Here's a tip for those who (like me) who do not like the DRLs on their 1997 - 1998 C5s

There are two relays in the Instrument Panel Electrical Center (#38 and #40). These relays are energized (turn on the DRLs) when the Ignition is on and the parking,headlights and turn signals are off. (diagram on cover shows locations)

To prevent the DRLs operation, remove the relays from the panel and carefully remove the covers on the relays. Slip a strip of business card or thin plastic between the common and normally open points.
(For those who are not technical, look at side of relay, there are three silver colored points. Put the strip between the points that are separated) put covers back on relays and reinstall in panel.

This will also prevent the turn signal lamps from turning on when locking from the FOB and unlocking at night. ("approach" lights) Removing relays generates 2 BCM dtcs, but no more are generated once relays are replaced.(BCM checks for relays present) these DTC's will clear with 50 ignition cycles or you can reset manually.(display and reset procedures click here).

Richard Link C5R#59
98 Green (no DRLs) Targa


Post Script: Attention Convertible Owners:
The above article on "Turning of your DRL's " may have worked for Richard Link  but not for me. I have a 98 Convertible and the 38 relay has something to do with the AIR and 40 is the backup lights. There is a fuse #2 called Approach Lights. I unplugged this and it worked great. Everything else works fine, I tested all combinations with the blinkers, lights, etc. I discovered this only after dissecting my relays.

Hope this helps anyone. Thanks,

Lars Briedis

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