Welcome to the C5 Registryís Z06 Web Page! I hope you enjoy this page as much as we enjoyed putting the information together for you! I thoroughly enjoyed the "field work" that I was able to do while gathering the Z06 information. In fact, the field work was a BLAST! What I am referring to is my invitation from General Motors to attend the "long lead" press tour. GM flew me and about 3/4ths of the known automobile press to Cleveland to preview the 2001 models, including the new Z06. It was an honor for me to be there along with all the magazine writers I have admired for so many years.

Chevrolet had told me that they invited me as the first "non" print writer attendee as an acknowledgement of the influence the Internet has on the car-buying public. At one time, the decision to buy a high-end sports car was made entirely from information gleaned from car magazines. But it seems that surveys are indicating that a lot of you (C5 Registry members) now get much of your information from the Internet. Having this distinction reinforced the responsibility of maintaining the GM guidelines for releasing information at appropriate times. After signing a stack of legal papers taller than the stack I signed for my last mortgage, it all boils down to . . . if the C5 Registry broke the July 1st embargo date, it WOULD ruin it for other Internet "publishers" in the future Ė and I didnít want my legacy to be that I destroyed GMís relationship with the Internet!

You will read volumes in car magazines about the Z06, you will see thousands of pictures of the Z06, but the only way to know this Corvette is to drive it! Like most of you, I was very concerned about exterior color when I bought my Corvettes - it was a very important decision. After driving the Z06 around the Mid Ohio Sports Car Track, I got out and the first thing I thought was, "I gotta have one of these cars and I really donít care what color it is! I just want it to drive!" It is a strange thing . . . . I really wouldnít care what it looked like. Driving was the sheer pleasure! When you take one of these for a drive yourself, you will find that color, type of interior, other options, become insignificant to the fact that the Z06 is a BLAST to drive fast! Everything else about the car takes a backseat to the feeling you get when you are behind the wheel!