Installing a Valentine One in a C5
by Mando Rivera

Since installing Valentine One (V1) radar detectors has become quite popular on the C5Net, here are some simple instructions for completing a direct wired and concealed installation of the V1. This installation is quick, easy, relatively painless, and geared toward those of us that are not so technically inclined.

I have a '99 coupe, and after following some of the postings and recommendations from the C5Net regarding installation of the V1, I was able to complete the installation without removing panels, moldings, etc., and the unit is almost invisible from outside the vehicle. Hereís how:

The installation can be completed using only wiring clamps and a wire-splicing tool. For a fancier installation, a soldering gun may be used.

-Remove the Toe-panel at the front of the passenger side foot-well to access the pig-tail wires for wiring the V1 directly to the carís electrical system. The three pig-tail wires (Black, orange, yellow) should be located to the upper left of the silver Body Control Module (BCM) box behind the toe-panel, next to the black fuse box. The wires are likely bound together with black electrical tape.

-Remove the tape from the wires, and splice the black and yellow wires. Using these wires will make the V1 power up when the ignition is in the ACC or ON position. The orange wire is always "Hot" and is not used for this installation.

-Connect the red wire from the V1 Direct-power adapter to the yellow pig-tail wire with a wiring clamp or soldering gun.

-Connect the black wire from the V1 Direct-wire power adapter to the black pig-tail wire with a wiring clamp or soldering gun.

-Use the velcro-strip provided with the V1 to secure the Direct-power adapter. I opted to secure the adapter to the bottom of the fuse box.

-Connect the power cord to the V1. Using the suction cup windshield mount, place the unit to the left of the rear-view mirror, just high enough in the tint-band to conceal it from external view, but low enough to provide the unit with a clear view forward and to the rear of the vehicle.

-Run the supplied 8í power cord along the windshield molding by starting at the rear-view mirror. The power cord can be tucked behind the windshield trim, starting where the courtesy light wire is visible above the rear-view mirror. I was able to pry the trim apart with my fingers enough to fit the wire behind it.

-Continue to run the power cord down the passenger side A-arm behind the trim.

-After reaching the door area, run the power cord across to the trim of the right side foot well and into the fuse box area.

-Connect the power cord to the Direct-wire power adapter.

-Replace the Toe-panel.



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