Mallet Engine Break In Procedure
The C5 Registry spoke with Chuck Mallet about engine break in at his shop in Cleveland between the Carlisle and the NCM 5th Anniversary Event. He gave the following advice:

Put the car through 5 - 6 heat cycles which allows everything to seal and seat well. A heat cycle example is driving somewhat normal -- no  full throttle, smoking the tires, starts; and the same for the braking -- no harsh braking (unless you have to remain safe).

Drive the car 100 miles +/- each day to make sure all is at normal operating temperature and pressures.

Let it cool back down (overnight, if necessary) to ambient temperature.

Do this 5 - 6 times for the first 500 miles minimum.

Various driving conditions is best also. You may have to adjust your heat cycles depending on where you pick the car up and where you have to drive for the firs 5 - 6 days