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From The
Official C5 Registry Birthday Bash
March 28th

7:AM Even at 7:AM this morning, enthusiastic C5 Registry members began filing into the Museum for Coffee and Doughnuts, eager for the Dave Hill Seminar.




Del With The Dri 'n WashDel has the Dri 'n Wash out at this early hour polishing up the Red C5 Convertible in the NCM Lobby.




Dan and Dave HillC5 Registry Director Dan Adovaiso and hardly contain his excitement as he introduces Corvette Team leader, and Cheif Engineer Dave Hill.



The Man.. Dave Hill

Corvette Chief Egineer Dave Hill spoke to the C5 Registry Group for over an hour and a half. He covered some of the problems with building the C5 and his belief (shared by all those present)  that the C5 Corvette was the "Best Vette Yet". He spoke on the reasons for the secrecy surrounding the Corvette and future plans. Dave also explained the emission challanges faced by GM and other automakers for the next several years, and stated that if your waiting for more power in the C5 Corvette to buy one, you'd be missing out on some fun for a few years. Dave stated that the three improved 1999 Corvette C5 Models would be unvield to the public at the 1998 NCM Labor Day event. He told us of two new colors for the 1999 Corvette.. A Navy Blue metallic similar to the "Camero" color or the dark Daytona blue of the '63 Split Window,  and a new "high tech" Magnetic Red color. The new Magnetic Red will be a candy apple tint type color requiring several trips to the paint shop to complete, it will therefore be a $500 MSRP Opiton. He addressed the dealer service problems. The C5 Registry plans to keep a data bank of dealers who give excellant service and Techinicians who have been singled out by our members as giving top quality service

Addressing the fuel pumps noise issue, he said the fix was here, and would be retrofitted to older C5's beginning in April.


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