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From The
Official C5 Registry Birthday Bash
March 27th

Wendell Strode Reports on Last Nights Dale Earnhardt   Event

9:30 AM This morning was great! The C5 Registry staff (Even Jake) began work early.Jake Drennon & Bill Wolfe After a quick planning session at 6:30AM, we transported the material and equipment to the NCM to begin the day. The event started at 8:AM and by 7:30 there were over 100 C5'ers lined up at the NCM door (guess they could smell the coffee and doughnuts !) It looks like the registration tally will be over 300 people! So far, we have 93 people signed up for the Dinner with John Cafaro.

Registry Booth At NCMBusy C5 Registy registratiion Booth at the NCM





John Cafaro with Registry MembersJohn Cafaro visits with C5 Registry Members at in the NCM Lobby.. Hot News! The C5 Registy has learned that John purchased his own Black on Black C5 Six-Speed Convertible (Being Built Today! And No Body Side Mouldings!!)



NCM CrowdThere are a few people here!!


We do Have an Indy Here!



cafaro Signs Hoods John Cafaro Signs Hoods on C5 Registry Members Cars





Jake Drennon & Wil CooksieCorvette Plant Manager Wil Cooksey, Welcomes Jake Drennon C5 Registry Director to plant tour.

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