December 12, 1997 Vette Gazette
From the December 12, 1997 Vette Gazette (newsletter from the Corvette Assembly Plant).

There's no rest for a superstar. To keep pace with the demands of customers, product changes and the Indianapolis 500, Corvette's production calendar in the months ahead is a busy one.

In mid-December, production of the vibrant Radar Blue and bright yellow pace car gets rolling. A total of 1,158 vehicles will be built over the next few months.

While the bulk of the pace car replicas are headed for dealers throughout the country, 70 will be in use at the Indy 500. Also on December 15, a JL4 active handling option build begins.

In January and February, continuing build of the 1999 Corvette is scheduled. The next model year's pilot is scheduled for 56 vehicles March 2 through March 27.

Almost as soon as that winds up, 18 of the model year 2000 will head down the line. And in early June, it's on to four 2001 Alpha cars.

This year's model change is scheduled earlier than usual. On June 17 system fill for the '99 model begins, with the last of the '98 scheduled off-line June 19.

SOURCE: December 12, 1997 Vette Gazette

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