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After receiving the attached letter by e-mail, Kent Cartner of our Official C5 Registry put out the challenge to the rest of us on the C5net to try to raise $5,000 for the land purchase that Wendell Strode, the Executive Director, explains in the letter below. I am happy to report that this goal was exceeded and that the C5 members on the C5net have sent in over $10,500 to the National Corvette Museum. Our fellow Corvette enthusiasts, the C5 Fighter Squadron, have responded to our challenge to be the #1 club responding to this need and as I write this, they have probably surpassed us by several thousands of dollars. I have contact with one of their members, who has ‘leaked’ me this information. The C5 Fighter Squadron is a small group of Corvette enthusiasts with a big heart for NCM, being responsible for the NCM website and other fund raisers for equipment needed at the museum. I stuck my neck out and told him to enjoy their lead while they can, because we have over 1000 members that have not heard about this need and what their fellow members on the C5net have done. So, if you can see it to donate, please do.

Marty Cassidy at the NCM (1-800-53-VETTE) is the contact person and can answer any questions that you may have. They can also take donations over the telephone and charge them to your credit card. As Wendell’s letter states, they are tax deductible. If you decide to respond with a check, please make it out to NCM and mail to 350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101-9134. Remember to mark your check or tell them over the telephone, that this is for the Land Donation from the C5 Registry member, so we will receive credit for the gift.
NCM Land Purchase Donor Plaque

A side note from this, Kent has gotten Dan and Jake to agree to a the dash plaque at the left for anyone making a donation of $50 or more. This bronze colored plaque is one of the best in the collection!  I know that if you have received a dash plaque from any of the past events, that this is another incentive to give to such a great cause. Own a piece of land at the National Corvette Museum and thank you for your donation.



Bob Hardt

Official C5 Charter Member #V0022

National Corvette Museum Lifetime Member #2877


Wendell Strode’s Letter

November 18, 1998

Dear Corvette Enthusiast,

Let me first thank you for all your past support of the National Corvette Museum. The Museum recently celebrated its 4th Anniversary with our annual Corvette Celebration over Labor Day Weekend. Some of our highlights included the first annual Corvette Hall of Fame, the introduction of the 1999 Hardtop, seminars by Corvette engineers, an auction, autocrossing, road tours and a rally, celebrity car show and just plain ole fun.

For those who were here and attended the board meeting or the membership meeting, you heard our discussion concerning the 5th anniversary next year. The 1999 Corvette Celebration and Caravan, with over 10,000 Corvettes estimated to participate, will be the largest gathering of Corvettes ever! We also discussed our need to purchase the adjoining real estate that we have been leasing. This property is crucial to any event that requires parking for more than 300 cars. In addition to helping address our parking concerns, other potential uses include a connected but freestanding Library, Archives and Educational Center, a Corvette Diner, a larger car show area and a storage building.

We have finalized a contract to purchase 25 acres immediately behind the Museum and adjoining our amphitheater to the south. The owner will finance 78% of the purchase price with the closing scheduled in December. Our goal is to raise $176,000 for the down payment. One member donated $3,000 Labor Day Weekend to start us toward our goal.

The purpose of this letter is to both keep you informed and to ask for your help. First, we ask you to become a member. You may also want to consider purchasing a commemorative brick for yourself or someone special.

We also ask you to consider making a special donation to the Museum. All donations will be placed in a restricted account for the specific purpose of this land acquisition. The National Corvette Museum is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation and all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Your contribution may be made by means other than cash. Many of you may have appreciated assets, such as stocks, bonds, cars or real estate, and making a donation of these assets to the Museum may provide substantial tax savings to you. Perhaps you heard about Andy and Bethany Roderick donating shares of stock valued at over $20,000 in two publicly traded companies or Al Clough donating his 1957 Convertible to the Museum. We have procedures in place that will accommodate donations of your appreciated assets to the Museum.

The strength of the Museum is the combined strength of our membership. We hope you will become part of our membership and help achieve our mission as the National Corvette Museum.

Our mission is one of celebration - a celebration of the invention of America’s Sports Car, the Chevrolet Corvette. Our mission is also one of hope – a hope that we will indeed preserve the past, present and future of this legendary car. It is through you that our hope is realized and our mission achieved.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you for your consideration and your contribution!

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