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Bowling Green, KY-The National Corvette Museum announced plans today to expand its 1998 calendar of events, beginning in March with an event hosted by the Official C5 Registry. A series of "Corvette Weekend" events will take place between late spring and early fall. These events will be in addition to the annual Corvette Celebration, held each Labor Day Weekend, and will feature seminars, road tours, a for-sale corral, drag racing, and a spotlight group or registry.

The C5 Birthday Celebration, first in the Corvette Weekend series, will be held March 27-29, 1998, and will feature presentations by Chevrolet concerning the new Active Handling package. Top Chevrolet engineers and other representatives will be on-hand to present seminars and answer questions concerning Active Handling, which will be available for the first time on the 1998 Indianapolis 500 pace car. Visitors will even be given the chance to test drive Corvettes equipped with the Active Handling package.

Chevrolet will also be discussing experimental Active Suspension, which has never made it to mass production. Company representatives will candidly discuss the years spent developing and testing Active Suspension. At a very special dinner hosted by the C5 Registry in the Museum's skydome, the experimental Active Suspension Corvette will be presented to the National Corvette Museum by Chevrolet. This one-of-a-kind vehicle, never before seen by the public, will be on display during the C5 Birthday Celebration and then taken off display until Labor Day Weekend. The March event will be a chance for visitors to "sneak preview" this very special Corvette a full five months before it goes on permanent display.

The Official C5 Registry will be the featured group at the March event. This relatively new registry will be on-hand to provide information regarding their group and to celebrate the birthday of the first C5 delivery. The C5 Birthday Celebration will be the first chance for many C5 owners to meet the people behind the development of the fifth generation Corvette. The C5 Birthday Celebration is open to all enthusiasts and will be an excellent opportunity to welcome C5 Registry members to the Corvette Community.

Pre-registration for the C5 Birthday Celebration is available to both National Corvette Museum members and C5 Registry members for $39 per person, and non-members may enjoy the weekend's activities for a $54 pre-registration fee. The cost of registration includes event and Museum admission, the Saturday night dinner, and a commemorative dash plaque. The pre-registration deadline is March 6, 1998; registration prices are subject to increase following the March 6 deadline. For pre-registration, membership information, or a complete schedule of activities, call the National Corvette Museum at 1-800-53-VETTE.