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From The
Official C5 Registry Birthday Bash
March 27th - Page 2


Wil CooksieBefore his pre-tour speech, Wil Cooksey managed to take time from his busy schedule to talk personally with C5 Registry Members.



The Mayor of Bowling Green


C5 Registry Director Jake Drennon introduced the Mayor of Bowling Green to the C5 Registry.


Wil's TalkWil's talk to the C5 Registry was about his personal background, How he felt about Corvette, and managing the Corvette Plant. He covered ground on the production of the C5, and fielded questions from the floor.



Dan and John CafaroJohn Cafaro addressed the C5 Registry following the plant tour. John talked about old days in Studio 3, showed some of he designs from the team, and told us how some of the special projects (LT1, ZR1, Grand Sport, etc..) on the C4 kept the C5 alive during the critical years at GM. He also told us how the C5 was developed and how it linked to earlier Corvettes. Here, C5 Registry Director Dan Adovasio, (containing his excitement) Introduces John to the Registry members present.


C5's & C5 Registry Members On Cafaro HillAfter John's seminar, the group filed out to "Cafaro Hill" for a group photo at the site of the C5 Registry NCM brick.


We then adjourned to the Special Dinner with John Cafaro at Bowling Green's Plaza Hotel. 178 C5 Registry Members were in attendance.






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