December 25, 1999
As all eyes look to heaven on a day like this, let's remember our shuttle crew STS-103 commanded by Curtis L. Brown, Jr. Most of you will remember Commander Brown as the commander of John Glenn's famous STS-95 Shuttle flight during 1998.

After the John Glenn parade in Cocoa Beach in which Brown got a chance to drive a C5 with the HUD option, Commander Brown went out and bought a C4. After several months he traded it in and ordered a BRAND NEW Millennium Yellow C5 just so he could enjoy Head Up Display (that ought to make Steve "Mr. HUD" Stringfellow proud!) Word is that Commander Brown will be picking up his C5 after his Millennium ride in space! We have sent him an email wishing he and his crew "God Speed" from the C5 Registry.

If you are interested in sending an email to the STS-103 crew please click here

All of you Yellow Jackets out there might want to send Brown a patch and invite him to be an Honorary Member!

December 23, 1999
In keeping with our
Holiday tradition, read on to find out:
Dateline-December 23, 1999 2:42 pm

"Santa's Deliveries"

Who's Been Naughty and Who's Been Nice?

Gordon Chevrolet in Tampa, FL, get the LUCKY nod for who's been NICE as they receive the last C5 TO head out the plant door today which is also the LAST C5 to be SHIPPED this CENTURY! This lucky C5 is a Black (41U) Coupe with Black (19I) Sport Seats (AQ9) interior. It is a 6-Speed (MN6) VIN Y5116233 - JOB # 016244 with the following additional options: Memory Package (AAB), Power Seats (AG2), Body Side Moldings (B84), Single Glass Top (CC3), Dual Zone A/C (CJ2), Active Handling (JL4), Base Suspension (FE1), Heads Up Display (UV6), Base Wheels (QD4), Fog Lights (T96), CD in Dash (UN0) and 12 Disc Changer (U1S). This collectible C5 is headed to one lucky boy or girl who must have been very good during 1999 and will probably pony up to a MSRP of $44,569!

Now the NAUGHTY . . . . The NOT-SO-LUCKY nod goes to Les Stanford Chevrolet, in Dearborn, MI, as a C5 Black Convertible Automatic with Black Top/Black Interior (VIN Y5116234 - JOB # 016245) still sits (ALL WRAPPED UP!) inside the plant door, and will do so until the plant re-opens on January 3, 2000, when it will be shipped to Michigan.

Santa Say's, "YOU CAN BLAME IT ON Y2K!"

This Z51 Performance Suspension C5 includes Sports Seats (AQ9) interior, Dual Zone A/C (CJ2), Performance Axle (G92), Base Wheels (QD4), Fog Lights (T96), CD in Dash (UN0), and Heads Up Display (UV6) with a MSRP of $48,744.

You know, the more we think about it . . . . Maybe Les Stanford hasn't been so naughty after all -- as this will be the first 2000 C5 shipped in 2000 . . . .the new CENTURY!

Dateline-December 23, 1999 6:12 am
A BIG HO HO HO to the GREAT C5 factory ELVES who worked 10 hour shifts and several Saturdays throughout 1999 to produce MORE C5s THAN EXPECTED for all the "BIG CHILDREN" of the World to ENJOY!! In fact, the 1999 Year End C5 TOY Production was 1313 C5s over 1998 Year End production (1998 C5 Calendar Production was 31874 and 1999 C5 Calendar Production was 33187). A BIG HO HO HO THANK YOU FROM EVERY MEMBER OF THE C5 REGISTRY (3350 members and growing fast!). WE WISH EVERY EMPLOYEE AT BOWLING GREEN A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Dan Say's WHAT A YEAR!!!

December 20, 1999
The winner of the one-of-a-kind 2000 Platinum Purple coupe Corvette, was Corvette Plant employee Billy Phelps. Billy has been a 2nd shift electrician at the Corvette Plant since 1984. Billy was not in attendance for the drawing, held at the GM Corvette Assembly Plant. The drawing took place at 130 pm before Billy's shift started.

