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By Mike Covello

My Black '98 C5 Convertible is the best car I ever dreamed of owning. How do I love it, let me countMy Black C5 the ways:

1. It's fast. Right out of the Bowling Green box the C5 offers more performance than any other car in its price category. It even has better acceleration and handling than some cars costing twice as much.

2. It is beautiful. If you are going to plunk down the kind of change that is required for a new Corvette, you better be able to get plenty of winter eyeball time. You know what I mean, those long winter months when your toy is garage-bound, and all you can do is look at it, wax it, and plan/do upgrades. Despite the controversy over the back end, it works for me. The subtle curves on the hood and rear fenders are the nuances that keep me coming back for more.

3. It's comfortable. I had the good fortune to take part in Chevrolet's Los Angles to San Francisco road rally in October of 1997. We warmed up with a two-hour practice rally in the morning, Al and I stopped in to show my buddy Burt the car, and then we spent 13 more hours of non-stop high-speed adventure in the C5. Although it was 5 AM body-time when I got to sleep, I was impressed with the way the car coddled us. Any trip shorter and less time-pressured would be heaven. I still can't believe how well the C5 rides.

4. It is very roomy. Let's face it. No one buys a two-seat sportscar for the great luggage space. But that was one of the deciding factors for me in my purchase. I like the idea of being able to take a trip and being able to bring camera equipment, recreational toys, etc. The large cargo capacity is almost as appreciated as the generously spaced cockpit.

5. It is practical. Compared to a minivan or SUV, the C5 may not be a practical choice for a 45-year-old with a wife and two children. But look at how many Chevrolet dealers there are, compared to Ferrari or Porsche. A new C5 will require only a small fraction of the maintenance costs of a used exotic. If I ever decide to part with my cherished prize, the resale market for used Corvettes is red hot compared to most toys.

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