My Corvette MUSEUM DELIVERY Experience - Russ Cartmill [C5R #W0115]

I have just had the greatest car experience in my life! I took delivery of my first ‘Vette, a ‘98 white coupe. However, this was no ordinary delivery! It was arranged and completed by the staff at the National Corvette Museum. (Option R8C) I was treated like royalty. This is The Place to take delivery of your ‘Vette! My Vette

Ours was a father - son road trip to Bowling Green. (Son owns an ’86 coupe and told me about the museum delivery.) We rented a National rental car so we could ride back and enjoy the C5 together. The NCM staff arranged for National to pick up the rental car on the NCM lot.

We started with the tour of the Corvette manufacturing plant. Everyone who travels close to Bowling Green should do this. You see the care and attention given to each car and how it slowly comes together. Piece by piece a C5 is formed. This was an hour of constant chatter, amazement, and questions for us.

Dad's ToyThen we crossed the highway to the National Corvette Museum. The fine staff at the NCM handled everything. We were welcomed with a personal sign in the lobby. Then came a personal guided tour of the museum exhibits. The staff answered all our questions and made the tour memorable. The exhibits are very well done and seeing all the Corvettes I grew up wanting was exciting. A look behind the scenes at vehicles yet to be displayed added to the excitement. All that history and horsepower! You really feel a part of the Corvette story.

But the top item was my white, ‘98 coupe sitting in one of the exhibit spaces. Right there in all that history! You should have heard the questions from other visitors when they realized I was the owner and would drive that one away. Also the looks of envy!

The NCM staff efficiently handled the paperwork and we drove out with the new C5. I parked in front of the museum so we could take more pictures and make a raid on the gift shop. Then it was back to the factory for some car pictures, and on the road home. What a great trip with a great car! We have about 90 pictures and a lot of wonderful memories. A special Thank You to the NCM staff. All Of Us !

If you have ordered a C5 or are thinking about one, check the "museum delivery" R8C option and plan for a great experience. Considering that it includes the dealer prep, a plaque, membership, and other goodies from the NCM, it is worth every penny of the cost. If you live within a days drive of Bowling Green it is an excellent road trip.(Take someone along.) You can also tie it in with a vacation, start in a rental car and arrive home in your new Corvette.

"Russ Cartmill"

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