There was a 30 minute ceremony with remarks from Will Cooksey, plant manager and Billy Jackson, UAW 2164 president. They showed a short video detailing what the Platinum Power campaign meant to both of them. The video included some unique comments from plant employees on what they would do if the one the Platinum Power Corvette.

Following the video presentation, there were five other drawings held prior to the GRAND PRIZE!

  • A 4-day all expense paid trip (including airfare) to Disney World. The lucky winner was Vivian M. Snardon, who works in the paint department and is the plant chaplain.
  • A computer was won by Dottie R. Angle.
  • A big screen television, was won by Billie "Baldy" Morris, a material driver.
  • A $1000 Best Buy gift certificate was pocketed by Jack W. Davis, a line repairman.
  • A Barbeque Grill went to Selvin "Beaver" McKinney, another material driver.
  • Gwendolyn L. Wharton took home a special leather Corvette jacket.

After the prizes above were awarded, Jim Campbell, Brand Manager, had the honor of drawing Billy Phelps' name from the prize drum! Mr. Phelps was later quoted in the Daily News, the Bowling Green local newspaper as saying, "For about 15 minutes there, it was a pretty good roller coaster ride. At first I didn't believe them, so I had to do some verification and find out it was true," Phelps said. "I was on a great big high, and then I came down just a little bit until I got it verified, and then I went back up again."

Update: According to the December 23 issue of the Vette Gazette (the Bowling Green plant's weekly newsletter), "After a brief trip to Cave City Chevrolet for pre-delivery inspection, the purple C5 will be at home in Phelp's "Corvette House". It will join his recently purchased '98 model in a special garage that is filled with all things Corvette. "Right now I've got my '98 in there along with a lot of posters and all the memorabilia we get here at work," he said." The one-of-a-kind Corvette sticker price is $42,481 and internet chat groups have the C5 priced above $200,000.

The big question is, of course, will he keep or sell his new Corvette? "Right now, I think I need some legal advice," he said. "I really doubt if I drive it. I may possibly put it on display at the museum. This is all just now starting to sink it. My wife and I are just very, very happy."

For a first hand account go to: This Site or the NCM Site

In August the Corvette Plant kicked off a major campaign known as "Platinum Power," in which employees had the opportunity to enter a raffle to win the commemorative Corvette. This give away was the culmination of the campaign, designed to heighten employee awareness in building world-class quality Corvettes.

December 20, 1999
The C5 Registry office has learned more about the A-pillar moldings concern (see November 23rd post ). The vinyl is not discoloring, it is delaminating from the plastic substrate that it is glued to. This usually takes heat and humidity. The molding can literally be replaced in a few minutes and does not require any tools or other components to be removed.

December 17, 1999
The Platinum Power Corvette is now complete and on display for all plant employees to drool over! The VIN number is 1G1YY22G8Y5113591 and the Job Number is 013592. The official paint code/name on the build sheet reads XXX with an asterisk and the name Platinum Purple Metallic below the paint code box. This remarkable paint scheme also features two "Grand Sport" style stripes in an off gray almost a Pewter color. Options include 6-speed (base suspension), heads up display, active handling, one-of-a-kind "platinumish" sports seats with embroidery, tilt telescopic wheel, CD in dash, fog lights, and memory.
Once again, the big drawing will be at 1:00 pm Kentucky Central Time on Monday, December 20!!

December 12, 1999
Here is some IMPORTANT information the C5 Registry has received regarding the "running out of gas" problem "There have been several comments lately regarding the operation of the fuel gauge or system and people running out of gas.

There has recently been a problem identified with the transfer of fuel from the right hand to the left hand tank. This problem is NOT currently correctable by a dealer. Replacing the right hand sender will NOT correct this concern. Corvette engineering is developing a fix and a service bulletin will be published when parts become available." We will let you know what that Bulletin Number is as soon as we get it.

December 9, 1999
It will be a very merry Holiday season for one lucky Corvette plant employee . . . . on Monday, December 20, a drawing will be held at the Bowling Green Plant for the Platinum Power 2000 model Corvette Coupe. Each eligible employee will automatically receive one ticket. Additional tickets can be earned through perfect attendance. Jim Campbell, Corvette Brand Manager, will be drawing the winner's name from the Prize Drum during the one o'clock break period.

