Corvettes At Carlisle 1998 The C5 Registry Was There!

Hungy C5er's
The C5 Registry  arrives for dinner on Friday night at the Naval Base


cl983.jpg (18686 bytes)
Dan gives the state of the C5 Registry address



cl985.jpg (29609 bytes)
Sharon Dibble gets the Collectors Gold ready for the show


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The C5 Registry gathers for Saturday at Carlisle. We had over 100 C5 members present! The largest turnout of ANY group at Carlisle.


cl989.jpg (26928 bytes)
Decal Man Jeff Corbel C5R#W0315 and his buddy Jim taking orders on their cell phone.


cl9811.jpg (27274 bytes)
Believe it or not Director Jake Drennon and Chaz Cone C5R#W0526 busy at work under the C5 Registry big top.


cl9813.jpg (27736 bytes)
The Gang gathers around C5 Funny Car driver Jim Eppler and Mike Wilson, VP Ecklers.

cl9815.jpg (20119 bytes)
Lynn Kennedy C5R#W0520 with the C5 she just picked up via R8C NCM Delivery ordered through C5 Registry corporate member dealer Bruce Glueck Chevrolet, Jasper FL



cl982.jpg (20452 bytes)The Gang gathers for the assault on the buffet



cl984.jpg (26173 bytes)
The Group is actually listening. Could that be because Dan is between them and the desert table??


cl986.jpg (29178 bytes)
Our thanks to Todd Skelton of Steve Moore Chevrolet of Greenacres FL, for providing the rare Collectors Gold for the C5 Registry tent.


cl988.jpg (28963 bytes)
Our thanks to Genny (on left) and Dave Bainbridge C5R#W0233 for arranging a great dinner for all of us Friday night.


cl9810.jpg (25869 bytes)
Jake & Theresa Delaney's C5R#W0360 Carmine Red C5 gets a look over from the crowd


cl9812.jpg (23133 bytes)
Bill Koopman C5R#W0668 with his trusty 98 Pewter steed.


cl9814.jpg (11083 bytes)
The HUD display unit on Scotty Knights' C5R#W0661 brand new 99 C5 Blue Convertible



cl9816.jpg (17448 bytes)
Everyone leaving Carlisle to join the parade into town. What a great Corvette day it was !

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