C5 Driveline Upgrade
by Bart A. Lane #W1379

Drive Line Upgrade Photos
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PartsIf you want to make the same changes to your car as I this is what your parts pile will have to look like. Batteries not included.

CradledownHere is the transaxle cradle laying on the floor. You have to drop this if you want to remove the transmission and rear gear carrier. I wish Paul, the mechanic, had found the flash button.

TransGoneNot a pleasant site to someone who loves their car. Open heart surgury with major organs removed. Oh well, no pain no gain.

Trans ApartHere is the transmission sitting on the bench with the valve body removed. This is for the installation of the multitude of springs, balls, valves, pistons, and gaskets that come in every TransGo kit.

Trans TogetherHere are all the parts back together and the car looking like its old self again. I thought it looked, well, um...stock!!

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