December 7, 1999
The latest word we have is the 2000 model year is aiming for a 32,000 projected model run.

December 3, 1999
The exciting news around the BG Plant on Wednesday prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday was the production start of the Platinum C5 -- VIN Y5113591 Job # 013592 --( Pursuing the JD Power Platinum Award for Excellence ) . Some notable options on the C5 Coupe are 6-speed with FE1 Suspension, Heads Up Display (UV6) and Active Handling (JL4). The most significant news about this particular C5 is the "one-of-a-kind" factory produced paint job will be awarded to a lucky Corvette Plant employee on Monday, December 20. Again, the custom paint color will be called RADAR PURPLE METALLIC. We do know that it will also have a very special interior. The production is still underway. Rumor has it that the Platinum C5 has been moved off the line and is being hand assembled. The C5 Registry just wonders how many Corvette COLLECTORS will be poised outside the plant doors offering untold sums ($$$$$) to the lucky winner?!!!

December 2, 1999
From GM Detroit - C5 owners have complained that there is a pulsation when applying the brakes, the cause of this complaint is that the rotor surfaces are not parallel and this causes the pulsation when the brakes are applied. Brake rotor uneveness (warping) is a concern that is being worked on by engineering.

It is believed that the most likely cause is the interface between the wheel/hub/rotor. If there is any unevenness between these components when they are bolted together it may cause the rotor to turn unevenly between the brake pads. This causes the rotor to wear unevenly resulting in a "warped" rotor. One of the most likely causes of this condition is that the wheels have not been properly torqued. It is important that the lug nuts be torqued in the proper sequence and to the correct torque setting. Should you have the tires changed, you need to be sure and have the lug nuts torqued to specification or you could develop the same problem again.

December 1, 1999
I received the following update from a contact at GM in Detroit. It is very important that we do not post this outside of the C5 Registry. It has taken me a long time to cultivate this contact and I am afraid that if it appears all over the Internet, this relationship would be severely damaged. If this or other information begins to show up all over the Net, I will no longer be able to share it with the members of the C5 Registry. We all benefit from the information this individual shares with me.

This is just the beginning of some of the information that can be available to us if I can nurture this relationship along. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

"TSB 99-08-49-008 is titled, Chime Sounds When Key is Removed from Ignition, Intermittent Operation of the Power Door Locks, Keyless Entry, Steering Column Lock or Memory Seats, (Inspect/Replace Lock Cylinder Actuator or Lock Cylinder Assembly). Bulletin 99-08-49-008 was issued because all of the possible symptoms were not included in the original bulletin 83-83-20. Dealers were advised to discard bulletin 83-83-20. The statement that these are two different problems is correct, but the fact is if the "system" does not correctly recognize whether the key is in or out of the ignition cylinder some or all of the above mention functions may not work properly."

Dan Adovasio, Director
C5 Registry

November 28, 1999
There has been some discussion on matching the Magnetic Red paint on the C5 in the event a touch-up or re-paint is needed. The C5 Registry did some checking, here's what we found out: GM sent a Service Bulletin to all Chevrolet and Cadillac dealers detailing the correct paint codes for 1999 Magnetic Red and for 2000 Magnetic Red II. Do not depend on the paint codes on the Service Parts Identification label for 2000 Magnetic Red II cars built prior to DEC 1999.

November 24, 1999
We have heard from many members about what they believe is a belt tensioner concern on the LS1 engine. The engineers that we have spoken with are well aware of this. The concern is only with C5s with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS. Members who have contacted us have stated that when they are (as an example) at a red light with their foot on the brake and A/C on, their C5 seems to have a "rough" idle (noticeable shake). There was an earlier service bulletin to deal with this -- the fix was to reflash the C5's computer system to allow the C5 to idle at a 50 RPM increase with the A/C on. (Again, automatic transmissions only!)

