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NCM Delivery

Stan Kessel W0104 skessel@airmail.net . 08/14/97
Pat McInerney W0178 PFMcI@aol.com 10/03/97
John/Janet Wood W0197 JanetWood@webtv.net 05/01/97 10/08/97
Steve Bednarski W1017 bednarski@ravenet.com 08/04/97 11/14/97
Marvin/Kay Guthrie W0893 dfwappraiser@hotmail.com 11/21/97
Russ Cartmill W0115 Russc@mindspring.com 09/24/97 12/15/97
Les Goldman V0052 c5gold@juno.com 12/18/97
Denny Gibson W0407 d.gibson@mattec.com 10/29/97 03/15/98
Mase Sanford W0374 msanford@ellijay.com 03/25/98
Ed Goldman W0513 egoldm00@worldnet.att.net 12/24/97 03/27/98

Hank Vezina

W0114 01/98 4/21/98
Barry Schofield W0580 Barry.Scofield@PSS.Boeing.com 02/21/98 05/04/98
Lynn Kennedy W0520 tkc@series2000.com 08/21/98
Dale Schmidt W1004 dale_schmidt@hotmail.com .. 08/26/98
Bob Brown W0758 silfox@nosc.mil 08/27/98
Kevin/Sue Wilkinson W1677 finzleft@flash.net 03/05/98 08/30/98
Paul Johnson W0279 paulj@qualcomm.com 09/03/98
Dave Micek W0550 DMicek@aol.com . 09/18/98
Willie Favero W0969 wfavero@ibm.net 04/14/98 10/14/98
Glen Sands W0517 glens@teleport.com . 10/17/98
Jack Anderson W0498 jla2@gte.net 04/14/98 11/03/98
Larry Terrell W1229 lterrell@catt.com 07/14/98 11/09/98
Steven Landman W0351 Sydnijeri@aol.com 11/23/98
Mitch/Nori Bryars W0586 ezrider@naplesnet.com   05/18/98
Derek Licciardi X2168 Derek_Licciardi@b-f.com 3/19/99
Larry Parylla W0572 C4C5BTHR8C@aol.com 1/15/98 3/28/98 Birthday Bash Weekend

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