From The Automotive Newswire 11/28/97:

A hotter Corvette is on the way. The fixed-roof coupe that Chevrolet will add to the Corvette lineup next year eventually will offer a more powerful engine, making around 375 horsepower. But that engine might not be available until later in the 1999 model year or the 2000 model year.  The horsepower increase will be accomplished by refining the cylinder heads on the LS1 V-8 to improve airflow, Automotive News reported.

The fixed-roof coupe's roofline will be similar to that of the convertible, and it will have a trunk.

Even though the new high-performance engine will not top 400 hp, the car's lighter weight should still give it quicker acceleration. The fixed-roof coupe has been billed as an entry-level model. By not having a removable roof panel and by scaling back some of the luxury touches, Chevrolet hopes to cut the base price to the low-to-mid-$30,000 range.


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