It is believed by members that this did not resolve the problem 100 percent. So . . . . . an effort is underway for a new and improved tensioner (including a possible modification of the pulley system) to be released into production and available through GM parts for those who may have a warranty claim. Some tensioners (very few - estimated to be 190 model year 2000 C5s) have failed early due to improper manufacturing by the supplier. But, in most cases, it has just been an annoying problem. Again, the right folks are on the job and the fix is just around the corner!"

 November 23, 1999
C5 VIN's 108800 through 109800: the garnish moldings (which cover the A pillars) are possibly discolored. They are supposed to be black but, due to a vendor glitch, some may discolor in a short period of time. The garnish molding is the molding which covers the windshield pillar on each side of the cockpit interior. The molding runs from where the windshield meets the dashboard to the top of the windshield on each side. The fix is to contact your dealer and have him order new garnish moldings. The problem has been corrected within the C5 parts system.

November 22, 1999
PART 3 - Mr. Hill graciously accepted questions from the C5 Registry members (Cont.)

  • Death Watch issued for Nassau Blue! When Mr. Hill was asked about how GM makes decisions on paint colors, he stated that they are based on acceptance and when a color falls below a certain level - three percent - that color is put on a death watch. If the color does not rise to about five percent, the color is discontinued during the next production year. He went on to say that Nassau Blue is at the three percent level and he mentioned that "if you want a Nassau Blue C5 you better get your order in the order bank this year!"
  • Are the 2000 wheels forged? Mr. Hill answered that yes, they are. He said the wheels are made in Virginia and California. A small history lesson was given on later model year C4 wheels, which used a squeeze cast wheel - the pour is compressed into a dye. This allowed stronger and wider wheels to be used. Again, with forging, this allows Corvette wheels to be carried to the next level. Research is underway right now for an even better wheel in the future. And when it is available, Mr. Hill stated that "Corvette will have it!"
  • When asked why Corvette does not go to a twin cam engine, Mr. Hill answered that the existing C5 LS1 engine still has enough "head room" for expansion (another subtle hint about a possible LS6!). It is a simple and efficient design and dimensionally smaller than the twin cam version.
  • What about other (than Chevrolet) GM brand dealers servicing a Corvette? At this point Jim Campbell, Corvette Brand Manager, joined in the discussion and said that there were discussions taking place with management that GM dealers can service other GM brands if the platforms are the same (such as a Pontiac dealer servicing a Camaro - both are F-body cars). Corvette will never be included in this category because it does not share it's platform with any other GM product. When it comes to service issues, the Registry believes that the C5 Net is a good forum weeding out those poor servicing dealers and singing the praises of the good ones. If you need feedback on a particular GM dealer, we suggest you ask on the C5 Net. Because of contractual restraints, GM is unable to provide this kind of feedback.
  • What about a 6th generation Corvette? Mr. Hill answered that the 6th generation Corvette "will require more head scratching to improve the existing C5." The engineers will begin doing internal clinics in January 2000 for the next generation of America's famed sports car. The Registry still believes this will take place in the 2004-2005 time venue.
  • What will the 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette be like? Mr. Hill answered that the 50th Anniversary Team is busy "scheming wonderful things" for this Corvette! Special paint color? . . . . . . Maybe you should be at our next C5 Registry event!!

November 18, 1999
PART 2 - Mr. Hill graciously accepted questions from the C5 Registry members.

