hold you back. At my very first event 6 years ago, I drove my 91' ZR-1 at over 150mph! I promise you will not complain about being held back, as the NASCAR schools do. Passing is controlled and only in certain straight sections, and once again, safety comes first. A final note, instructors may take students for rides also, so you can feel what it is like to navigate the track with experienced hands behind the wheel!

I highly recommend Car Guys to all car enthusiasts. Car Guys offers plenty of track time, and superior instruction compared to similar schools. And the pricing is reasonable. If you live on the East Coast, there is no excuse for not signing up. There are schools held from Sebring FL all the way up the eastern seaboard. And definitely make plans to attend the ALL-Corvette events when they are scheduled.

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