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C5-R Corvette Factory Race Parts
Factory Race Parts developed for the C5-R Corvette Racing Project are now available to the public directly from General Motors.
C5-R parts are expected to be released in the near future.
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Option Description GM
Part Number
T1 Suspension Package - Complete 12480062
  Front Spring 12480063
  Rear Spring 12480064
  Bar- Anti Roll Front 12480065
  Bar- Anti Roll Rear 12480066
  Link- Anti Roll Bar 12480067
  Isolator- Anti Roll Bar Front 12480068
  Isolator- Anti Roll Bar Front 12480069
  Bracket- Anti Roll Bar Rear 12480070

Plate- Camber

  Arm- Front Upper 12480072
  Arm- Front Lower 12480073
  Bumper- Front Jounce 12480074
  Bumper- Rear Jounce 12480075
 New 9/99 Racing Shock Absorber (Front) 12480094
New 9/99 Racing Shock Absorber (Rear) 12480095
  Kit - Transmission Oil Cooler - Complete 12480080
  Pump- Transmission Oil Cooler 12480081
  Cooler Assembly- Transmission Oil 12480082
  Line- Cooler Return 12480083
  Line- Cooler Feed 12480084
  Line- Pump Return 12480085
  Line- Pump Feed 12480086
  Switch- Thermal 12480087
  Package- Instructions 12480088