  • Starting with "What is the status of the Steering Column Lock problem?" His response was this is a computer misdiagnosis when the engine is on and the computer interprets the steering column is not unlocked. The C5 does go into a limp mode and needs a technical remedy. There is a TSB available to assist dealers in remedying this problem. Mr. Hill mentioned that rumors have surfaced that this problem has occurred while the C5 is being driving. GM took these reports very seriously and upon research of each and every incident found that the steering column did not lock up on any C5 while being driven. Changes have been made to fix this problem and there have been no incidents reported since the change.
  • Are there plans for a 5-speed automatic? No immediate plans have been made to produce one in the near future. (Most of us believe that the 5-speed has been tested and could be a part of the C6 program). Mr. Hill went on to say that he has driven Porsches, BMWs and others with 5-speed automatics and said each has enough idiosyncrasies in all of them. GM would have to come up with their own 5-speed automatic concept.
  • How many C5 Corvettes were produced in 1999? Mr. Hill stated that there were over 33,000 C5s produced in the model year 1999. He recommended that you get the exact information from the C5 Registry web site. The audience got quite a chuckle from his recommendation! Dan was seen grinning from ear to ear!
  • Why was the passenger door key removed on the 2000 C5? Mr. Hill stated that Corvette intended not to have this key lock assembly from the inception of the C5. And following the lead of others (BMWs, Mercedes and Ford), it is economical and simpler to build. It also gives a much cleaner design profile. The C5 Registry believes that in the future you may not have a key on either side and your car would be unlocked electronically.
  • Mr. Hill was questioned about how the Corvette stands up to other performance cars. After a lengthy discussion on how great the C5 is, he concluded with the comment that the "Corvette is a tremendous performance value."

Watch for PART 3 on Monday - 11/22 

November 15, 1999
Dave Hill, chief Corvette engineer and GM Performance Cars Vehicle Line executive, spoke during the C5 Registry Dinner in Las Vegas. Mr. Hill spoke for approximately 25 minutes at the dinner and then took questions for an additional 25 minutes.

Below is a summary of most of his comments to a full house of C5 Registry members and guests.

  • Mr. Hill started with the Corvette team in 1992. He was instrumental in bringing the entire program together for the 1997 launch of the C5.
  • Mr. Hill offered his thanks to the C5 Registry for the "Big Thank You" at the plant during the C5 Registry Birthday Bash in April. He commented that this had never been done before at any GM plant. To see 400+ members holding signs and passing out candy and pins to appx. 1000 plant employees was something he will always remember.
  • Currently, Millennium Yellow and Bowling Green Metallic are both selling well. A big thank you to the C5 Registry for promotion of Millennium Yellow into the biggest color of choice. It is projected that Millennium Yellow (currently produced at 75 C5s a week) is already sold out for the 2000 model year and puts the color at 13 percent of 2000 model year Corvettes.
  • Magnetic Red II was enhanced because testing showed that if they made some adjustments to the formula, the color under the clear coat would exceed a ten-year GM specification. The color is slightly darker. Magnetic Red II is currently running at five percent of 2000 model year Corvettes.
  • There will be an additional tint coat in the future - again, many C5 Registry members are looking for a new "silver" - rumored to be called "sterling silver." Special colors are more expensive in part due to a shorter shelf life and a more time consuming paint process.
  • Due to the high demand for the Z51 suspension package, engineers found ways to make it better than it already was! Sway bars, bushings and suspension support parts have been upgraded.
  • The computer system settings of the F45 suspension have been broadened to "feel" a larger number of road conditions and make the appropriate ride adjustments.
  • Each week the Corvette plant builds a better Corvette than the week before. The Corvette is always being improved each and every day. Improvements are being implemented to the C5 as they are ready. In 1999, there were over 300 small-to-large technical improvements made during the model year. The decision was to make improvements as they were "discovered" - not hold the improvements for the next model year. This same philosophy continues with the 2000 model year.
  • The big applause of the night came when Mr. Hill - who is always quiet about "the future" - made the statement that the 2001 Prototype Corvette will be technically reviewed and approved on Monday, November 8, and will "EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS." Many registry members believe he may be referring to the well-rumored "bad boy" Z06!!

 November 5, 1999
The C5 Registry was at the 1999 SEMA show before the race at the Las Vegas Speedway. Check out the photos of the Budnik C5 Convertible Hardtop and give us your feedback.  Photos are online for the Skunk Werkes Corvette Speedster, and the new CaVallo GT.
Click Here to View.

November 3, 1999
Factory Exhaust Headers for the 2000 Corvette are different than the previous 97 - 99 headers. The differences are due to the fact that Chevrolet has added a second set of cats' to meet more stringent emissions of several state. This action required the flange, length and angle of pipes to change.

