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Official C5 Registry Birthday Bash
March 25th - Preparation


Preparations are in full swing for the C5 Birthday Bash at the NCM and the Live Web updates. You webmaster has arranged with the folks at Bowling Green's premier internet service provider Kentucky Info Web, Inc. (KIWI) to supply us with an internet connection during the festivities. KIWI accepted the challenge and we're ready to go! Two digital cameras have been purchased to keep you up-to-date in the photo department. In the background, I've been tuning up the IBM ThinkPad laptop and updating the software...
we're ready.

Welcome To Kentucky !Meanwhile.... Our fearless Directors "Dan and Jake" arrived in Bowling Green to begin the onsite arrangements for the weekend. With the wonders of the Internet, and "Kinko's" they were able to send us photos of their arrival in Kentucky.




As they approached the NCM.. Jake (I think) wanted to give us a taste of anticipation....

NCM Sign








The two of them are working hard for us! Late last night, I received a "Cell Phone" call from two "Pumped" and "Excited" individuals. Tooling around Bowling Green in Dan's Awesome Red Six-Speed C5.......

How would it be? We'll know soon......


Our Leaders at Work!



Hey Guys...
There's a car coming behind you !!






Bill Wolfe, Jeffrey Shank and Jake Drennon Bill Wolfe, Jeffrey Shank and Jake Drennon at 5:15pm today after confirming the events schedule with NCM Officials.  The photo includes Dan Adovasio's Red '97 C5 Targa Coupe and Jeffrey Shank's '98 Corvette Indy Pace Car
(Pace Car Sequence #335)

Where's Dan.. Did he   have to go back to Work???)

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