The collector of a 2000 aftermarket header is slightly longer in order to connect to the factory exhaust pipes. Factory and aftermarket headers will not interchange between the 2000 Corvettes and the 97 - 99 C5's. Actually, the 1999 Driver's side header was changed to allow an alternator bracket to be added. For those of you getting aftermarket headers, we wanted to bring this to your attention.

November 2, 1999
LAS VEGAS — Beginning early next year, weekend warriors with a need for speed will find that owning a GM Performance Parts LS1-V8 engine for custom car and hot rod applications is only a few mouse clicks away from reality on the General Motors Service Parts Operations (SPO) Internet Web site at The GM Motorsports factory-produced LS1-V8 utilizes the same technology as the Vortec Red, which was named the official 2000 season engine of the ASA ACDelco Challenge Series on July 10. The announcement of the Vortec Red’s selection as the official engine of the ASA heralded the introduction of electronic timing and fuel injection to the ASA. For the complete release, please go to CLICK HERE

November 2, 1999
LAS VEGAS (November 2, 1999) – Today Chevrolet announced that it was expanding its sports-car racing stage internationally with the C5-R Corvette’s participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2000. And now it has captured one of its new stars to help lead the way. General Motors officials announced the signing of sports-car veteran Justin Bell to join Team Corvette and drive the C5-R in 2000. The 1998 GT2 class winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans joins Team Corvette from Viper Team ORECA. For the complete release, please go to CLICK HERE

November 2, 1999
CORVETTE'S C5 COUPE TO PACE ROLEX 24 HOURS AT DAYTONA -LAS VEGAS - In recognition of Chevrolet's latest-edition Corvette entering the next millennium, the Detroit automaker has incorporated Click For More Imagesthe perfect color into the paint scheme of its 2000 Corvette pace car - Millennium Yellow. For the second consecutive year a Corvette is slated to pace an international field of world-class sports cars at Daytona International Speedway's famed road course as the C5 coupe will serve as official pace car for the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona endurance race on Saturday and Sunday, February 5-6, 2000. The Corvette C5 hardtop paced this year's Rolex 24 and coincided with Corvette's debut at Daytona with the C5R Corvette GT2 racer. For the complete release, please go to CLICK HERE

October 27, 1999
Opel G90 Named Concept Car of the Year- G90 Also Elected Environmental Car of the Year

Zürich / Detroit - Opel's G90 concept vehicle was named Concept Car of the Year by the authoritative magazine Automotive News International. In a ceremony at the Tokyo Motor Show, the G90 was also presented with the environmental Concept Car of the Year award by the same magazine. General Motors' commitment to introducing innovative concept vehicles was further underlined by the Cadillac Evoq finishing second in the Concept Car of the Year category. For the complete release,  CLICK HERE

October 25, 1999
Two executive appointments were announced today at the GM Powertrain Defiance, Ohio, plant. Edward L. Hoover was named production manager and Kris K. Chand was named manufacturing engineering manager. Hoover will report to Michael B. Hamilton, plant manager, and Chand will report to Hamilton and Alan K. Steffe, manufacturing engineering director for Casting Operations. The positions become effective November 1, 1999. For the complete release,  CLICK HERE

October 22, 1999
Chevrolet announced price increases for the 2000 Corvette today. The average increase was $235. Delivery went up $20, G92 Performance axle went up $200. Check out the 2000 RPO Page for a full details on the increases.

October 20, 1999 - Update October 28, 1999
NOTE: We were notified October 28, 1999 that the part number for the weather strip has been changed to 10418925 please read the paragraph below before ordering.
On October 11th, we reported a fix for water running into your speakers when you open the hatch on the targa coupe. "It has come to our attention that the installation of the new GM Part Number 10418925 - W/STR R/C - Y Body application 1997-2000 - which lists at your GM counter for $25.50) is a bit more complex than first reported.  Registry members who have attempted to replace the weather strip have found that the hatch lid must be removed from the coupe in order to properly access the channel for installation. "We have been contacted by GM engineers who are telling us they do not recommend that you attempt to convert your 1997 through early 1999 model year C5 weather strip to the new weather strip for a number of reasons. It appears from the conversations we have had this is an item that you should not attempt to retrofit."

Upon removing the old weather strip, some have found small amounts of glue in the channel.  This glue is not related to the weather strip you are removing -- it is excess glue from that hatch glass installation at the factory.  Again, as we reported earlier,  just place the new weather strip in the channel and lightly tap in with a rubber mallet. No glue will be needed.  Then reinstall your C5 hatch lid.

Another related observation is that C5 coupes built after March 1999 have a one-inch (25 mm) groove/cut down located in the channel that allows the new weather strip ends to fit within the channel without being crushed.  Without the channels grooved, the ends would eventually collapse and you would have to replace them again."

October 18, 1999
"Recently the word we are hearing is that due to the HIGH DEMAND for QF5 High Polish Wheels, the QF5 wheels will NOT be available to dealerships for over the counter sales. At this time it is not clear how replacement (warranties/damaged or stolen) wheels are to be handled. Members who have "done the tour" are reporting that, during their tour, they saw nothing but High Polish Wheels on almost every C5 under production. This information seems to back up what we have already stated . . . we predict that the QF5 High Polish Wheel will be 70-75% of the total 2000 C5 production - IF the supplier can deliver!"

October 17, 1999
The Bragg-Smith Advanced Driving School has arranged a one time special offer for the C5 Registry. All schools must be booked and attended before the last school in December 1999. The Level 1 Corvette 3 day School has been reduced from the regular price of $1,695.00 to $1,345.00 The Level 2 Corvette 3 day School has been reduced from the regular price of $2,295.00 to $1,995.00. There is an additional cost of $150.00 for insurance. Please phone Bragg-Smith at 800-391-6891 for more information.

October 16, 1999
Attention F45 Selective Real Time Damping, Electronic Suspension C5 Owners For those of you who may be out of your warranty period and develop a leak/problem with one of your $400/piece (new) Bilstein C5 shocks, we have learned that Bilstein (German manufacturer) has a refurbishing center in San Diego, CA. The information we have is that they can rebuild your existing shocks for approximately $100/piece. You can reach them at (619) 453-7723. While this information may not be important to you right now, it will certainly be helpful down the road if problems develop.

October 15, 1999
PONTIAC, MI - Connie M. Corwin has been named plant manager for the GM Powertrain Fredricksburg, Va., components plant. The announcement was made today by J. Michael Williams, manufacturing manager of GM Powertrain's (GMPT) Casting Operations. Corwin's position is effective October 16, 1999. She replaces Rodney M. Black, who was recently named director of Powertrain Operations at Saturn Corporation. Corwin will report to Joe Choate, plant manager of GMPT's Flint Component Operations. "Connie will make an excellent addition to the GMPT Fredricksburg plant," said Mike Williams.
For the complete release,  CLICK HERE

October 14, 1999
With demand running at an all time high for the new Millennium Yellow (RPO 79U), we have learned that GM is averaging 75 Millennium Yellow C5s a week.  This number also holds true for the new Magnetic Red II (RPO 86U).  The Tint Coat Spraying Robotic Process must be cleaned on an accelerated basis due to the unique painting process used for these two colors.  This limits the number of  Tint Coat C5s (Millennium Yellow & Magnetic Red II) that can be produced each week. 

October 12, 1999
To follow up on a previous HOT NEWS: ("Pursuing the JD Power Platinum Award for excellence), the plant is building a special one of a kind, Six Speed Targa Coupe, with custom paint and interior. The special "Platinum Edition" one of a kind will be awarded to a lucky Corvette Plant employee.")  We have learned that the custom paint color will be called RADAR PURPLE.  We know that some of you 98 Indy C5 Pace Car owners think you have Radar Purple . . . but the official name of your color is Radar Blue (RPO 21U)

October 11, 1999
For all Coupe (Targa) Owners:  Are you tired of the water running into your speakers when you open your hatch lid?  The BIG news is that Corvette has finally come up with an improved weather strip for the hatch lid.  This new molded weather strip, GM Part Number 10418925 - W/STR R/C - Y Body application 1997-2000 - which lists at your GM counter for $25.50) has a "channel" built  with an extension that allows the water to run off outside the C5 and not into your Bose rear speakers.  Our understanding is that this new weather strip was installed on production C5s beginning in March 1999. (UPDATE) See October 20, 1999.

For the "do it yourself" C5er:  With the hatch open, you should be able to literally pull out the original weather strip from the channel in the hatch lid.  Then, just place the new weather strip in the channel and lightly tap in with a rubber mallet.  No glue should be needed

October 9, 1999
The Leguna Seca World GT Race
- Final lap results at the "Checkered Flag"

  • 1. Heinricy Corvette C5-R
  • 2. Biskup Porsche
  • 3. Archer Viper #32 (For the championship)
  • 4. Kitchak #03 Porsche
  • 5. Schardt Toyota
  • 6. Cooper Pirate C5-R Corvette
  • 7. Judy BMW
  • 8. White C5-R Corvette
  • 11. Lackey #02 C4 Corvette
  • 14. Bragg-Smith #75 Pirate ZR-1
  • 15. Polli #67 C4 Corvette

October 8, 1999
POWER TOUR HITS THE ROAD- When the 1955 Chevy, '63 Impala and '67 Camaro Z28 finally can no longer be found or restored what will automobile enthusiasts take to American drag strips? What will they drive to cruise-ins? And what vehicles will they labor under in garages finding new ways to improve horsepower and performance? For the complete release,  CLICK HERE

October 8, 1999
"The C5 Registry would like to congratulate Jeff Altenburg who won first place with his #72 C5 Hard Top, at the SCCA Valvoline Run Offs in the T1 division, at the Mid Ohio Sports Car course, in Lexington, OH. Jeff beat the #17 Porsche 996 of Steve Valentinetti.

We would also like to congratulate third place finisher, Scotty B. White, (C5R# X1686) in his #97 C5 Hard top. Rounding out the top five finishers, fifth place went to another C5 Corvette, Bill Deters, with his #14 C5 Hard Top.

The Valvoline Run Offs is the finale of all SCCA racing across the country where the best of the best compete. In the T1 class (slightly modified/factory stock cars), the C5s dominated the Vipers and Porsches, collecting three of the the top five finishes and dominating the race!"

October 5, 1999
The $2 million Chevrolet Nomad and Cadillac Steinmetz Catera concept cars will make rare appearances when the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour visits nine eastern American cities on its way from Fitchburg, MA, to Panama City, FL, October 9-17. CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE

October 5, 1999
Information on both the Eckler's and Las Vegas events have been updated. Check the Events Page for the updates.

October 4, 1999
By implementing a select group of advanced powertrain technologies and leveraging its expertise in systems integration, General Motors plans to achieve significant improvements in automotive performance, fuel economy and emissions controls in the new millennium. For the complete release please click on THIS LINK

October 2, 1999
October 16 - 17, 1999 is Eckler's 20th Anniversary Bash, and the
C5 Registry will be there. If you plan to attend, CLICK HERE for the latest updated Information. The local Day's Inn Oceanfront has a Toll Free Number - (800) 962-0028 - and is aware of C5 Registry rates.

October 2, 1999
Corvette’s new Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) system is designed to capture fuel vapors escaping during refueling. The ORVR system also has the ability to self-diagnose leaks and notify the driver of required service. This new ORVR system meets the EPA rules that all U.S. vehicles need to comply with for model year 2000. Other features consist of:

  • A revised fuel tank filler neck
  • Additional vapor harnesses
  • A non-vented fuel cap
  • A new tank pressure relief design.

LEV Compliant for 2000
Revisions to the 2000 Corvette with a properly equipped LS1 V8 make it compliant with Government mandated LEV (Low Emissions Vehicle) standards*. The changes reflect a 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide and 70% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions*.
*In California and Northeast states only as required by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

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